Ningguang Full Constellation & Talents Unlocked Showcase! Broken Main DPS Build Genshin Impact



How’S everyone doing went to gaming and we got the full constellation unlocked for ning long. So i’m going to be showcasing that and all of her abilities she’s one of my mains for sure she blends well on every team. She has such insane attack at first glance. It doesn’t seem like much, but it really piles on once. You get all of her constellation abilities like in factor here, because her stats are very solid, but once you get her going whoo, she is a wrecking ball and let’s look at our constellations here. So when normal attacks hit, it does area of effect damage, that’s our first one. When jade screen is shattered, it’s cool down or reset can occur once every six seconds, which is very handy. She, oh my god, increases the level of star shatter by three maximum upgrade 15, which we’re gon na do at some point. Jade screen increases nearby characters, element resistance by ten percent, which is solid.


Like i said she has. A defensive factor increases a lot of jade screen by three maximum 15, which is you know great too, and plan on doing that, and our last one sharp star shatter is used. Ninghuang gained seven star jades, we’ll show you that right now that steven uh seven star jades is crazy. A character that passes through jade screen will gain 12 geo damage. So you jade sorry, i keep calling her jade. She seems like a jade to me but ninghuang when she puts up her screen, she can walk through it and gain attack. So whenever that thing’s out plus it’s gon na, stop all projectiles for sure and the jade screen can attack you. I’Ve covered that in my review, video, but, like you know how she collects her star jades well, when she uses her ultimate ability which, by the way, recharges so fast like at first, like she said, doesn’t do too much damage. But when she gets going like you’ll see here i’ll use my ultimate and then she has seven star jades following her and her attacks increased.


So when you release those seven star jades, it’s instant death, like 700 damage, like times seven, almost it totally annihilates enemy shields and, like those you know, those mages and those abyss challenges they’re so annoying when they have their barriers up. Oh or those slimes when they have their shields, but look how much work she puts on that shield and that hp like, like i said at first glance, it doesn’t seem like much but ning long’s a monster like she is an insane mane. If you want to use her once, you have her unlocked and she’s a realistic character to unlock you’re, going to have less luck, unlocking a five-star character, constellations and like ninghuang, literally just like she attacks like multiple enemies at once, and it’s not like she’s doing little Damage like look at the damage, that’s flying out here and she recharges so fast. Her special abilities don’t take long to cool down. It’S crazy, like the abyss. Mages, their shields are so annoying in some challenges because you have a time limit and she literally just shatters them. It’S crazy. She is so strong and that’s just using ning if you’re throwing in other characters, it’s gon na be crazy. I’M not even talking about the chrysalis effect that she has see.


I keep running through her screen. It gives me extra attack. It’S like 400 damage like non-stop and she’s. Getting critical hits constantly now i’ll, throw in vito or beto like you’re, going to have so much damages such a good support character, slash like dps. If you want to use her each way, look look at all the damages flying out. Eight hundred thousand two thousand eight hundred like there’s so much damage to multiple characters, there’s no chance not to mention you’re able to run through her own screen, plus it adds defense, it’s just a great thing to have on the field and i’m only using ning wang Right now, like imagine, if i’m using my full team of mona bito gene like because gene’s going to heal the chrysalis, that ninghuang is constantly making are going to add defense plus ninglong’s, already very defensive and hp, based not to mention her insane attack, her constellation unlock. It’S like broken like honestly. I just want to see how far this character can go.


I’M gon na keep leveling up her talents. Her hp, i’m going to be leveling up her just like ascending her her weapons. I want to see how far i can take this character and god i don’t even have a five-star weapon on it, not that you need a five-star weapon, but that would be so broken yeah. You just keep running through her screen and hiding on the other side of it. She can attack from a distance there’s no chance great for barriers and great for those like stupid mages that have like a stupid shield but yeah. This is just a quick showcase of ning wong uh. What she looks like when you unlock all of her constellations and invest some good artifacts into her because she’s a monster.


She seems like one of those very very underrated characters to me and it’s a shame because she’s a just she’s a beast, no other way to put it and she’s a four-star character, which means you might actually get to unlock her constellations like i did. I got very lucky because she’s not a promoted character right now, but anyways hope you guys enjoyed this video. Let’S give a cool perspective of ninglong and her constellations um as far as weapons go and stuff like that, this isn’t really a build guide more. I just wanted to show what she looked like um. Obviously i would invest into her attack an elemental mystery because that’s like really, she already has a good base defense. You don’t really need to invest into it, plus unless you’re using her. As your main like support, then maybe you can invest in a defense but she’s going to be that character that you either want, as your main attacker or you can throw her out to like add that support that chrysalis defense, that jade scream just mix things up And just throw enemies off because she’s great for bashing shields and she’s great for a support, character, switch in and out. You can use this character in so many ways and she blends on any elemental team, because the geo element goes well with everyone and, like. I really think it’s cool that you have like seven chrysalis that surround you or those jade, jade rocks or whatever they’re called, and it just does so much damage it’s crazy. It’S so much fun, she’s, so fun to use.


I hope you guys get to have a chance to use this character, she’s a blast and if you can unlock her constellations like you know what i hope you guys have the luck of the rules. This is too bad. No one has a say in that, but yeah you can walk through a screen too, and just get that you know extra 12 percent damage. Anyways again hope you guys enjoyed this video. Let me know if you have or what you think and we will see you in the next one stay safe out there.

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