New Glide Challenge/Event Guide! Free Primogems and Other Items/Rewards Genshin Impact


How’S everyone doing today, grunty gaming and i thought it’d – be cool to make a fun video about the gliding challenge it just came out this morning before i go to work, so we are gon na. Do that. I am not even the best glider, but i’m gon na do my best. I have no idea what to expect with this, but the lives are going to be difficult, maybe a little bit challenging if they’re all going to be different courses. What kind of items haven’t really been looking into it, because i’ve been busy with work and but yeah? I figured it’d, be cool little video to make we’ll see what it does. I think this is a good little way to uh pass the time to for 1.2, especially with commissions being the only daily thing. You can really do um all right.

Let’S check this out now all right, yeah, yeah yeah. I don’t really care. I will do it. Let’S go see what this is like: okay, yeah, i got a big mechanism: [ Music ] that’d be cool to be able to do that, while you’re gliding, normally particles. Okay, so you can have your own little sprint on your own. That might come in handy. I don’t know how hard this is gon na be or what i am brutal like gliding, though i feel like i always miss those little circles. Oh well, i’m sure you get a limited attempt, so it doesn’t really matter. Whoops missed the first circle. Already look at that all right. I think these little coins here are pretty key want to get as many of those as you whoa can. What the where’s! Oh did. I go the wrong way. Wait what the hell see. Sometimes i don’t know if i’m going the wrong way. If i made a mistake or if it’s just the game, not loading fast enough, like you know, the servers are a little slow because, like i didn’t see they just kind of disappeared off the map. I guess you always got to give it a second to load in sometimes it’s a little slow. Can you around all right?

Ah, no, i went too low. They didn’t appear to the last minute, though i’m brutal at this rate, i’m gon na, have to try this again, but i got one coin at that time. All right, oh no, we got saved there. Okay, we got two coins, that’s cool. I haven’t really been using. My burst yet there we go, ah that one was put higher on purpose of scumbags. Oh, what the oh! No, i hit the wrong button. Let’S swim to the finish line, guys, oh god, this is brutal, oh as if i just hit x by accident. I don’t! Oh yeah, of course i failed that i can’t swim to the finish line in a gliding challenge. Okay: let’s try that again we’re gon na go with gene this time, all right, let’s try again if it’s the same chorus every time every week or every day, that’ll be kind of boring or whatever i don’t know. If you beat one course another one pops up and you can do as many as you want, i don’t know if it’s like a quest where you can do like five or six and then it’s done, you can do it in one day because we’ll find out, I just want to complete it first right now.

We at least know for this course anyway. Maybe yeah, i’m not sure how it’s going to work. If it’s the same gliding course, every time that’ll be kind of weird kind of boring all right now we know we got to go high. There we go all right. We got a coin coming up here, we’re going to lower ourselves. We got lots of time. There’S all plenty of time to complete this, so no rush. I thought i was. It was going to be close. Oh okay, i’m going to miss that coin again and i forgot that was higher up well, we’ll get four out of five. I should be able to complete it at least, and we can always do one more quick run to see if we can get that last coin: okay, complete challenge: i want to see what happens now so i’ll go to close and we’ll see what happens here. Wow.

Okay, nothing no way you’re gon na make me run all the way back up there. Damn okay note to self always click challenge again, oh all right, so we had to climb all the way back up here which sucked so don’t ever. Click close. Unless you don’t want to come back up here, okay, let’s talk to this guy start gliding challenge. Is there no items or rewards? Oh here we go okay, so we got silver rank. So we get to collect a couple books. Samora we didn’t get to the gold. One yet maybe we so we missed that one coin, so we can redo that okay, so it’s gon na be each day every day. There’S gon na be a new challenge. So what’s the bronze? Okay, so 60, pile gems and then okay, so you get more more and those like rare books, those uh xp books, so, okay, two three, four, five: six seven seven times sixty that’s 420, prior gems. If my math is correct in this challenge, in total, so i’d be, like almost three pulls that’s. I count that, with your daily commissions, that’ll be cool.

Hopefully the gliding challenge will change every day. I’M hoping that it’s not the same one. Okay, we’re gon na go perfect. This thing real, quick. We got ta get a perfect score, at least once while we’re doing it. Okay, so yeah, you basically get two and almost three pulls in total. I think my math is them, but i know it’s 420 pile gems over seven days, um that that’s a little underwhelming, but you know what i’m glad that they’re adding like stuff in the game to keep us occupied until 1.2. Just like little things here and there um plus your daily commissions – and you got those seize the days and you got the 200 prior gems that they’re going to give you until you get 800, so you’re going to get 200 pio gems in the mail like four Times so add all of those together and you’ll get a decent amount of pulls if you’re free to play that’ll be pretty key, even if you’re not free to play always good to have free pulls. Yes, okay, i was worried. I wasn’t gon na get that there. So we should be perfect.

Okay, we got all five, that’s awesome, so hopefully, my only downside to this gliding challenge is that i hope that they put a different course every day, because if it’s the exact same course then fine and dandy, you get to grind and get your free. But it’s kind of underwhelming and it becomes a chore. Then you know i don’t want it to be like that. I would like them to put maybe even a more challenging one, every time and hell i’ll even say change up the items that you get a little bit just so we have some more. I guess variety. That would be my only critique, i suppose, but yeah nice little addition to the game, um got ta, make a video about it, got ta, go to work in a couple hours so yeah, so we got that gold rank. Now we get the books get the mora and we basically just got ta wait until tomorrow, but maybe there’s a hidden, surprise or challenge. After all of these are done, you never know. I thought it was gon na be similar to the last event where you could like collect and then go, spend it in the shop, but no you’re, basically going to get 60 prior gems, some books, samora and yeah.

Hopefully they change the course, though anyways guys yeah. Just a quick little video for you today, i hope you enjoyed. Let me know you think of the gliding challenge um personally, i think it’s kind of cool something to do a little underwhelming um if they don’t change the colliding course and make it a little more challenging every day. So hopefully they do and anyways guys. We will see you in the next one later.

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