Qiqi Team Build Guide & Combos, Best Weapons, Artifacts & Best DPS/ Healer Support Genshin Impact


Hey how’s, everyone doing today, grunty gaming, and we are here to talk about the best cryo user in the game: chi-chi she’s, a five-star cryo, sword, wheeler and just honestly, probably one of the best healers. If not the best healer in the game, it’s rgb, she could be the best healer and we’re going to talk about some different builds. You can do as a main dps as a support and she fits any role really she can be both. I have her as a support right now and she has saved me through so many tough battles in the abyss and just boss. Battles story mode, quests, everything you name it. She is a staple she’s, not even part of my main team of four but she’s. She goes blends perfectly on my second abyss team now for weapons, depending on how you want to build her. Obviously, if you have a good five-star bleed, you want to give her. That would be ideal. The achilles of avonia is a good option for just massive damage output adds an element to defense, makes her even that much more unkillable.

The skyward blades are excellent because you have that energy recharge and if you recharge, your energy you’ll be able to use your special a lot more, which will allow more healing, basically you’ll, all use your fortune preserver a lot when that’s in play. Your entire team gets healed and she doesn’t even have to be on the field for that, but she can use it more than that way. So those are the two main five stars i have. The sword of dissension is not a bad option. Four star blade: it’ll increase your attack percentage, so a massive damage output for dps build the fevonian sword, energy recharge again, that is a huge one. Another good option for four star: the sacrificial sword: energy recharge again for using your fortune, preserver massive healing and the flute awesome attack output. Really four star blades are going to be easier to refine. You know easier to get duplicates, so it’s really whatever you want to go with. I personally go with the energy recharge because uh her healing now for artifacts, again you’re going to want to go for energy recharge, but you’re also going to want to go for attack because chichi scales off of her attack using a fortune preserver. But here’s the thing with chi-chi’s fortune preserver: you can also go with other characters. You can switch her out into your main dps if you’re using gta support and they can still heal off her fortune preserver. So energy recharge is the best option.

I think you can go, you know, give her a little bit of hp and i would mainly go with her attack. I wouldn’t worry about the critical rate too much hp, so it makes her more unkillable. You could even throw in some defense if you want, but i would go with energy recharge and attack for the most part, with a bit of hp, because she’s gon na have her herald of frost which keeps regenerating and both of her main abilities, not only heal. You, but they also allow you to switch out of or switch into a new character and they stay her abilities, don’t leave when she leaves the field, her herald of frost and her fortune preserver. Here’S the downside to chi-chi, though this violet grass pain in the ass, to find that’s one of the main reasons why i don’t have her on my main team, but you can see here that, like you know, she is almost like. I’M killable, depending on how you build her, i would scale with her attack for the most part, you’ve got to have that energy recharged. If you can and honestly i’ll get some hp in there too, because you’re gon na want her to just be that much more unkillable uh when her fortune preserves him, you can see here that she’s gon na be able to keep healing and the nice thing about It is if you switch out characters you can still heal both of her abilities. Really that’s why chichi is probably one of the best support, slash healers in the game, so it really depends on how you want to build her. You don’t have to dump a lot of good artifacts and weapons into her.

If you want to just upgrade her and upgrade her talents, then you could literally sub her out just for her abilities alone and she plays a huge role on the team. But if you want to use her like as a dps or secondary, then like there’s a lot of good options, you can learn. She has a solid attack, there’s a lot of good weapon options and like the gladiator set, you could run that for max attack output. You could go for maybe hp and energy recharge. You see here. You could literally sub into gt, throw in her main attacks and then set her out and her specials stay on the field. Her herald of frost keeps healing teammates her fortune. Preserver allows other teammates to keep attacking enemies and regenerating health. So if you combine those two together, it’s pretty much unkillable, like you, wouldn’t believe how many times i have been in a tough spot in this game or the abyss and chi chi saves my life literally. Like for harold, the frost alone comes in so clutch. The only downside to it is that it takes a in time to recharge the cooldowns like 45 seconds, but you know what once you’re busy in a battle fighting and throwing out specials.

It goes pretty fast once you go cycle through all your characters like by that time, her hair defrost will be recharged, and if you have energy recharge, build on her her fortune of our fortune, preserver will recharge that much faster, allowing that extra healing – and you can See here, obviously against water enemies, it literally consistently freezes them like chichi is just broken against this boss right here. The ocean aid like she is the best character i have against his boss, constantly freezing everyone and the best part is. You can literally substitute her constantly. So you can throw in her herald of frost switch into whoever you want and they’re gon na keep freezing, while healing, while just dealing insane damage. So it’s a two for one, because when your enemy is frozen, you are constantly allowed to heal in peace without any interruption. You know they freeze like all three of them. Then you throw your fortune preserver here and throw into ching and you’re just cleaning up while healing it’s great. It’S honestly, just one of the best healers in the game, such a solid option for a main dps, depending on you know who you already have built up. Like chi-chi can play a ton of roles and with the abyss, she is what she’s almost necessary for that and she goes. She goes any character honestly because, like like, i said she, you can literally have her on your team just to use her speckles and then substitute her out no problem.

You got a good five star blade, you’re, looking at a solid main dps right here, and you can pair her with someone else like it’s great, and i love that or harold frost adds a constant cryo damage. Elemental burst to it too. While it’s healing it’s such she’s, such an awesome character but anyways, i personally would go if you’re using her as a main dps. If you have a five star blade, it’s hard to say no to that, you want to go with the energy recharge and maybe go with attack and crit. If you’re going for dps i’d give her a little bit of hp depending on how you want to build her, but if you’re going for support, then i wouldn’t worry about dumping a bunch of like insane. I would give her a good four star energy recharge blades, with some solid hp and attack. Artifacts you’re, mainly just going to be leveling up her talent. If you’re going for support – and you literally only need to substitute her in to use her specials and then you can sub right out depending on how you want to play it, you decide user’s a main dps like combined with her specials and her insane attack.

If you want to build her that way, she is going to be almost unkillable like and then yeah you get into cool combos with, like her gene, barbara other healers, where it can almost be indestructible or give her like a solid partner like kaching or beto, where They can scale huge amounts of damage and just really capitalize on that attack fortune fortune, preserver that you can scale off that to get your health back or you know, regenerate health, but anyways guys, that’s chi, chi. All in a nutshell, really, i hope you guys enjoyed this video, it’s too bad, that her item to ascend is that violet grass, because that’s the most pain in the ass item, to get your game, and that really holds me back so yeah. If you want to use your first support just level up her talents and energy recharge, just throw her in throw out her abilities and you’re going to be scaling massive healing, and you don’t even have to invest that much into her, but anyways hope this was helpful. Hope you guys enjoyed this video and we will see you in the next one.

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