Rinzou’s Treasure! | Watatsumi Island Oni Mark | World Quests and Puzzles |【Genshin Impact】


Hello guys and welcome back in my channel in this video, i will show you this um. It’S really like the location of all the spots where you can find the treasure the be right to treasure. Let’S call it like this. Basically, before starting the this hiding mission, you have to come to this place basically come to this deliberate waypoint and come here once you get to here, just work toward this direction and go inside this cave and inside this cable. You will find this knot.

There’S your holders or not: let’s read it all right now. I will show you one by one all day location but at the end, yeah. If you come here to this position and you come back to the tunnel, you will get a pressure chest but yeah before doing that. Let’S uh, let’s hunt every point first, so let’s start um yeah, let’s start from this one! So later we do this root and go there so go to this dripper waypoint.

You immediately see the first one here we’ll find the common chest after that, just to jump down for the other one right here, but this one is already digged by the treasure holder. So after those two you have to go this way. You can just teleport back here and work to there. Okay, once you’re here just go toward this side, and the treasure is just here when you come here just to fly from there to there on this. On this street, once you’re here, you have to dig on this spot.

So let me clear those up here. We go after this one. Let’S go to this one at the stator, seven behind you. Let’S go jump down okay, not to here, yet you go downside and you will see to the mark. You can dig and get the chest.

The next point is here so to get this one. Let’S teleport to here come down just uh here this one is already good anyways, okay, after you triggered, then dialogue will go to this direction. Okay, once you’re here on this waterfall, be careful. It’S right there. You will see it okay here!

Oh you got this one. Don’T care about these and let’s go to this one so teleport to this ever waypoint and just uh and just to go, you can see it is uh right there. This one is digged as well, but let’s go there to trigger by monster dialogue. Okay, after this one, let’s go here under this spot and you can see that this one is uh. Look as well now just go to uh in front of you, [ Music ] once you’re here you have to defeat those enemies all right once you kill them.

You have to open this chest and once you and if you read the rinzo’s letter, there is a longer story telling that uh he when he was shy, how he become a pirate and sauna treasure hoarder. You can go back to this thunder, so this is the cave. Once you get there, you will, you will be able to dig digging. You will get to this chest. If you open it, you will complete an achievement as well, which is distances uh treasure, and we will get a ringtone signal as well.

So that’s all guys um for this uh hide and basically hide and know world request. Thanks for watching and see you in the next video bye,

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