Raiden Shogun & Xiao Swirl Jean & Sara Team Comp Genshin Impact VS Floor 12 Spiral Abyss 9 Stars


Hey how’s, everyone doing today, grunty gaming and i’m just very excited to make this video. I’M running zhao been using him a lot lately with the ryden shogun. As i know, they make an awesome duo in this game and then i’m running gene with them as stability and healing and support swirl and kujo, sara to buff the ryden, shogun and zhao as well. I guess so for xiao’s stats, they’re, pretty solid for crit rate and damage i’m running black cliff with them. I have a lot of success with this weapon more than the primal jade spear actually and then two-piece glad two-piece animal with an animal cup um ryden shogun.

Of course, the emblem severed fate with some crit damage and an energy recharge sands. I’M trying to get the full 300 energy recharge with the catch and then for jean i’m running a full animal set just to add that extra stability and swirl with her signature weapon. This team is very glass cannony, so i feel like she compliments it well and then kujo sara four piece emblem as well with electro damage cup stringless bow. I just feel like it boosts her. You know already pretty good burst and c6.

You could also run a two-piece emblem: two-piece noble, set with cujo, sara too that’d, probably even be better, but whatever we’re gon na try this out see how it goes and i’m looking forward to it before we go to the abyss. I’M just gon na see. If i can kill these four things before they start spinning out and kill me, i also might have to swap out cujo sara for someone in the abyss, because electro is weakened in the abyss right now, so electro full swirl won’t be. It will not be very good okay, oh my goodness am i gon na get stomped out right now or like i. I might be able to kill these things fast enough, so they don’t kill me.

Let’S try it get kudos burst, go shogun, go shogun! No! He’S spinning out already – oh my god. Oh that was decent damage. 83K took two of them out.

Come on zhao get the swirl damage. Go, oh he’s. Gon na die. I had to switch okay, let’s pop gene off here all right. We got three of them dead that fast wow, all right, that was fun.

That was pretty fun. I honestly thought they might stomp me out before i could kill them, because these guys are like glass cannons, so jean kind of blends everyone together. Alright, so let’s see what we can do in the abyss, let’s see here, uh energy recharge, i feel like i have so much of that. Already, though, like my cool down just gon na be sitting there waiting, try this anyways we’ll see how this goes. We can always retry it.

You know stage, one went really well. So let’s see how stage two goes. Oh get the first going shogun decent, not the best damage. I probably should have had more resolve built up, but whatever got ta kill four enemies. So i got ta kill these two guys.

Hopefully xiao doesn’t bite the dust right now when i’m i’m going to be fighting senora after the abyss. So zhao’s bleed mechanics going to be horrendous versus the crimson witch we’ll see, though i don’t know damn it. This has to be a hydro mage that sucks but zhao. Anyone that owned zhao knows that when he’s in his burst mode like he cracks shield, pretty fast he’s not really known for that, but he like even against enemies that resist him. He does really well in his burst.

I don’t know why i’ve never had a problem with him that stupid hilly troll’s got his [ __ ] shield up, though so that doesn’t help mona pop her first shogun. Let’S go okay, he’s dead, okay, we’re breaking pretty good time, not really trying to go for like nine stars, but we’ll see what we can do. Maybe we can pull it off. I got eula on the other side, so i’m pretty sure she’s going to be able to as a triple crown character. Oh yeah, oh, i think we’re going to be good 20 seconds.

This guy’s a beefy beefy unit, though they should have more bosses than a zuma that are samurai like this. I do like this guy, i feel like they should have more like walking around, though, or should i have two of the overworld bosses like that more samurai, i don’t know i just feel like they could do more with that gimmick all right. Three stars: okay, uh! This one sucks, because if xiao goes into his burst mode against a ruin hunter, he will fly in the sky and start shooting down missiles at you. That is one thing to know as a zhao main or anyone that has zhao.

If you go in your burst mode against these idiots, they will fly into the sky and just rain down fire on you and you can’t even attack them unless you have a bow user. So i kind of forced to not use zhao until i kill this thing, which is fine, i just need to pop mona’s burst and then maybe the shogun can, you know really just kill him, quick, okay, good! I was worried. He might move last minute. These things.

Just tend to just zip around the map, and then you miss your attacks. Okay, we’ll be good. We’Re not even well we’re over 40 seconds now so we’ll see these things aren’t that tanky, so we should be able to kill them pretty quick. I just wish they would clump together. Better all right.

Do your stuff, joe all right yeah. It would have been nice to use kujo, sara and the abyss, but mona’s a better fit for the abyss right now, because you know, electro is pretty weakened on the first few floors and i wanted to actually see how good i could do with this team, though Y’All was kind of bleeding out there come on. You know, get this going too bad. We can’t okay, i feel uh did we get them all? No, now that i think about it, i’ve never gotten full nine stars in the abyss with zhao.

This would be the first time doing it with zhao. I’Ve never done it before. Maybe we’re in a minute and a half ooh it’ll be close. My other team is pretty stacked, so i think we might get it. My other team is a pure credit card team purest of the credit cards.

Oh 16, 15

They all got pretty big health, but eula’s got a crown verse right now i don’t know ooh, we got it, wait what okay, what the [ __ ] i zipped out of it. I pressed a button. Maybe i was getting anxious. Oh yeah! We got it right on.

I didn’t actually clear it nine stars, yet this run when it reset all right. That was the first time i’ve ever done it with zhao. That’S cool really do like xiao and the ride show gun together, they’re, very fun and very good. Okay, zhaowa’s bleed mechanics gon na suck with the freeze and heating up it’s gon na be annoying. If it wasn’t for gene on this team, he’d be dead pretty fast, i’m not gon na lie.

Maybe if i could just kill her fast enough but yeah. My xiao is not that good. I don’t even have a talent for zhao past eight. I think his skills only at six still, i really kind of stopped using them after 1.4.

So i want to get them to friendship. 10.

That was pretty good, so far, zhao’s uh skill might be perfect for jumping over these whoa wrong way. Buddy you trying to get yourself killed what the [ __ ] is wrong with you. All right now is where it’s going to get interesting.

Gene is going to be critical in this part, so let’s get that resolved as high as we can all right chunk of damage out nah that wasn’t that good. That was pretty underwhelming uh. I need to get better crit and i need to refine my catch. That is what i need to do. I got ta refine rank two, i’m tempted to pull on the rhyme shogun’s like five-star weapon banner, but i just it’s such a scam that i just don’t want to she’s already got a perfect free to play.

I don’t need it: okay, just hang in there. Okay, he is he’s like the oddest character, because he is a lot of fun, but he’s also very straightforward. You’Re just doing plunge attacks, but it is oddly satisfying, especially with, like you know, a full animal team or like littler enemies when they’re just flopping around and they’re just annihilating everything. It really disrupts everything it’s great too, when you need those abyss, mages are trying to, like you know, restock their shield, actually yeah. That was kind of i kind of did that by accident there, but zhao’s uh skills perfect for jumping over the heat on this part.

Whoa tornado jumped right on me. That’S one thing i hate about senora. She moves around so much like sit. The [ __ ], still [ __ ] his resolve is full, though what a [ __ ] there we go should be good to go yeah. We got it god she moves around so much.

It’S so annoying all right. Well, too bad we can’t get more drops. I really need those i need them. I want to get the burst crowned all right. Let’S go kill.

This mecca thing. This one thing is like it’s weird once the shogun’s gon na be so good once she can go to like you know the hydro dendro pyro region, she’s gon na have so many reactions. My resolve is filled already. Okay, that’s good to know! Oh my god.

I’M gon na die big chunks, yeah. That was good. That was a good that might have been a crit. I don’t know that was a good hit for a support character. Let’S go people say the shogun’s, no good, like give me a break worthless.

All right that resolve is almost filled again. That’S awesome! Oh yeah! I forgot forgot about this part. I haven’t fought this thing since i was farming for ayaka.

Actually so just realized that this team, even though it’s full electro swirl, it almost looks like you – got kujo sara and the ryan shogun representing inazuma, and it’s like rex lapis sent you know his most powerful agent zhao and the knights of avonia sent their leader. You know gene he got a representative from like leo and monsta with the ryan shogun and the ride shogun’s most trusted ally, that’s kind of cool, a little bit of a theme team on two levels. If you think about it all right, damn come on where’s the energy at. I really wanted to use one of their bursts to finish them off. Doesn’T matter surprisingly enough, i actually thought xiao’s burst, cost 80 damage, but it only cost 70.

Can’T be denied, though, whether you like joe or not, he has one of the coolest attack animations and bursts in the game. It looks badass all right, so i’m gon na wrap the video up there guys. Thank you so much for watching. This is a really fun team comp, for you know the ride and shogun and because zhao is going to have a re-run at some point, he’s one of the next few in line to get one and because it looks like we’re gon na be going back to Lee away and we’re gon na have a few more. You know patches where it’s a little bit of down time waiting for the dendro region, there’s a good chance.

He makes a reappearance. So if, if you’re looking to pull for this character, he is a lot of fun, he can be extremely strong and you know if you did get the ryan shogun. I feel he pairs really well with her. So on that note hope you guys enjoyed this video and we will see you in the next one later: [, Music, ], hey [, Music, ],

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