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Welcome back hope, you guys had a good holiday season if you were doing that sort of thing, let’s get into it, 1.3, possibly who’s. How coming in very interesting looking kit for what we know right now. Let’S talk about her, she is going to be a five-star base, pyro polearm character birthday on the 15th of july, but what is so interesting about her if you haven’t seen anything about her yet look at this massive bass, hp. 15. 550. A little bit more than the geo archon lord zhong li, but her base attack 106, so very low base attack extremely high hp, extremely high defense 876, which i do believe is like nine a little bit higher anyway, then albedo, who just came out she scales up With free crit hit damage, so that’s a little interesting there as well, but is this? Does this look like in a support to you? No she’s, a damaged dealer she’s a damage dealer?

Yes, with that 106 base attacks, she’s a damage dealer, so pyro paul armed character, normal attack talent here we’ll take a look at the racials, we’ll compare it to zomli, we’ll compare it to uh, xing, ling and she’s going to be in between the two of them. So her level, 8, 66, 68, 86. 93. Compare that to zhong li, who you know a little bit lower on the scale: 52, 53, 65, 73 and then changly is going to be 71, 72, 24 and then 424. So she’s a little bit in between the two of them there now, obviously guys we don’t know the time that it takes her to do her. Full six-hit combination there, but notably the thing that i want to point out here is crescent pike is a very powerful porn and they’ve kind of sort of shied, even further away from the power of that pole arm on a pole arm character, because she only has One double hit attack in her entire combo, it’s on her fifth hit and it’s a double hit.

Attack right. Ching ling has a two hit attack on the third and then a four hit attack on her fourth hit and then zhong li kind of shied. Away from that as well, he only has one multi-hit attack, but his piston attack is a combination of four hits. There. Hutao has a one multi-hit attack and it’s only two hits there. So that’s gon na be something interesting that we’re gon na have to look at when she does come out uh, depending on what the rest of her kit details there. Now that’s gon na be the crescent pike which may or may not even be a good weapon for her. There are some considerations for a weapon in the works that from what we’ve seen, i believe it’s a five-star pole arm that gives hp percent and gives you a damage bonus based on every one percent of your missing hp. So that’s something that’s probably gon na be her weapon, but we don’t know the base, that’s on it or anything other than that little special effect there. Now this is gon na, be her elemental skill, the rebirth chaperone.

This is gon na, be a very interesting thing and it’s gon na harken back to the old xiao sort of zelda’s elemental burst. This is kind of like an upfront cost. So when you activate this skill, it’s gon na hit you for 30 of your max hp, but then it’s gon na give you an attack, increase equal to anywhere from three point: eight percent at level, one over max hp up to level. Ten is five point. Two. Five percent of your max hp and it’s gon na do a small amount of damage um from the blood plume perfume. In addition to that, it’s gon na last the blood from perfume’s gon na be like a damage over time thing.

That’S gon na last. For eight seconds there, based on what we can see here and the duration of the buff itself is gon na be 10 seconds. It’S got a 15 second cooldown. So this is where your burst damage. Shutter window opens up right because you’re going to be building, you know, hp percent she’s got really high max hp, so you’ll be building hp percent. So hp percent sands, but you’re still gon na want a critical hit chance. You’Re still going to want critical hit damage and you’re still going to want a goblet, that’s going to give you whatever sort of element or physical damage, you’re trying to build your who towel for so you’re going to have that element.

Goblet you’re going to have a critical hitch, chance or critically damaged, circulate and then probably an hp percent sands here and probably looking for more hp percent, we’ll get into a little bit of math at the end of the video behind. Why that’s going to be a thing on the sands there? Maybe some hp percent sub stats. In addition to that now, the one thing to take note of here is, if you’re trying to use her for a full-time, dps character. She only has a 66 up time on this buff right. The duration is 10 seconds, so the cooldown is 15

So you activate it, you’ll, be doing damage for 10 seconds and then there’s gon na be five seconds left where you need to swap her out of the field or you just run around whatever. It is that you want to do, but you’re gon na be losing that massive attack, but if you’re gon na have that huge hp and a huge defense, but all your attacks can be going away because you’re not gon na, be building her for attack. So that’s something to think about there if you’re interested in this character’s kit, because it is very interesting um – and i do like that – you know it’s much more than just uh stand still and uh use one skill over and over.

I do like this sort of like mental taxation of like do i build, or do i swap in do i swap out sort of thing like that now that that’s not it, we have the elemental burst here, god soother, so this is going to have two different Damages now i don’t have the full information here about you can see it skill damage and then there’s low hp skull damage. I don’t know when that low hp scale that much procs i would assume this would be like 50 right hp or less something like that. Something that you’re gon na have to work towards. So what this does do it does have a pretty high multiplier there. It’S nothing like super crazy.

You know it’s not going to be it’s not 1 000 multiplier, but at level 8. Here it’s a 501 percent multiplier. If you have that low hp skill damage ready to go, if you’re not at the low hp percentage threshold, it could be a 400 multiplier. On top of that, it’s going to regenerate some of your hp. So if you’re in the low hp percentage threshold, it’s going to regenerate more hp so at level 8, it’s 12.3 percent of your max hp. If you’re not at that low hp percent threshold, it’s going to give you 9.71 max hp. It’S got a very low cooldown of 15 seconds, but a medium energy cost of 60 energy before you guys get in there now her talents, as far as we know, right now take diligence books, but remind yourselves guys this could change this.

Is you know in there? It’S early access, basically uh her passive. We only have one of her ascensions right now when who tells hp is equal to or less than 50, which is where i got that number of the low hp percentage passive for her elemental burst. It’S probably why it’s going to be 50 there as well. Her power damage is increased by 25. Remember her power damage is going to come from her elemental burst and her elemental skill. So from what we know right now, we know we want to build hp percent and we know that she wants to be below 50 hp. Now we don’t know any of her constellations or anything like that.

Obviously, one of the constellations can give you three levels of her elemental school and one of them will give you three levels of your elemental burst. So let’s play this game of temperature expectations. As always, when we’re talking about new characters, i’ve seen a lot of people out there being like she’s gon na be the greatest character. She’S gon na have 40 50 000 hp. She can do all the damage in the world guys it’s gon na be insane. She’S got huge, hp bass, that’s true! You could do that if you wanted to, but you’re gon na, be sacrificing all your elemental damage you’ll, be sacrificing your critical hit chance you’ll, be stacked, pushing your critical hit damage and she’s a damage dealer for what we see. First and foremost – and that is not what you want to be doing there – lower expectations. Hp percent on your artifacts guys has the same efficiency as attack percent.

So you can see if you were to roll an hp percent mainstay artifact. Here you get 46 percent. If you roll a mainstay attack percent artifact 46 as well, this also holds true for sub stats. So hp is not like defense, even though it is a defensive stat. As you can see defense, you get more defense as a subset role or as a mainstay roll. Then you would either attack percent or hp percent in order to get to the the magical 50 000 hp. You would need a ton, a ton of hp percent to get the 50 000 hp. Well, her base is 15k, so 100 hp gets you another 15k. So if you had 200 hp in mainstay subset, you still wouldn’t hit 50k you’d hit 45k.

You actually hit 48k and change because of the flat hp on the artifact, but that’s going to be mainstay hp in every slot subset hp. Every slot you’re gon na have no critical hit chance. No critical damage. Nothing like that. I mapped that out a little bit behind the scenes. Uh and it’s gon na, be if you get if you can get like a hundred ish percent 80-ish percent in total hp or between like the hp sands, maybe some hp, subsets you’re gon na be looking at like 30 000 hp in stats there 30-ish thousand hp. Instead, 33-35k, depending on your luck, which is gon na, be fine, which is gon na be fine now. The other thing we wan na talk about here is her base attack and attack percent versus hp percent on her rebirth chaperone. Now this looks cool 5.52 of your hp, that’s nice!

But if we go back to what we talked about two seconds ago, with the trade-off between how much attack percent you can get versus how much hp percent you can get, we can see that it’s the same right rng will give you different artifacts you’re, going to Aim for certain things, and one of them is going to be better than the other one by mathematics, but it’s not like you’re going to be getting bonus, hp percent on your artifacts. So what does this mean for us? It means if we take a look at her base hp. 15. 552. Her base attack is terrible. 106

But the base attack for your weapons, probably pretty decent there right 550 attacks somewhere around there after you get your weapon to level 90, which means, if you have 500, let’s just say well: 500 was like 600 attack, 600 attack, probably like 650, more or less. If you had 650 attack 10 attack from like a substant role would give you 65 attack. That’S 10 of you know. 650 is 65 10 hp would give you 1 500 hp, which is very nice right, 1 500 hp, and then you would get 5 of that 1500 hp from that 10 extra hp at level 10, with the 5.25 percent hp to attack percent conversion. That’S going to net you, 75 attacks.

That’S gon na be a little bit higher there, but if you’re lower level like say your level, one two, three four down a level one talent out of that bonus: 1500 hp. You got from 10 hp, sub stat you’re gon na get 3.87 of that added to your attack and that’s going to give you 58 attacks. So it’s actually worse than stacking attack. But what you’re going to want to do? You’Re going to want you’re going to have to level this elemental skill of her from what we know right now, you’re going to stack hp percent, that’s going to give you higher attack overall than just going in and stacking attack percent, but you’re gon na have that Window of choice, where you’re in and out in and out in and out of combat, so keep that in mind as well.

I do think she’s cool. I do think she’s unique, but remember what we just said. We just got done talking about it, even with her terrible base attack stacking hp percent versus stacking attack. That stacking attack is just slightly worse than stacking hp percent. From her mathematically, you don’t get extra hp percent from your artifacts compared to. If you were trying to build another damage dealer with attack percent artifact, so if you had another character who had 300 base attack – and you give them a 550 attack weapon, then they’re going to be getting. You know 300 plus 550, that’s 850 base attack and then all of a sudden 10 attack on them is giving them 85 attack overall and uh oops.

They can start building up their attack even better, but she is going to be cool there. She just going to get a lot of extra attack here, because that base hp percent 1552. That’S a lot of free attack and then the bonus hp on top that’s gon na give you a little bit more over time there. So she does look pretty cool right now, we’ll have to see what her constellations do in the future. That’S going to be hutow. Remember, she’s, going to have a pole arm. That’S probably going to be the thing that’s going to set her up. Is the pole arm right 1 bonus damage for every 1 missing hp, that’s going to allow you to play more safely in the hp, build because remember it’s per missing percent hp from what we know of right now, so you could have a maximum of 100 hp And be at 1 hp and get the 99 bonus, so you could have a maximum of you know a hundred thousand hp and be at one thousand hp and get the 99 bonus there.

So that’s gon na be another reason to build here for max hp. Allow you to play safely, you know, come in use your elemental skill. Do damage for 10 seconds right, lose that 30 hp swap her out, do damage or something off their supports for five more seconds and then swap her back in use. Her elemental skill drain yourself for another 30 of your max hp, that’s going to drop you to 40 hp and then do some damage and then, before your damage, bonus ends pop god, soother get the lower percentage. Hp bonus, get the 50 extra attack from the spear.

That’S not out yet and get the uh 25 pyro damage bonus from her passive ascension and then regenerate some of your hp set you back up for success and then swap her back out. So, that’s probably what she’s going to be looking like um in the ginger impact. We don’t know all of her information, though guys i think she’s gon na be pretty cool. I do think a lot of the powers of hersh been like super overstated, where she’s gon na have 9 million hp and stuff like that. But if you want to see more stuff get shin pet content, creator related come join the channel and i’ll see you guys in the next one. Take care guys.

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