Raiden Shogun & Yoimiya Overload Team Comp Genshin Impact VS Spiral Abyss


Hey how’s everyone doing today, grunty gaming and in this video we’re going to be covering the ryden shogun pairing up with joy, mia on a few different team. Comps mia running two-piece glad two-piece crimson witch with scoured harp uh with a really good crit rate to crit damage ratio and the shogun with her four emblem: severed fate with her signature, polearm, the catch, and one thing i love about this character – is that she has A 100 uptime on her skill so that joey mia can just spam overload, which is so much fun, quite surprised how much i love pairing these two together actually and i feel like yo mia skills up a lot uh. They just feed really well off each other and i like using them with sucrose and bennett, which i’m going to do once. I hit the abyss, but i just love that you can have constant overload and i know that there’s a lot of negativity surrounding the shogun. So i dare say i love this character, she’s everything i thought she would be.

The only thing i really don’t care for is the fact that i thought she would recharge your energy for your team a little bit quicker, but it’s still really good and if played correctly and used the way she’s meant to be, she can be so deadly. So without further ado, let’s just get right into her. Alright, so let’s tackle floor 12 to start and then we’ll go from there. Maybe we’ll go backwards. This time start with the final floor first and i do like using her with sucrose and bennett.

One really nice thing about bennett is bennett, obviously buffs. You know i got c6 better so that buffs join me as pyro a lot. But one thing is the ryan shogun in her burst. She can override c6 bennett. So it doesn’t really affect me that much that i screwed up that bad.

You know using her sixth constellation. That’S one really good positive um i feel like bennett, goes really well with the shogun. The shogun’s meant to be a sub dps. Whether people are using her as a just pure support or dps – i don’t know, but from my experience, she’s not meant to be played that way. I feel like she’s more optimal as a sub dps secondary, burst damage, dealer and the more energy your team has to use their burst.

The better she’ll be as long as you use her burst. Typically, the last. Sometimes you know due to circumstance like right now. I i could have used doing a mia’s burst first, which would be more optimal but uh. The more bursts you use before her own, the better she’ll, be, and i feel, like she recharges your team’s energy fast enough that you can just have that [ __ ] ready to go pretty well.

The minute you use it like bennett’s burst will probably be at most the video. Hopefully, hopefully i don’t eat my words now we got ta focus on these samurai, because these guys are complete [, __ ] that will heal each other. If one goes down, so i got ta try to kill them at the same time. This isn’t the best team for that uh, because joey me has very chip damage in the shogun as well in her burst. Although the shogun’s initial damage is in that first slash, he doesn’t have burst, but we’ll have bennett’s burst up a lot.

Um we’ll put yo mia’s now uh the shogun should be ready to go soon. I should use sucrose first. There we go, we’ll try to get bennett’s burst back up because it’s almost ready to go again now we’ll get the shogun. Let’S see what we can do boom nice overload. We executed that one come on come on.

Yes, we got it all right. I didn’t want him to revive. Oh, my all right final stage. Let’S go then we’ll do floor 11. Maybe maybe we’ll do senora again too.

Oh people put yo in first, i didn’t want to use the shoguns quite yet i’m going to save it. There we go. I should have actually used it a lot sooner now that i think about it, because i would have been able to benefit from bennett a lot more. I do feel like a lot of people. Compare these characters too often, rather than see how well they can work together, see so many people like why pull for the shogun.

If you could just use bennett, why not use them together, they’re insanely, good together they have such good synergy. You could pair any dps with these characters like ganyu, hutao yoimia. You know zhao yula like there’s so many characters, main dps’s, especially that’ll synchronize, so well with having both bennett and the shogun. Your energy cost is gon na, be you know not even that much of a big deal considering that your energy is gon na, be you know up all the time and because your scale has 100 uptime you’re, getting constant elemental reactions with electrodes, which might not seem Like a big deal, but you know that adds up and the fact that it’s always on the field and if you’re wondering for co-op uh, your teammates will also get that reaction. Buff as well.

Um wow, okay got one dead, two more come on put bennett up here, i’m gon na sucrose’s burst and we’ll just run away with the shogun. Oh see, that’s that initial slash where you get the bulk of your damage and i love that bennett doesn’t override. I love that shogun can actually just take priority in and it’s burst. That’S such a game changer. For me, honestly, yo mia was an impulse pull for me and the fact that i ended up loving this character that much besides yula, that is my other favorite character.

To pair the shogun with this is just like a credit card team right now. This is just a stupidly. Assembled team together come on eula’s burst. Can we do this in under three minutes? Oh, what’s left?

Oh man, i’m wasting precious seconds here. Are we gon na get it? Are we going to three star it? Ah, probably not oh. That was close, though i needed to do better there.

Ah five seconds short, oh well, i wasn’t paying attention. I should have been attacking this guy right off the bat okay. Let’S see what we can do here cry away: oh there’s a hydro one too, so i got a watch not to get frozen. Get bennett’s uptime soon get that energy going uh yeah see that i just love using the ryan shogun skill. It’S always there you’re always getting electro um.

Unless you’re fighting an entire electro like abyss floor or a domain um, then it would be pretty useless. It’S always usually pretty helpful, though you know. What sucks, though, is when characters don’t want to stay inside bennett’s circle, and you make me have to leave it, what a waste damn it that’s kind of should i should have saved it. Why didn’t i use that that was stupid? Okay, we’re under a minute still so pop bennett’s alt here for a second and sucrose.

Can we pop your burst real, quick to get that resolved nah? We don’t have enough time we’re running out of time here we got ta, try to keep it under a minute and a half. We should be okay um, but i also want to keep some energy for the next floor. So i’m not going to use any more bursts. Oh [ __ ] come on.

This is not the right way to use the shogun, but whatever i just don’t want to use anyone’s energy. I got full energy for the next round, nice. Okay, all right! Let’S go! What what what is this again?

Oh yeah, the cryo perfect! This is perfect because, yes, i knew why i put moan on the other team pyro one yep, all right, good, chunk damage! There got them about halfway down yeah that initial slash that the shogun does. That’S the peak of her burst damage and then the rest of it is just chip, damage and recharging energy for your team, it’s kind of like jungles meteor. You know it’s like one big attack move that does it just a big bulk damage?

Okay, what the [ __ ], okay, what is going on here? Okay, there we go. I wonder what was going on. We should be good. We got oh we’re, not even a minute past, yet we should be okay, i’m actually curious.

I recently crowned eula’s burst. So i want to see how uh, how fast i can kill that pyro hypostasis, oh yeah, i just forgot. I could do that. I don’t know whether you me and the shogun are optimal together, they’re, just ton of fun, so much fun all right. Let’S see if we can do it, so this is the pain in the ass part.

We got a minute left, let’s see, i don’t know, maybe it’ll crit, but i want to see what a crown burst for eula will do. Okay, so let’s pop it now and we’ll switch out quick boom, not bad. That was fast. Okay, not disappointed with that at all all right time to murder. Senora again, let’s go spoilers um.

A lot of people are saying that dendro is going to be really good with electro. I don’t know where people are getting this information, if that’s leaks, are just completely just [ __ ], but i’m curious to see how they even react together. Is that because, like dendro, is going to be like earth and like nature, no because geo’s earth? So what nature is going to be like grass element how’s, that going to go with electro um? How the hell’s nature element gon na go with electro better than the rest.

I don’t get that at all. I mean i’m sure they’ll create a reaction for it, no doubt, but how that’s gon na go well together, i don’t know yeah i decided to switch uh. My team a little bit, i got jean and shing cho now because everyone said she, you know the rain swords don’t go well with the shogun. That’S [, __ ]! You can totally trigger the rain swords in her burst, got ta avoid those hot spots or those cold spots.

I guess they will be hot spots soon and mia’s perfect for this part of the [ __ ] boss, fight all right. We should kill this crack. This open, then we’re good. I don’t know what do you guys think? Do you think tartalia maxed out in his final form and senor in her final form who’s winning that fight, because we confirmed that scaramucci the balladeer is stronger than both tartalia and senora, probably senora stronger she’s number eight.

I think it goes by their number. I’M gon na be making a video about the harbingers too, because, like you know what the hell’s going on um, we only got three so far, and this game’s been on a year, so they’re gon na have to introduce a new for two harbinger at some point. Okay, so yeah get that skill up like if you’re consciously trying and aware of it, you can literally without question, keep the shogun skill up. 24. 7.

That’S how was that not like viewed as a positive, and i only have her talent at level – six? Oh [, __ ]! I got ta keep dodging these okay, we’re getting close, but yo me is about to die. Whoa whoa whoa slow down, okay, good gene going here. There we go first.

Now we get that max resolve. Let’S go it’s all over now: senora executed for a second time all right: let’s try one more team comp and then i’ll wrap this video up, maybe venti and uh venti, and somebody hmm all right. Just for shits and giggles uh before the video wraps up we’ll try these two with venti and albedo. I’Ve not tried albedo with the shogun yet so this is the first. I have tried benty they go well together.

I just triggered an electro swirl against only electro slime. So that’s unfortunate. Just bad luck, um, there’s a lot of electro enemies. Lately, that’s one negative to the shogun. It’S like kind of sucks.

The entire abyss is like electro right now, mostly so i guess you got some cryo too, but for the most part there’s a lot of electro, let’s see if we can just get at least a 60k burst from the shogun that would be decent. Her initial slash is where you get most of her damage and the more resolve you gain the better it’s going to be. I don’t have that much resolve right now, so uh 45 foul not bad. I do hope you guys enjoyed this video um. I do really love using your mia and the shogun together.

Sorry to hear that a lot of people are disappointed with the shogun. I am not one of those people um, i feel like she’s phenomenal, if used correctly, and how she’s meant to be used, but that’s just me everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but either way you got ta use who you like and who makes this game. You know the most fun and most fulfilling to you so on that note hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what you think in the comments and we will see you in the next video later uh [, Music, ]

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