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Raiden Shogun Build Guide DPS/Support Emblem of Severed Fate, Artifacts Weapons 2.1 Genshin Impact


Hey everyone how’s it going today, grunty gaming and in this video we’re going to be going over the electro arc on the ride and shogun different, builds, artifacts weapons, etc. Different options. You can explore for different types of builds, but before i go over that, i’m going to be going over her gameplay what she actually does, what her skills do and everything like that, because if you don’t understand that, then what i discuss with her builds won’t make Much sense, so there is a lot of footage out there of her skills already. So i encourage you to go watch that, but i can’t show that, because i’ll get copyright strike big time um, it’s not officially released yet so i can’t show it, but i encourage you to watch it. Go look up her skills, but, to summarize what she does is she acts as an electro battery while doing insane electro damage simultaneously?

She is meant to be played like this. You use her burst. She go in her katana stance. She will not only do a ton of electro damage, but she will act as a battery for your whole team collecting energy for them. When you switch out, then you use your e skill.

She will summon an eye it’ll, be similar to oz or like betto’s alt, where you switch out, but it stays and it’ll continue to do electro damage and act as this nice support buff for the rest of your team. Now, as you proceed to use all of your teams, but like bursts, let’s say you switch an event to use his bursts. Youngly use his burst. Mona use her burst every time you use another teammate’s burst, the ryden shogun will gain resolve. That’Ll increase her damage on her next burst attempt.

Then, when you switch back into the ryden shogun, you know you could pop off her e-skill again use her burst, do insane damage, but she will do even more damage now because you gained resolve from the other teammates. The irony is, she will continue, then, to charge your enemy or charge your team’s energy again and again, so she gains attack power from your teammates bursts when they’re used, but she also charges their bursts in her own burst move. Does that make sense? So, basically, she’s going to create an endless loop of death. It’S going to be glorious, she’s, going to charge your whole team’s energy and then, when you use your team’s energy she’s going to gain attack power from that energy and then continue to charge it again.

It’S going to be it’s going to be a great. I can’t wait, so that is how the character essentially works. Her e skill transfers over like oz, her burst, is going to be insane so now that we know how she works. Let’S go into the artifacts and weapons all that stuff. Now i know i didn’t show really any number statistics on like how the character works, but i just want to go over like the basics of how she’s gon na work in gameplay, so that you have a rough idea of how she’s meant to be played.

So the emblem of sever fate: artifacts, that’s an obvious choice. You get that 20 energy recharge buff and you get you know. Increased elemental burst damage by 25 of your energy recharge maximum of 75 percent when they release a new artifact set. It usually goes with the new characters similar to 1.5 when they release the pale flame and the tendency of the milliliter that those two sets were released.

The same time you learned jungling’s rerun, so it was a no-brainer. What those artifact sets were made for this set was made for the ryden shogun and the other set was made for joy mia. So obviously you know this is a no-brainer set. There are other options, but let’s explore this one first, i would recommend going with a electro damage cup um right now. The best um timepiece i have is a attack percent one with the decent crit damage and energy recharges substat.

I’M not sure if i’m gon na keep this one. I have a decent feather, not the greatest. I haven’t had the best luck to be honest with you, but i’m gon na keep trying. I got some time to keep farming, but i recommend, if you’re gon na, go for this four piece set. Leave your hat piece open.

It’S the easiest of all the pieces to leave open as your fifth slot, because then you can use any artifact you want. So if you’re lacking in crit rate crit damage, you can literally pick your best hat piece for her. That is what i recommend it’s the hardest one to get a good substance on for me anyway. So that’s the one. I always leave open um.

It’S really up to you, though. Ultimately i’m gon na try to have a 50 to 70 crit rate with a 160 to 200 quick damage ratio. Um, i’m gon na have an electro damage cup and you know for the most part, just mainly i guess, focus on energy, recharge and attack percent. I don’t think i’m going to go with a you know: energy, recharge cup or timepiece, or anything like that. I’Ll.

Try to go for energy recharge substance, but i’m not going to go for an energy recharge cup because i’m going to have an energy recharge weapon. So if you don’t go with an energy recharge weapon, then maybe you could go with an energy recharge piece. So you can really pick and choose how you want. I’M not gon na go overkill with energy recharge myself, but if you want to go with an energy recharge cup over an electro cup and an energy recharge weapon, you could try that i don’t think it’ll be a horrible option. I just think i’d rather have that electro, you know damage bonus as well, and you know really, you know, balance crit rate quit damage ratio.

I don’t want those to be awful because i feel like her damage will be very inconsistent then so that’s an obvious. Like first look at her like build that she’s meant to be built with she’s meant to be played as like a sub dps. You know we discuss this switch in and out character, charge your team etc. Now, if you decide you want to use her as a you know, main dps or a burst damage just dps kind of dealer. We have some other options.

You can go depending on the weapon you have. Maybe you want to have a two-piece emblem of severed fate. Two-Piece thunders thunders fury to get that electro damage bonus with an electro cup for ultimate electro damage in her burst mode. Um, it’s an option. You can run uh personally, unless you have insane sub stats for this specific set.

I don’t think i’d recommend it depending on the weapon you have uh. If anything, i would probably go with a two-piece noble set for that burst, damage guarantee of 20 and the electro damage bonus with an electro cup. I’D consider doing that if i had good crit rate crit damage and if you wanted guaranteed insane burst, electro damage as a main dps character or a burst dps, um, energy, recharges and weapons and obvious. But we’ll go over that in a second um other than this or the emblem of severed fate. I wouldn’t really go with a four piece: uh noble set.

I mean it’s an option uh, because you get all that burst. Buff and anytime she’s in her sword stand she’ll be in her burst, so she’ll do a lot of damage, but i just don’t see why you’d want to go with the four piece nope set uh. I just feel like you’ll be lacking so much energy recharge and her energy cost for her burst is 90

It’S the highest we’ve ever had so you’re gon na probably need a battery to run this with her, like you know, official or something. The irony is that she’ll charge your whole team’s energy, but she also needs to charge her own energy and, if you’re running this set, there’s a good chance, you’re running a pole arm with you know, crit rater crit damage substance, so this set could be potentially lethal. I’M gon na try it, but for a more consistent you know build.

I wouldn’t really recommend it and the thunder soother could be good on a full electro team, but you wouldn’t be your main dps. Then kaching would be or someone like that so yeah. Those are some options so for weapons, though um the grass cutters light is her main signature weapon um, that’s a no-brainer, but that’s if you decide to go for it, the more realistic free-to-play option is the catch the new poll arm coming out. I believe this will be an event weapon. You can get at refine rank five increases, your elemental burst damage by 16 elemental, bursts crit by six percent.

That’S going to be awesome and you can refine it so it’ll be even better um. That seems like a no-brainer to me and you’ll be able to refine it, so those sub stats will be even stronger. Deathmatch isn’t a horrible option either for crit rate really high crit rate, actually, the primary jade spear or the black cliff pull for crit damage uh. I would recommend having really good energy recharge in your sub stats and an energy recharge cup if you’re going to go this route, but i do think having a good balance of crit and energy recharge will be the optimal for damage output for the electro archon, but Going for full, full full uh energy recharge is going to be her more consistent play for the sub dps role. I wouldn’t go with the fuvonius lance, because i don’t really care for the um, the special ability that comes with it.

I don’t think it complements her at all. So, ultimately, i’d go with that free to play new poll arm, that’s coming out. Um and i’d go with the four piece emblem severed fate. Unless you have horrible artifact rolls, then try the two piece with the two-piece thunders. Fury or the you know, two-piece thunder, fury, two-piece noble set, but you’re gon na need some energy recharge in your sub stats in one of your artifacts or your weapon.

If you run full energy recharge, then if you have the four piece emblem or severed fate, at least you’re gon na get that potential 75 bonus damage based off of your you know your energy plus having electro damage in there somewhere, i think, is going to be Pretty important and don’t forget, she’s gon na gain attack power from every time your teammates use their burst she’s going to gain resolve. Now. Let me just lay something out here for you like. I think this character is going to be ridiculous. Pretend that beto is the electro archer right now.

Look at this team come basically you’re going to have eula, which is insane you’re gon na have the electro archon bennett and ching cho, so you put in the electro archon, you use your burst. You do tons of damage. You then put your eye on switch to bennett. Put your burst on put ching cho’s burst on put yoola in put her burst on. Let her just run rampant with that ion and she’ll do tons of damage and euless burst is ridiculous.

Then you switch back into the ride and shogun put her burst on, and she’s gon na gain, all that resolve and eula would’ve. If, whatever eula didn’t already kill the ryan, shogun’s gon na have that you know resolve damage, uh built up, put her burst on and she’s gon na finish clean up and then she’s gon na charge your whole team’s energy again. This is just one scenario like this character is going to be unbelievably good. I cannot wait to test this character out honestly, so that is just one scenario. I can’t wait to try um, but there’s like a million different scenarios, you could run there.

You know different supports um things like that she’s gon na be able to charge your whole team’s burst, so the the amount of versatility and options that the ryden shogun’s gon na have on any team. No matter what build you do is gon na be insane whether you go for a dps, build though, or a you know, sub dps is really up to you. I think this character is gon na have a lot of versatility. It’S gon na be a lot of fun. She’S gon na she’s, going to be essential on, like any team she’s on, so i’m gon na wrap the video up there.

I do hope this was helpful to give you guys a perspective of how to build her at the end of the day. You know if you commit on one artifact set, there’s nothing saying you can’t swap it around down the line and try new shadow like you’re. Not set on one artifacts that once you commit like you, can switch it around so try different things, see what works best for you, and on that note guys, i do hope you enjoyed the video. Let me know you think in the comments and on that note we will see you in the next video [ Music ] later [ Applause ], you

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