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The official pat’s notes for the genji impact version 1.2 update, have dropped, we’re gon na be going over everything in the patch notes. If the patrons are about things we’ve already talked about before on the channel or things that you guys really widely know about, like i don’t know the new character coming out, like albedo, we’re not gon na touch on that too much unless there’s new information. So, let’s get in here, for you guys, obviously there’s going to be the compensation for the downtime 300 primo gems and if it gets extended extra primo gems for that patch time, where you guys cannot play the game, obviously have to be part of the game before You have to be adventuring five or higher to get the primo gems.

So if you’re brand new to the game – you’re not gon na be getting that, but most of you guys out there are gon na be getting those primo gems. Obviously we know we’re going to dragon spine now. That’S the new area. We’Ve talked about that with the sub-zero climate change already, so we’ve already seen that before that’s going to be the new sub-zero mechanic, we’re going to start losing hp over time as you get colder, you need to warm yourself up by getting next to fires, lighting fires, Finding fire sealies all of that stuff, that’s gon na, be the new mechanic inside dragon spine. Obviously, they’re also talking about the frost bearing tree here, which is something that we’ve seen before. We’Ve talked about this before from the official live stream that they did do there and you’re gon na be able to stumble around and find these crimson a gates that are used to uh. You know go in there and offer up to these frostberry and trees.

You can get stuff like a quaint face, intertwined fates, a new glider um, some moral weapon, exp materials, character, exp materials, talent, level, up materials, and as long as you are doing this, you also gain access to gadget diagrams over time. So this will be something for you to be working on and it’s going to be another one of those things where you are going to be out there kind of like gi, oculuses and animo oculuses. By this time it’s going to be the crimson aggates out there. Looking for that, little bit of fire out in the cold, cold, cold, dragon, spine environment, so the next one here the new domain is gon na, be the peak and uh the peak the peak in vin dagner, big dagner, we’re gon na go with that name uh.

This is where you’re gon na get the blizzard strayer and heart of depth sets. It also says other sets, but these are the two new five star sets and we had a whole video on those. These sets are extremely powerful for a lot of characters out there. It’S gon na make a lot of other characters who didn’t really have a place. They didn’t really have a set before they had an extremely powerful set before, if not maybe even two sets to choose from out there with the blizzard straight and heart of depths set. Obviously, the new character is coming out. He’S albedo, he’s gon na be a sword, geo support type character. If you want more information on albedo himself, i did drop a video about him just a couple of days ago. Full in-depth information there we’re not going to cover all of his details here right now, but the event wish for him is also coming out: uh up until the 12th of january on 2021. So that’s when this banner is going to go away, but it’s going to be live as soon as this uh patch is all finalized there so keep and keep it get ready for him.

Get ready for him and go find out more about him. Obviously, also getting gone, you as well she’s, not gon na, be coming out right away, but she will be there eventually. They didn’t give a date for her in the past notes, but on the live stream. She’S gon na be showing up in january of 2021. For you there now the new equipment we’re gon na be talking about. Here we have the new summit shaper. This is going to be very similar to the weapons we’ve been getting right now, like the unforged um. This is gon na be another one of those geotype weapons. It’S a five star weapon. It’S a sword, same exact effects right, it’s gon na give you increased shields. It’S gon na give you an attack bonus for stax hit and if you have the sword at maximum stacks, and you have a shield effect on you, it’s going to double that attack bonus there. So if you like those weapons, you want the sword version for your boy.

He’S gon na have the summit shaper for you to pull on. If you so desire as well. Now we also have the festering desire, which we’ve talked about a little bit on the channel. Um the festering desire the creepy sword. This is going to come from the uh princeps. Whatever it’s going to come, it’s going to come from the festering desire quest basically have its own, i’m not going to butcher all these words, but it’s from the chapter act. One here and it’s going to give you the faster desire and, during the event, the character who equips the sword will receive some special buffs while exploring the dragon spine area, which kind of country knicks, is exactly what we’ve seen before. So maybe they changed this sword. Last, since the beta, so it might not be as insanely strong as it was led to believe or maybe it’ll be insanely strong in dragon spine, we’ll have to see exactly what it’s going to do like we said on launch.

On top of that, we have three new weapons here, in addition to the festering desire – and these are going to be very similar – we’re gon na have a four-star claymore, a four-star pole, arm and a four-star catalyst. This is gon na, be the dragon spine spear, the frost bearer and the snow tuned star silver. Now these can be acquired in separate ways. We talked about that on the live stream. One of them is gon na, be uh sort of like a quest. They have to do in this new tomb area. That’S where you get the the snow toned star, silver uh, the dragon spine, spears crowd from dragon, spine teeth and the frost bear is sort of like a it’s like a reputation-esque thing. You have to get level 10 with the frost bearing tree to get the frost bear, but all these weapons do the same exact thing: they have a proc that can drop an icicle uh, basically on your enemies, and it can occur only once during a certain time Period and if the enemy is afflicted by cryo, it’s going to do a large amount of damage.

I do believe in the data mine. It was like 200 percent attack damage at level refinement one with the uh, the frost icicle. I don’t think it does frost damage, it just says: aoe damage so whether it actually does frost it doesn’t designate frost, but it does like icicle, but i do believe it’s gon na be physical damage from the icicle coming down. Now the new sets the blizzard straight and the heart of death set very strong, blizzard shredder hydro damage. Uh is going to be found on the heart of death set, whilst the blizzard straight is going to be a critical hit. Cryo damage set so heart of death’s, 15 hydro damage and then using an elemental skill increase your normal attack and charge attack damage for a period of time, which i do believe was like another 30 percent. On top of that, so a total 45 bonus there. The blizzard strayer set gives you 15 cryo damage on the two-piece.

The four-piece gives you 20 critical hit rate when enemies are afflicted by cryo, but if they’re frozen you get an additional 20 critical hit right now, it doesn’t say in the patch notes here: 20 and 20. That’S what it’s been shown to be uh before in other sources, so it should be 2020 still. All these sets should be exactly what we talked about before intention impact. We also have new events here to talk about here, the chalked prince in the dragon. I guess it’s: the chalk prince and the dragon there uh talking about sir crows and uh you’re, going to have to complete the archon quest prologue act 2 for tomorrow without tears, as well as albedo story quest the princeps uh cretaceous chapter. Is that really cretaceous cretaceous chapter to access the event, the chalk prince and the dragon, so you’re not gon na be able to get right in there and do the chalk prints right away? This is because they said storyline wise.

The chalk prince directly follows uh. Albedo’S own story quest, so you have to get in there and do some of the the archon quest stuff do albedo’s quest and then you can get in there and do the event quest so make sure if you want to get in there and do the event Quest as much as possible, you finish up the other stuff as quickly as possible, so you can access the event. This is where you get the festering desire, so keep that in mind as well. So if you want to get in there do it, you can also unlock the the uh, the new albedos quest here, the princeps quest without spending a story key. So if you don’t have all your story, keys, stored up somehow and maybe you’re like newer to the game, you just got done doing the other ones. Don’T worry.

You’Re not gon na have to wait to unlock another story key there um. It also will uh. If you hit adventure rank 40 and complete prologue act 2 for tomorrow’s out tiers, you can also spend one story key there as well. So keep that in mind. That’S for after the event ends, though, so, if you’re watching this and you’re you know you just started playing: it’s not like you’re, never going gon na be able to uh access the story event for albedo. It will come at a later time, for you and you’ll have to spend a story key, but if you’re there and you’re ready to go now, you can you can get in there without spending that story key, which is pretty cool there. Now we also have the new systems here we have stellar reunion returning events, so this is going to be happening for uh returnees to the game, which is pretty nice so after the 1.2 update, if you meet the eligibility requirements for this event, you will get the Four-Star prototype rancor sword, some premium gym some fragile resin and some other rewards. This event is gon na last for 14 days.

Okay and you have to be adventure, rank 10 or higher, and if you haven’t logged into the game for 14 days, you will get this login bonus, so that’s pretty cool there and then it also says over 45 days since the last activating the stellar reunion event. So this seems to me like it’s, going to be a reoccurring thing, they’re going to be doing because the event only lasts for 14 days, so i can only be 45 days since you’ve. Last done this event. If it’s only lasting 14 days, we’re gon na be bringing this back for you guys there. I don’t know how many uh prototype uh rancors are gon na give out in total. It sounds like one also don’t know how many premo gems they’re giving out fragile resin they’re giving out. I wouldn’t expect a crazy amount, but keep that in mind as well. Now, there’s also some event details. The stealth reunion comprises of four parts, and i don’t really uh know how big of a deal it’s gon na be for everyone else. Here, homeward path, passive time, reunion, rewards reunion blessings and this renewing blessing one.

I kind of really want for everybody, okay, the reunion blessing man, oh man, you get double drops returning to the game, you get double drops three opportunities to gain double drops each day. This is for petrified trees as well as domains, blessings of wealth and blessings of revelation using original resin. The amount of double drop opportunities refreshes every day at 4 00 am after the event ends event. Progress will be cleared in any unclaimed rewards will be lost. Remember to claim your rewards switch. I really hope they would give that to everybody. I want that. That sounds like a cool event. Man can i get some double drops. Please. I need some exp sign me up. Am i gon na quit the dick? No, i’m not quitting the game for 14 days. Double drops for three days get me out of here, but it sounds like some cool stuff here and i always have new quests here all right.

The new quest chapter act one here. This is the chief alchemist of knights of fivoni’s devotes his energies to exploring the secrets of the world. Obviously, we’re talking about albedo, storyline we’re going to be getting in there getting weapon, enhanced materials, character, exp materials, your traditional new storyline stuff, also new world quests will be showing up here in the mountains. The festering fang, the great mountain survey, a land entombed lane, slosting the snow and off fresh meat uh completing our fresh meat, will give you a new recipe for goulash, okay, which will slightly decrease the rate of sheer colds accumulation for all party members. During a period of time, it’s gon na be one of the ways for you guys to slow that that sheer cold thing we’re also gon na have a new like lantern type thing that you can gain access to uh from the i do believe it’s from the Tree, i think it’s like an earlier reputation like three with the tree. We’Ll get you the recipe for that as well, which maybe they’ll talk about at the end here.

But you’re gon na see some reoccurring things where they’re gon na give you some abilities to fight back against that sheer cold. A new commission’s quests are showing up as well. Now we also have new monsters, so some cool stuff in here right, we’re gon na have new uh hilly, trolls, uh, stomach, trills, hilly, troll guards, they’re all cryotypes they’re, all cryo-flavored new monsters. Let’S have a frost arm lava turtle, but two we’re coming in cryopatui. So pretty much anything that you had seen before you’re going to see like a a nice version of it more or less, but then there’s also this ruben grader and if you’ve seen some of the uh footage for patch 1.2, it looks like a giant ruined gun. He puts up this giant shield next to bum rush. You and he looks like a cool. I want to fight one real bad, there’s also be snow, bears and kryl crystal flies and snow foxes.

New recipes are coming in bright julian guoba, universal piece, which sounds like uh universal piece. I guess that’s a food, but it sounds like something else, but lots of new recipes coming in star silver chilled meats that you can process into raw meats. So it sounds like if you, if you’re out there, gathering meat in dragon spice to be too cold to normally use you have to turn it back into raw romney. We’Ll have to see, though, all right we’ll have to see about all that stuff, um star silver. Can be fortunate to find enhancement ore as well, so that’s gon na be interesting. Maybe that’s gon na be something for us to get some weapon exp materials at a quicker rate, because you are kind of capped at what you can make every day with the crystal uh, the crystallized ore. Now we also have new name cards. That’S fine! But here’s! The big one here this is the big one: there’s some big changes to spiral: abyss floors: 9, 10, 11, 12.

Okay, so there’s some pretty big changes. Floor 9. Characters in the field will continuously accumulate sheer cold and lose hp after sheer cold reaches its limit. There’Ll. Also be a ruin brazier on the field, so it’s gon na be like a fire flame torch thing right when the bridger is activated getting close to it will reduce the shear cold enemies will try to attack the brazier to stop it after having stopped for a Period of time it will restart automatically. So that’s gon na be the new floor. Nine spiral, abyss, gimmick they’re, adding this sheer cold thing into the spiral abyss. Floor 10 has another sheer cold gimmick here, where characters in the field will just accumulate sheer cold and lose hp after it reaches its limit. There’S gon na be a floating warm sealy that you can get next to to reduce your sheer cold while you’re around it floor, 11 characters are being periodically engulfed in an engulfing storm which continuously drains your elemental energy until the electro is removed. All party members deal increased, cryo damage there for you as well, and then floor, 12, simple, but sweet all party members deal increased geo damage, so they really want to get in there with your new geo characters.

Your cryo characters test them out with the new cryo sets. I don’t know if they’re actually going to change the floors themselves, which they may or may not do like the enemies that you see within, but they’re definitely changing the different floor attributes for these spiral abyss. So, let’s be pretty interesting there now we also have different phases so phase one when a character obtains a cryol shard from a crystallization relay action between geo and cryo. A shock wave is released, looks like a buff to geo in there uh at phase two when a character obtains a crowd, elemental shard from crystallizer reaction between geo element. You get a stacking attack percent attack, speed movement, speed, buff, and it goes up to five stacks. So they really, when you get geo in there, they’re trying to mess around with geo, giving you some sort of buffs with the crystallization reaction and then phase three of this abyss. Here, when you get a cryo elemental reaction, shard from a crystallization reaction between geo and cryo, your crit rate goes up by eight percent. It lasts for 20 seconds. It says a maximum of five stacks, so they’ve been doing this for a while in the spiral abyss.

Touching on, if you paid attention from the last like three or four different buffs that we’ve had in the spiral abyss, they’ve all been geo-related like doing more damage with the shield doing damage every time you make a crystallization thing, getting a buff when you have a Crystallization thing they’re continuing to do that, so it looks like they’re continuing to still try to figure out exactly what it is that they want to do with the geo elemental reaction. Now we have some system updates here as well. The big one we want to talk about is the new character. Ascension reward. Now the new character, ascension reward. You will get one equate faint for every time: you’ve leveled any character to 20, 50 or 70, pretty much when you complete an ascension at 20, 50 or 70 you’re gon na get an acquaint fate. So if you’ve leveled up some characters, you know maybe you’re.

One of those catch-a-ball guys you have all your characters. At 20, you’re gon na get an equation for everyone. You have a 20 everyone, you have it 50, you get another one. And then, if you have more people at 70, you’re going to get another one. So acquaint fates. This is the off banner sort of summon so you’re going to have some summons to throw out there and see if you can’t get a little bit lucky on any sort of non-write-up character or weapon. Curly and gentian impact you’re gon na be able to track your map. Functions, change your character, portraits travel, log, camera height adjustment, uh, the new camera is coming out. You can change your and edit. Your friends names there as well as new weapon details displayed to the event wish on the wish screen.

You can view the details about the new four and five star weapons and there’s gon na be a new battle. Pass weekly emission complete the golden house challenge. Let’S help you beat that battle pass a little bit faster, give you a little bit more exp, because there’s gon na be something else as a weekly challenge added to you there, another one. That’S really cool, is they’re, adding a repeat domain and from inside the domain. So you don’t need to leave and come back over and over again um. Now we also have the ability to disband the co-op team instead of just quitting, if you’re the host. So that’s going to help yourself there that way you can quit out. Instead of just uh, it says, kicking everyone. It sounds feels a little bit bad when it was like kicking everyone.

Um drops from domains and lay lines are added right to your inventory. That’S nice! As well and then they’re changing up the pie, mons bargains thing so they had purchased with primo gems could be moved to the last thing now. So it’s a little less um up in your face. I guess so. That’S gon na be a thing there as well. On top of that, they’re changing some other things: um like a king, kachink, cookings, kaching’s, ascension phase, one thundering penance talent to have a new description about her getting uh electro infusion they’re, changing these sort of descriptions of pyroinfusion instead of saying something like it used to Right converted to electro damage now these are going to say infusion same with de luc, probably same in here with bennett tartaglia with weapon damage doesn’t say anything about noel though noel also says infusion.

She should weird uh alien from and deal cryo damage converted to crowd damage crowd would infuse with crowd, but nothing about noel noel. No, you guys forgot about noelle dude. She infuses herself too. How are you going to do that? That’S why you guys always be trying to buff geocharacters. You leave them out every thing. Man anyway, bug fixes um, there’s they’re fixing the bugs with uh divalent they’re fixing some bugs with the spiral abyss um where you, the bug where you can like get inside the violin and get stuck a bunch of different bugs into volun. There’S a bunch of different co-op bugs there as well a bunch of different uh. What i want to call visual bugs um audio bugs just a bunch of different bugs in there. I don’t see anything that was super crazy.

I want to double check here for you guys, though, real quick, uh, lisa low, plunging attack damage clee um. If the charge attack is used at the same time as the passive talent, pounding, surprise, explosive sparks will unexpectedly disappear and the talent effect will not function properly. So clean might be getting a buff there, especially if you’re get in there really hard um. Sometimes you’d encounter that bug. You could lower your damage. Noel’S elemental burst sweeping time uh. The revised description adds to detail that geodell image dealt cannot be overridden by any other elemental infusion, which it can’t be. It was missing before so now. You guys don’t know that for sure i’ve just gotten a lot of questions on that weapons.

If i have, you know, chong yoon’s field and i’m ulting with with noel, is it going to do crowd, damaging, do geo damage and do geo damage because it can’t be overwritten in her case, so a lot of different bug stuff we’re not gon na go over Every little single bug thing uh because we’ll be here forever um, except for this one here, this one’s funny fixing fixing this with ninguang, where passive tail backup plane is trigger charge attacks do not consume stamina. After determining the game terminating the game, clan coming back into the game – oh man yikes, you could get that and then all f4 and come right back and be good to go with her there. So a lot of different bugs you guys can read those at your own leisure if you want to um but other than that, that’s going to be everything to look forward to in 1.2 a lot of different miscellaneous bugs. You can see here we’ll be here all day, long now remember guys the zomling buff and the geo buff and stuff like that. That is not necessarily coming out. 1.2. That’S not in the past notes.

It never was supposed to be coming out this soon. That was like a beta 1.3 thing, so we shouldn’t be seeing that stuff anytime soon, but for the rest of this stuff, dragons main area, the new weapons, the new characters remember we’re getting albedo now and then we’re gon na get got to you in january. Look for that stuff there if you want to see more again and pet contents and coverage following guides for new characters. All of that good stuff then come check out the channel we’ll be here for more stuff and i’ll, see you guys in the next one take care guys.

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