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You guys knew it was coming all right, patch, 1.3is out. This is the all-noel all the time. Channelthis character is a monster. Now she is so she wasalready really good.

I loved her before right, shedid, a lot of great things for your team look howshy. She is looking away from the camera she knowsthat she’s center of attention. Now she is so goodnow in patch 1.3, with the geo resonance changesin that big geo resonance change, geo, imperilnow geo resistance down. You know she’s gonnabe doing good damage.

So let’s talk about thisstuff right now: do you need to change anythingabout your noel, build if you’ve been followingall the noel advice and guides on this channel, noeverything you’re doing right now, mwah, just keepdoing! It just keep doing it in case you haven’tseen any of this stuff. Quick recap: right: you’relooking for defense percent sans geo damage, gobletcrit rate circle it and then you’re. Looking forsome crit damage a little bit energy rechargea little bit of crit chance in the sub statsas. Well, so very very powerful stuff, i’m stillusing the white blind we’ve had other optionsto mess around with, like the skyward prideno, sir white blind.

It is for me still todaynow. There is a slight little difference in uhhow much. You really need to focus on defense now. Istill think that it’s the best thing to do becauseespecially, if you have your your talents, leveledup guys level up your sweeping time level up yournormal attack. You need to have both of these maxedout as high as possible to get the most damageout of your noel, because this is giving you thatdefense to attack ratio changeover, and this is theactual multiplier, that her skills are lookingat when you’re doing damage so higher statssweeping time higher Multiplier normal attackyou need to have both of them leveled up therenow, because your shields are so strong youcould.

You know, maybe, if you’re using you andyou’ve, probably seen it right. You don’t havethe white, blanket you’ve been using somethingelse like the prototype sword or even somethingthat’s great, like the the battle pass. Weaponthose are gon na, be still very good weapons foryou. If you don’t have access to the white blindbut now you’re going to even feel naturallytankier, because the damage absorption changeon, the shield defense – is still insane so don’tmisinterpret. What i said but you’re going to feeljust tankier to the point where, like your shieldmight, not break from damage.

If you have a lot ofdefense and that’s still, okay, your shield’s stillgonna time out you’re still gon na, do a lot ofdamage that way. So what does this geo resonancechange? So this is the big one enduring rock youmaybe have seen it one of my previous videos. Thisis awesome awesome awesome for noel specificallyespecially for her play style, so it increasesyour shield strength by 15 percent. That’S greatadditionally characters protected by a shield havethe following characteristics.

Damage is increasedby, 15 percent. All of your damage, normal attackelemental skill, burst, plunge attack. Whateverall the damage increased by 15 and dealing damageto enemies will reduce their geo resistance by 20for 15 seconds, so stronger shields, and then whenyou have a shield on you just gel in peril and dobonus damage to all your stuff. This is amazinglyamazingly amazingly powerful in a double geo teamso. If you are using a geo character.

You areusing noel pair her with another geo. Characterright player was only pair with albedo, pairwith Ninnguang right pair with any of thoseother great fantastic geo characters who all aregoing to benefit from this change. It’S going tobe a good time, and so with that change in effectlet’s go look at our shield strength. Stat used, tobe called strong shield. Now it’s called shieldstrength.

I do believe it’s at 50 we get 15 fromthe double geo resonance and then we’re wearingretracing bolide for 35 and that stacks so whatdoes. This mean this just increases the strengthof our shield. So if we have like a 10 000 shieldit’s, actually 15 000 worth of damage absorptionbut, that is also not all that this is going to bedoing for us in the other change for geo geoshields in general, so something like Zhonglishield or the geo crystallization shields that youmake From uh doing damage right if they have pyroon, you hit them for geo, you get the little crystalyou pick it up. That’S going to be increased bythis as well, and also like her breastplate shieldso. These shields right here.

These geo shields, theyhave 150 percent bonus effectiveness. Againstall elements in physical damage on top of thatso say i have a base. 10 000 hp shield right. Theni have 50 shield strength that makes it worth 15000 base hp shield of damage absorptionbut. Then it’s got additional efficiency1.

times, so a 10 000 hp shield actually absorbs22 500 hp worth of damage. That’S more! That’S morethan, my max health! On this character. That’S crazyit’s more!

It’S a little bit under Zhongli’s maxhp, so you almost have to kill this dude twotimes over. You have to kill her more than twotimes over to break through just one shieldwhich is insanely powerful. It allows you tostand in pretty much anything. So, let’s go. Do thatlet’s go stand and spin on everything in the gamebig dinosaur dad you can see him right down.

Therehe’S sleeping looks like he’s on lightning elementi do believe he does change his elements, but we’rejust gon na use our natural geo shields we’re gonnastand in everything. Here. I do believe he alsotakes less geo damage, possibly because he’s a geovishap, so that should be making him take. Lessgeo damage but we’ll find out here so we’re justgonna do some general spin to win on this dude wehave the geo imperil and let’s uh, let’s go to townlet’s, see how much we can do here. Just spinningaround, spinning, spinning, spinning, spinning and i’mspinning ain’t got no care.

I’M just bigspinning use a shield: okay use a shield boombop using that shield, that kind of made youwant to use some sort of shield against thisguy too, so maybe a little cheating, but i meanthat’s not bad damage. Considering uh, you knowhe also can’t hit us our shield’s. Still intactlet’s put this shield on too. Let me just throwanother shield, on let’s just uh put this on one onfor apparel seems pretty good, so far seems seemspretty all right use the shield dude, i got it mani’m right here. Hit me hit me dad can’t do it.

Can’Thit me, you can’t do it nah nah fam, i’m still heredude, i’m still shielded up, i’m still shielded upoh, my goodness. We should kill him faster thanthis. I think it’s because we were playing aroundcome on dude hit. Can you hitme? Can you hit me for damagecan?

You do the damage for me and just uh shield upagain, i’m just uh. Just chilling dude come on bro. Do it do it, do it do it you’re gon na, do it yeah, i think itgave up. I think he gave up um. So you know helearned that he couldn’t actually come.

Throughthe geo noel’s only wombo combo duo shield, so hejust kind of gave up attacking us there uh, but uhyeah man. You can just kind of stand in everythingi, don’t even think we took a lick of damage, thatentire fight. We just stood in everything possiblehalf. The fight was designed around you stayingin front of his lightning breath, but then we justdidn’t and everything else and it was totallyokay, but let’s go stand in more stuff, let’s gostand in more stuff, so you guys know what time itis it’s trounce on child time. So we’re gon na dothat right here.

Someone put this bad boy shield upand put this thing here. He doesn’t like our facewhatever. I don’t like his face either and uh youknow. You know what just uh, let’s just feel freeto block away my guy do it i’ma spin! Oh, he crackeduh he cracked over our shields.

There actually solet’s put another shield up. Oh no, i think it mighthave just blown out from general use and wherewhich is fine, which is fine, sometimes thosethings happen. You know put another shield: onthat’s fine still got our old multiburst goingon, that’s phase, two just standing in everythingjust unkillable, the mountain, the unkillablemountain noel patch 1.3 – that that big changethat change is pretty huge. I can’t i cannotstate it enough.

It’S a pretty massive changealbedo like this constructs blown up in herethough, so it’s a little bit it’s a little sadoh Bennett. Bennett has like no hp or no defensebecause he’s level. 70. That’S why the shield brokeum, but when you have that uh, that big thatbig big defense to back up that big, big shieldthat’s. What we’re talking about here, solet’s, see if we can put this myth a meteorthat’s, not bad, i’m still working on himthat’s, pretty okay, i can get behind.

Thati can get behind that where you going bossoh, doesn’t he like someone a whale let’sget him to summon the whale? See if we can juststand in the whale dude, summon your big whale someone your someone, child child work with mehere, summon the whale child, that’s not a whale, but well he wouldn’t summon the will. So he died. Aglorious death um. He shattered himself.

It wasfantastic now we’re out here cheating a little bitbut. You know what dude. Sometimes it feels good tocheat, just a little bit just see them see the newbros, so we’re gon na do here. We’Re just gon na popthis come out here and we’re just gon na close oureyes close our eyes on abyss. 12.

I think yeah i’mgonna uh, are they dead? Hey, we all right cool wegot, the spot we wanted to get to. So you know ohoh, maybe don’t close your eyes, don’t close youreyes like i do. It’S cool we’re gon na drop, thisdrop the hammer on him and then we’ll have himhammering the flowers on him. Are you not dead bro and it was crack hit him with?

So if you’ve beenworking on you in a while dude 1.3 is the placeit’s your time to shine man, it’s your time. Toshine you’re gon na be tankier you’re gon na bedoing more damage. If you have Zhongli, that’s gonnamake, you do even more damage which is not as onlyshowcase video, so we’re gon na about Zhongli rightnow, but that geo resonance times two bonus that’sinsane pair her with literally Albedo Ninnguangthose, are the number one and two, if you don’thave Zhongli, also Another one there i’m doing thetriple geo comp, i’m almost doing a quadruple geoaccount, but bennett’s he’s like he’s like our youknow. He gets hit by a rock in the head, so he’salmost a geo he’s almost geo, but no matter whatit is that you’re doing white blind uh.

You couldbe doing scoured pride. You could get in therewith the unforged, if you want all the informationon which one’s the best um go ahead and checkout that video too, the serpent spine is also afantastic weapon for you. It might be best for youuh outside of white blind. If you don’t have enoughcrit rate, if you don’t have enough crit rate rightthis, weapon’s gon na really help you out, you’regonna have to make that sacrifice for that attackand defense percent and be less tanky. You could betaking more damage as well, but it is still a verystrong weapon in especially if you don’t have allof the crit rate, to help you out in getting thosebig critical hits with your crit damage, set socheck that weapon out as well also make sure bulllight set.

It’S the place to be for bruiser noelnothing’s better. I get a lot of questions. Doestwo-Piece noblest, work under elemental burst, no itdoes, not uh at all in any way shape or form thataffects the activation skill damage, but nothingfrom the follow-up, though the follow-up damageyou’re doing, are normal. In charge, attacks whichis why the bull light set is just so good andit’s, even better now, because the retracing bullettwo-piece, the shield strength, looks like kindof, okay now, but now that, like double dips, intothe new geo shield change with the geo resonancechange, it’s so powerful to have This set on youbecome an absolute monster of a tank with a set onso make sure you check that one out as well. If youguys want to see more gentian impact conceptsbecome a part of the uh.

The squad here on thechannel go ahead down. There leave your smile andcomments and your smiling faces like the videoto help us battle against youtube. Algorithm andi’ll see you guys in the next one. Take care guys.

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