SAVE Resin + 300 PRIMOGEMS Genshin Impact | Pure VALUE Farm Event | Star of Deceitful Dreams


I have seen a ton of misinformation floating around about the star of deceitful dreams. Part two, the second part of the event that star is official about what it is. You guys should be farming. What it is you guys need to be doing. Do you need to be spending the rest and how much running are you saving we’ll be tackling all that stuff guys for you right here today? The things you need to do and what you’re gon na be getting from it as well as what you should be buying from the shop so first things.

First after you’ve done the unknown star part one you’ll be on star of deceitful dreams. You’Ll have a storyline quest to play through and then you’ll get to this part where you can talk to mona and she will show you different meteoric deposits that you can go and use resin on now. I’Ve seen a lot of players say: i’m not spending resident on this. You have to spend resid on this. Okay, it’s not something that you could just go and not spend resin on. But how much resin are you spending and how much do you need to spend and what are you getting out of it guys? So when you talk to mona, she will show you these different uh deposits, the different strike zones on the map. This is where you guys could be doing these new daily events.

You can do these a whole bunch of times per day, each of them costs 20 resin. Why are you doing these, though? Well, if you go ahead, you look at the actual part of the second event, the start of deceitful dreams. You will have a star of deceitful dreams, tally of how many different areas you’ve salvaged. You can go all the way up to 30 areas, salvage now. The first form of misinformation – i’ve seen – is that you don’t have to actually claim these to get this tallied up. That is false.

You have to actually claim the rewards to get these tallied up with that being said, if you want the resin in the primo gems um from this event, you want to spend that resin for the primo gems in the mora here, as well as some of the Talent items you need to do that, and it’s definitely worth doing it, because not only do you get rewards from this, you will also get rewards from actually spending that resin. This event, guys is about getting you prepared for the long haul of leveling up your secondary team for the abyss, all the up to abyss. 412. So you start working on your other characters. I know there’s a lot of cool stuff to be spending res on out. There, world, boss, monsters, artifacts weapon materials, but this event is all about the ability to actually get some exp at a good rate for your team. So we have the event shop here, and this is what you’re gon na be getting from. Turning in that resin you’re gon na be getting the fading of stars might from the second part of the event shop.

Now you are gon na have the ability to spend it on the fragments of the different elemental colors. Here, what we’re looking at, though we’re looking at two things specifically we’re looking at heroes wits. This is the way to gain a lot of exp 20 000 exp per book. The other thing that you can look at here is the mora. You can get 2.5 million more as well as 150 heroes with books. If you want to, you can also go ahead and purchase the adventurous experience. This is the same conversion rate as the hero’s writ. Why? Because the heroes wit gives you 20 000 exp for four of the event currency. The adventures experience gives you 5 000 exp for one of the event currencies so for every four heroes with you can buy, which gives 20 000 exp. You can also buy four adventures. Experience so they both give you 20 000 exp for four of the fading of stars, and might so if you want to empty out the shop it’s gon na be for the adventures experience the heroes wit in the mora. I would not worry about the topaz fragments the jade frags, the turquoise fragrance. You guys can get this stuff after the event is done from the world bosses out there.

You guys gon na, be fighting the hypostasises and uh the wrenches vines all of those things. You’Re gon na be able to gain this easy access later on focus on this stuff right now. Now, on top of that, guys is this actually worth while you do get the wits? You do get the adventure experience books tomorrow, but how much just are you guys benefiting from spending your resin on the salvage meteorite coors event? So, as you can see here for me, recommended party level 75, if i do choose this difficulty, i am going to get 45 of the fading stars. Might this is the event currency? This lets us buy up to 11 stacks of more, which is like 110 000 mora. I can buy 11 purple exp books. I could buy 45 blue exp books for 20 resin. Also, on top of that, keep in mind that we are also fulfilling part of the event as well, which is going to be the reconcile stars event that we’ve talked about here so i’ll, be fulfilling and tallying these up. Every five that we do we’re gon na be getting 30 primo, gems, 20, 000, more as well, some talent level up materials.

So how does that compare uh, math wise to what you get normally in against an impact from something like the ley line? So if you look at the moral lay line, amoral ley line for me right now, world rank 6 for 20. Resin gets me 60 000 mora. We can get 110 000 mora just from doing the meteorite salvage event and turning all of our event, currency from that one run into maura there. So a little bit under half of the benefit a little bit under double the benefit there, so very strong, and then the exp ley line here the blossom of revelation. This gives you six to seven blue books. We can buy 45 if we want to, from one run or four to five purple books. We can buy eleven, so this is twice as benefits from the uh, the the blay line of outcropping here so doing. The new event is giving you over two times the benefit of running the actual ley line outcropping for the exp book. So if you are focused on not cleaning out the entire shop, you want to get the most of benefit from what you’re doing and impact here. With this event, then, you are definitely going to want to do the event and clean out the exp books. First, if you’re worried about exp for loving up your characters for the abyss, that’s what you’re going to be focusing on that’s going to give you the best resin return, comparing what you can do now with what you compare yourself with what you can get from the Ley lines themselves or you can come back in and clean out the entire thing and after you’ve done that, then you’ll be good to go, but also there’s one last thing that you guys should not forget.

There is a second part to the meteoric wave event. We have the unknown star one here. You gain access to this by clicking on the meteoric wave symbol down here, while you’re looking at the event screen scroll down and you will have the star of deceitful dreams. This will unlock uh three new world quests. For you guys to go out there, and do so yes go out here and do these. These are going to give you a little bit of spading stores might as well as some more primo gems and make sure that you’re using your res in the next couple of days to do this new salvage event. You want to do it. This is a lot of primo gems, for you guys be picking up.

This is 180 primo gems, as well as 120 000 mora on top of all of the event currency. You guys will be getting that you can turn into even more and more up to 2.5 million maura or a whole bunch of exp books between the blue ones, as well as the purple ones. This is the event for you guys to save up on this stuff. Take a break from farming artifacts, take a break from farming, weapon, materials and talent, materials take a break from all that stuff get the exp stuff, because this is the best time we’ve ever had to gain access to exp for your characters and maura as well. So go ahead and do that and earn those premium gems. At the same time, hopefully, we cleared up a little bit of that controversial disinformation out there.

If you guys want to see more stuff on gunship impact, make sure you send this to your friends or tell them about it, say: hey man get out there farm that maura up use that resin for right. Now it’s only going to take you a couple of days if you start right away to finish up most of that shop there and finish up these salvage emissions here, make sure you do all 30 of them with that being said guys, thank you. So much for spending that time here today and i’ll see you guys in the next one take care guys.

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