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Relics of Seirai | World Quests and Puzzles |【Genshin Impact】


Hello guys and welcome back in my channel in this video, i will show you this world request, which you have to do if you want to collect the direct oculus, because these are under the basement to get inside the basement. You have to do this world request. First, you can yeah when you come here for the first time. You will see those three hilly cheers punching a girl. You just have to get close enough and you can see you will get to this.

Uh word request: release of sirai so just navigate, and you have to save her. Basically all right disappear. It’S, oh all, right. I just talked to her okay. I remember this thing.

We have to go to the mechanism. I am supposed to solve this puzzle. Okay, let’s watch the the image again, basically is a w yeah. This is the doublet is the t. This is l, w alt w lt w alt activate it start wrt huh.

Let me see because this one is that one but where’s the w okay here so w uh. This is the t. L p, okay, after you did this one yeah you can get inside to the basement, get inside the basement. There’S another dialogue up and basically yeah the electrocute is here but uh yeah. I will keep it in fact.

If you don’t do this word request, you can’t get inside anyways. Now, just um start one wlt, they say done. We can do t w l t w r or [ Music ] just from this one from that one to a circle. Now we did, it did the mechanical change again. Okay, let me check wrtw alt tw, okay, a second time you just have to start from this corner now: pwr [, Music ].

Here we go, there’s the treasure. Okay, she will open the chest, so you can’t do anything. There is a page as well talk to her. We have to go out first, okay, after this skip go again guys come on, go faster work faster again. Oh my god!

Now fat, we all right. Ah, that’s just to go faster run, run run. Please don’t stop again, okay, that that is the camp. No one! Is there anymore right now?

No, it’s just a cat bruh! Also i’m here with you why you’re scared – and here we go 50. Prime jumps – really really easy. Okay, guys! That’S all for this video thanks for watching hope.

This video helped you and see you in the next one bye,

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