Phantom Flow Event Day 6 Guide | Wavebreaker | Genshin Impact Inazuma 2.0


We’re now at Day 6 of our Phantom Flow event. The Shinryuu mechanics for today involves the use of  the Thunder Dwelling. The Thunder Dwelling is the familiar-looking purple stone which we already  interacted with in the past events. There are three ways to charge up the thunder dwelling. First is by carring Electrograna near the stone to link with it.

Second is by being affected by  electro itself so you can also link with it. You can also use character skills like Beidou  in this challenge. Third, you can attack the stone directly with electro attacks or electro skills. Once it is charged up, the Thunder Dwelling will release a thunder shock, damaging everyone in the  area including your party unless you are carrying electrograna. The thundershock will then apply  a debuff, which increases damage taken by all characters and enemies hit by 50% for 10 seconds.

  The Thunder Dwelling can be charged up again after a 5 seconds cooldown. In Okuden mode, the same Shinryuu mechanics will apply but characters will take more damage from  the thunder shock.

So I think the best strategy here is just use the electrograna while you focus  on killing the monsters and i’m already done with the extreme difficulty but let’s just try it again so for the completion criteria, you need to defeat 25 opponents within 180 seconds  and defeat two frosarm lawaachurls and no character deaths teamwork so always try your best to charge your stone okay so we are done with the extreme difficulty and let’s try the okuden for the completion criteria we need to defeat 20 opponents within 100 seconds  and defeat two thunderhelm lawachurls and no character deaths okay so that’s it for the extreme difficulty and let’s check our rewards so that’s it for today’s phantom flow event and see you again tomorrow for day seven  and thanks for watching guys.

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