New Weapons, Artifacts, and FREE WISHES: Genshin Impact 1.2 News


All right, hey everyone, mtash here and i just finished up the live stream. There’S a lot of stuff. It was like an hour long. Almost it looks incredible and uh if you guys, like it, gentian impact uh. I think that this is gon na. Add a lot and it seems like there’s some pretty awesome rewards. If you want to get some new weapons for your characters. Uh there seems to be some craftable stuff, but also it appears to be some free weapons as well for four stars. Uh we’re gon na get into that a little bit later. There’S a bunch of free wishes for your account. Just by ascending your characters. You’Re gon na be able to get uh up to 75 free wishes. We talked about this in another video, but they showed it. It’S proven when you ascend at level 20, 50 70 you’re gon na get a bunch of free wishes, so this is going to be probably one of the best updates we’ve seen so far.

I understand that the game is pretty new and whenever they do anything good, you could say that. But this update does look fantastic uh. So, let’s go over um everything that i saw and kind of the main points. We’Re gon na jump ahead, uh a few different times. Okay, so number one is they showed off albedo, and this is one of the first five stars in a while that i am going to personally skip. But if you guys want to win subscribe to the channel, okay, we’re gon na be doing a giveaway and we’re gon na be wishing on some subscribers accounts. It is free to subscribe on youtube hit that bell notification, but we’re gon na do some wishes on the banner once it comes out, but i don’t think i’m personally gon na be using any of my primo gems on him uh, he looks really cool overall. I i think it’s a cool design kind of looks like the main character. A little bit. Um has a interesting attack that pops you into the air, as well as an area of effect, a kind of aoe geo attack, but it is a geo character and maybe the constellation makes them insane.

I don’t really know, but they did show off albedo and i personally i’m not gon na go for albedo, but albedo is here, looks pretty cool and um might be your style, okay, so um. This thing is also kind of like mini venti uh, the the e ability it. Actually, you can pop yourself in the air. So if you didn’t get venti and you want to traverse uh, it could be like, like a nice little elevator that you get but uh. That’S pretty much the main value there that i’m seeing until we see the constellations and and all the values and the abilities, it’s tough to say, but albedo is here. Let’S continue on to our girl gone you now, i might be wishing on ganyu because she’s a cryo character and she uses a bow, and i’ve got a bunch of bows on the account that has all the primo gems on it right now, and so i might Use some of my free to play primo gems on ganyu. She looks pretty cool, but she just looks like she’s like a hybrid of mona and amber okay.

So her flower ability is essentially the amber uh, bunny baron or the mona e. It does the same thing. It attracts monsters, they walk up and then it eventually explodes and that’s cool, but it is cryo damage which is really valuable in the spiral abyss uh, but her q ability looks insane. It is such a big aoe. It’S probably like double the size of any of the other abilities, like even even zhang, lee’s ability has a pretty big aoe and it looks like way bigger than that now. The other thing too is you can see that it’s dropping down all these crystals and it is it’s not necessarily a turret, but it is a big aoe and it’s just attacking the enemies. So i don’t know if it’s going to auto lock in these enemies or if it is gon na kind of place, those down randomly, it appears to have some sort of tracking, and so this could be really good as just free damage. You drop it down. It continually hits but her charged ability her charged bow, has multiple phases that will actually shatter out and freeze multiple enemies.

So, if you’re doing something like the the oceanid boss, it’s going to be incredible. If you want to freeze a bunch of enemies, good cc, i think ganyu looks pretty cool, but again, if you don’t like that feel of the the mona or amber, maybe you’re going to be a little bit disappointed. I think i’ll probably wish on this character looks pretty cool uh and that’s pretty much it. That’S all. I wanted to say about her. Actually i guess i should say this. So albedo is going to be dropping with 1.2. It appears, but ganyu is in mid january. So that lines up pretty much perfectly, you know 20 something days with albedo and then you’re gon na go mid january. I had to move my stupid little head, uh mid-january for gone. You and so zhao is in here. Uh people have been talking about, zhao zhao is not going to be for a while. We don’t see ayaka, so we kind of expected this, but those characters are going to be much later, probably pushing into the end of january, slash february, probably beginning of february, we’ll probably see those characters.

There are some primo gems. I don’t know if they’re working, i’m sure many of you that are dedicated players have already got all of these i’ll, probably post them in the description. But there was a bunch of codes as well, but here’s the thing that is really exciting. There are multiple areas here now i was looking at the live stream and they started showing off screenshots, and i don’t know how big these little sub regions are or areas are like. This could be just one little one little area, but let’s say, for example, there was even 20 chests per area or 30 chests per area. This would add up to a lot of experience, because there’s not just these four there’s actually like eight uh, eight or more, and so if they do have a bunch of chests, this could be really good for getting adventure rank experience a couple uh, maybe a couple. Little uh preblo gems right depending on the chests uh, so this is gon na be really really good and uh.

There are some teleporters, so that’s gon na be some free, primo, gems and experience there. So chances are uh if you’re going and exploring this area, you’re probably gon na, get like an adventure rank depending on your level, if not getting closer to things like ar 45 and ar 50. So that is really cool uh as well, but you can see boom. Four more of these right, it seems like there’s some maybe puzzles going on right. I could see a big door there, maybe a little puzzle. I don’t know there seems to be some secrets, also some new enemies, there’s going to be a big frost yeti. He uses like big slamming frost attacks. We’Ve got a frost mage as well. These are going to be just slight variations of stuff we’ve already seen, but cool new frost enemies is always sweet. We also got a big ruin grinder or something like that. They called it. He’S a ruined sentinel maybe has some slightly different attacks, and then we got a little frost mage i mean it’s gon na perform very similar to the other kind of hilly, churro mages, but uh.

We got a little mage here so i’ll. Take that now. This is a mechanic which uh, i don’t know. If i love it, i don’t know if i love these kind of mechanics where you get frozen uh, but you’re gon na get the sheer cold status effect and so the longer you’re in that area, the more exploring you’re gon na start freezing and most likely. I think they kind of hinted if you jump into the water or fall into the water uh you’re going to freeze faster, but then there’s fireplaces around the map that are going to heat you up and maybe pyro damage like. If you set all the grass on fire with pyro, maybe that will help. But there is going to be some counters along the way and there’s going to be a craftable item that you can keep uh in your inventory or equip it and it will reduce the effect of this sub-zero climate. So that’s pretty cool. There will be ways to upgrade your character and – and i guess uh protect yourself from this, but just be careful because you’re going to start taking damage if you’re uh your dps is trash and you’re out in the middle fighting for 10 years right.

Oh there we go there, it is there’s the fire stuff, there’s little fire seals and there’s a fire fire and there’s like a pillar of fire, awesome now um. So here’s some more areas like this might just be another part, but there’s another area here. This might be another area, i don’t know where this is um. This might just be that same picture from a different angle. I don’t know. Maybe this is like another tomb of some sort, but it seems pretty big now i don’t know compared to monstat or compared to leo, but if they are saturated with chests again could be. A lot of experience could be a lot of stuff, maybe some really good. Quests but here’s uh the thing that i’m really excited about so they’re, alluding that there’s some pretty big puzzles um, but those puzzles are going to lead to some pretty cool rewards. So there’s the warming bottle that you can get um.

This is going to be an event where, and you kind of are going to unlock this bit by bit. You can see almost like a reputation system, you’re going to be kind of um, sacrificing shards to this apparently to level it up and then there’s the frostbearer catalyst. Now here’s the thing: this is the blueprint for the catalyst. So that means you probably need a prototype. So if you have used your prototypes, maybe you can’t craft this, maybe they’ll give you another one uh personally, i haven’t crafted any catalysts, so this might be good for me like, depending on the on the on this weapon. It might be pretty good, but if you are interested in it, i would hold on to all your prototypes now, because there are some other ones as well. There’S the dragon spine spear now it says, collect dragon teeth and other materials to forge an all new weapon. It doesn’t allude to needing a prototype, but you might still need a prototype.

I would just be careful if you haven’t crafted a bunch of crescent spears. There is a dragon spine spear available as well. Um now there’s also this claymore. Now i’m hoping it’d be really cool if you get this as a drop, but this claymore looks insane. This claymore looks incredible. Uh, it’s got physical damage, it’s got cryo. If you have razor. This is gon na, be really really really good. Um again, if you have an extra prototype hold on to it, make sure you you’ve got it kind of in your inventory saved up in case you want to craft this weapon. In case you need a new one um. They showed us some of the bosses and kind of the story stuff.

I don’t want to get into any of that, but they did show that there is some definite story: quests we’re going with albedo to do some stuff there and that’s pretty sweet. We also saw a hot goth vampire chick rosario, wouldn’t mind a little. I wouldn’t mind a little time with her. You know doing church things because she’s a nun. Okay, so there’s also another event, and there is a crown. So if you are getting into the end game, if you are ar 50, if you started upgrading your character to max out their talents, you will need crowns, and this is the second time since gentian came out that you can get a crown. So you need to get this. Damn crown. I don’t want to have to say it too many times, but this is a must. There’S gon na be an event where you’re getting some different materials. I don’t know if there’s gon na be any primo gems here. It appears that it’s only for this stuff, but the other thing too is they showed that this weapon was a reward from uh these events, and so you probably don’t have to craft this, and i don’t know exactly what the stats are gon na be, but you’re Probably gon na be getting a four-star weapon for free from just playing and it’s upgradable, and so depending on on.

You know how strong it is. This could be a game changer for your main character, if you’re using bennett, maybe you use xing cho uh. This is a four-star weapon. If you get albedo cool, you got a weapon, but i am very excited to have another four-star weapon if they, whenever they give us four-star weapons, that changes everything for our accounts because uh it just opens up some doors. You know the main quest gives the fivonius warbo and you could use that on venti. You could use that on diona amber it doesn’t really matter, but when they give you a four star weapon. That is a lot of power compared to three stars. So i love seeing stuff like this now this is oh, this is the game. Changer we’ve been waiting for boys, um shong yoon, i’m going to make a whole another video about shangyun. This might make him a main dps one of the best characters in the game. Now razer is so so good, but holy crap.

This set is incredible, so the two-piece set is cryo damage bonus increased by 15, but when a character attacks an enemy affected by cryo, their current rate is increased by 20 percent and if you freeze said enemy so they’re in the actual frozen state by applying cryo And water, your crit rate is increased by an additional 20 percent. So if you use shang yoon and shin cho, shang yoon and barbara or shang yun, shincho and barbara you’re going to be constantly permanently freezing enemies and meaning you’re gon na get a built-in 40 percent count. It 40 percent credit now hold on just wait. I’M not done if you throw in chi-chi if you throw in diona the frost characters. If you have two frost, characters or cryo characters, you get additional crit on those uh frozen enemies, so you can get like 50 or or 60 percent. It’S incredible! It’S incredible! That’S amazing, so um yeah this set is going to be absolutely amazing. You can build a bunch of crit damage and even if you don’t have a bunch of crit damage, you’re just going to be critting on the mass majority of your hits so make sure you guys are using this um.

If you guys are using shang yoon, i mean chi chi would be fine, like you could use it on chichi uh, but like if you’re making gone you dps, this would be wild, but this one is really good too. So this is the kind of the water one if you’re using child. This could be really really good if you’re looking at um, even even mona, if you wanted to make her a main dps, if you wanted to turn um shincho into or shinchu or whatever into a main dps. This gives you a 15 hydro damage bonus, but this one is wild. After using an elemental skill increases normal attack and charge attack by 30. So it’s almost like um. It’S almost like a gladiator set to an extent um, but it’s hydro, so you’re gon na get that hydro damage bonus and then, after using your skill, you can just basic attack, and so with someone like mona, you could put down your e. All the enemies are gathered up and focusing on that and then you’re just basic, attacking and charge attacking and hitting like a truck, so i’m really excited about that set as well um. If you have child this is going to be pretty nuts right.

You pop your e and then you just your normal attacks are doing 30 more damage nice. Now we also have some events uh and we’re gon na get a bunch of primo gems. So that’s always cool. There’S. Some challenges to mini games going on the lost riches, looks pretty cool um. Let me just see the rewards for that one. If i can um so you’re going to have some different treasures, you go find the treasure you get some rewards, you get some doubloons, that’s cool, but the rewards are uh kind of cool here, where’s the where’s the reward. So, let’s open that up, so you can actually you’re gon na use these little sealies to guide you to the treasure. But then you can unlock them permanently as a pet. You can essentially have a pet floating around with you, which it’s a simple thing, but man if they could do more stuff like that, i’d be really happy. If i could get like a little dragon flying behind me or something like that, that’s cool but also 300. Primo gems, very nice, very easy make sure you’re getting those primo gems and heroes wit, there’s not a lot of them. There’S only ten. So it’s not like this is gon na, be crazy for awards.

There’S a little bit of mora and everything i’m gon na go for a pet and the primo gems first. That is what i would focus on. If you care about getting the pets, get one of the pets and then the primo gems and then kind of see where you’re at now there’s also this one, where it’s all the hippostasis bosses and there’s time right, there’s like a time thing, it didn’t seem to Show the rewards, but i i don’t know where they are, they might have said the rewards, but there is another thing: um you fight all the bosses. You get some rewards, that’s pretty cool, i’m down with that. I’M sure that someone said it. I just don’t remember. Hearing it um on the chinese stream, people are saying in chat right now that on the chinese stream they displayed the rewards um. So maybe it’s! Oh some people are saying it’s like the spiral abyss cool. You do better. You get a better time. You get better rewards awesome now with the marvelous merchandise.

Uh, it’s the same thing. You bring him some stuff. He gives you some treats, but you can also go to other people’s world. So if the the items that he’s kind of giving you on that day, if you don’t like them, you can actually go to someone else’s world and redeem them there. Instead, i don’t know if that’s gon na mean that you can like spam, primo gems or like if you can get better uh talent books, if that’s what you’re farming, but they updated the marvelous merchandise for another uh, like seven days or whatever the hell. It is now with the domains you’re to get the items directly into your inventory and you can repeat the domains if you want, you can just go back to the thing repeat it you don’t have to leave. That’S amazing. If you want to bang out all your resin, you can do that very quickly way: less loading screens, i’m a big fan of this.

I think i’ve already talked about this in another video, but i’m pretty happy with this being able to repeat those domains was really frustrating having to teleport like five different times, but that’s a win for me and uh. This one is incredible, so i already talked about this in a video, but when you send your character, let me see if i can find the the screen that shows it. Oh there it is go back more more there. It is so at 20. 50. 70. You are going to get a free wish, you’re gon na get a free wish, and so you can get all your little characters up to like the level 20 ascension and the the materials are not that big. Like honestly, you could farm a few ley lines. Get a couple wishes. This is gon na. Get you towards pity on that normal banner. Hopefully, you can get a good five star. Maybe you get a five-star weapon, but still getting a five-star weapon is still going to be really good for free to play. Characters uh. It would be very easy to get. You know, 15 to 20 wishes from this like, like that on some of my accounts, i’m getting 30 to 35 plus wishes instantly, because i’ve ascended some characters up to 70.

Got three wishes per character. Some of them are at level 50. So i’m getting a couple more, but this is a great way uh to incentivize grinding up some of your other characters, but i’m just going to warn you that if you’re spending all of your resources and ascension materials getting them up well, you don’t spend any time Getting weapons, upgraded talents, upgraded um, anything like that you’re gon na have a bunch of weak characters, so focus on a couple main dps characters.

First, make sure that they are absolutely done, but i got a little tip for you. So another thing is: if you look at the main character, all of their essential materials are built in through the adventure rank, so that would be a character that you could just max out get the level 70.. The main character is essentially three uh resin-less ascensions. If you will so, you can get three of these rewards from the main character without having to really spend much resin. So that’s obviously a big win there and that’s pretty much it.

That’S everything that i saw and like the main things that i enjoyed getting this sword, we’ve got a new character. Coming, we’ve got another character into january and overall this looks really good. If there are a bunch of chests in the region, that’s a bunch of adventure rank you’re going to get to those better awards sooner and it’s coming out on december 23rd baby and i’m going to be up at like 5 a.m playing. So if you guys want to uh pop in and check out the vibes, then that’s going to be great.

I’M probably going to do a wishing stream after i’ve enjoyed the new content, i’m going to i’m going to jump in play the new content and then we’re going to do a wishing stream. But if you guys want to answer that make sure you guys are subscribed to the channel we’re going to do a giveaway or some sort of raffle and uh and we’re going to give away some wishes, because i’m personally not getting albedo, i i don’t think i’m Going to get albedo anyways, that’s it talk to you guys soon have a great day. Bye.

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