Quest – Search for the book’s elemental marks ? Genshin Impact


before starting I ask you to like this video to give your opinion or make some questions in the comments and of course to subscribe both again you didn’t and activate the bell so guys the quest after talked to woman practically will give you the class to look for the book you have to just come in front at the entrance you see this here the entrance is go to select here the eye I have already done it for problems it was not video recording match however, here in front of it will pop up a kind of violet light and you will have to just pick it up and and you will have completed the quest at this point it starts the second part of the quest you see that we are here out same speech had to go to select the eye and you see that over there a purple thing appears as we get closer they should collect here he is gods testoni to introduce you not safe go man then also here third part we go where is the yellow sign and let’s go use the eye there it is over there the party more or less here to find them yet when i see often we see mantua highlight here it is and musp in you buy therefore at this point it will open to you this crack in the rock and you’ll have to go inside

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