RETURN of Kid Kujirai!!! | Kid Kujirai’s Temaria Game | World Quests and Puzzles |【Genshin Impact】


Hello guys and welcome back in my channel in this video, i will show you this um uh, the new part, the part two of them kid, the kujirai, our brokujira, who gives uh, give us some really good, chests. Basically um. They are the two new kid gujiri position. One is here at the day, watasumi island and the one is here at the siri island. Basically just a teleporter here to this riverway point and go toward this direction.

You can find the first. Could you right here, brokujirai, not kida? Whoever gives me primo. Gems is a bra, so gujirai is um. Okay, here’s the first one talk to him want to play.

Temari! Yes, let’s play tomorrow: okay, the first one just follow me on your left side, jump down here and go take this uh electrogram to fly to the top side is basically here on this part. Here we go, i told the kid. Could you again the second one is pretty far away so must be careful, follow my steps go toward this teleporter door and go inside it. It will turn you into this eye.

You will go basically top side once you’re here. Take the electrogram here and keep a fly. It’S just here. Okay, now, the last one: let’s go, okay, this time at your left side again or just go toward this electrogram again, and that one is basically there you can see it but to be rich there. Take this electrogram right to here and keep fly, be careful to don’t take the bottom side one or you will fall down here.

We go and he will give you a pressure chest and you can uh yeah play tomorrow here as well. All right! Let’S take it! No, i don’t want to play anymore with you, bye, bye. I took the chest so now i go away okay with this one done, let’s go to the next one.

Next one is here at the sierra idle iceland once you’re here just to go toward this direction. Downside here you will see our broccoli right, yeah, let’s play temari okay, this time all the tree balls are the underground. So the first one is just here. Go downside right to here. Let’S do here!

This one is pretty easy. Let’S play the second game. The second game: we need to take the electrogram so just to come here, downside again, let’s take the electrogram here now. What are you doing? Okay and go toward that barrier?

You can see it yesterday here, let’s go inside and go ball here we go last. One is really simple: no tricks just downside here on the bottom fly to this location is here charge attack. You can see it. This time is really simple from him and we will get to this chest all right. Bye-Bye could you ride and that’s all there are no more kujirai’s here anymore, maybe on the last island she he will appear again one more time but yeah.

This is the last time the last one. So that’s all guys for this video hope. This video helped you to find to get those two new pressure chests thanks for watching and see you in the next video bye.

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