SECRET Anniversary Events and Rewards For Genshin Impact!?


Hey everyone mtash here, and i really hope that this conspiracy is true. I’Ve got my tinfoil hat on and i hope that i’m right, but could we be getting a bunch of free wishes or potentially characters or weapons, or some extra rewards for the anniversary that we don’t know about yet now i got this email from gentian impact and I’M reading the text and i had to read it a couple times because in my brain mihoya was saying that we know nothing about the anniversary. We do not know what is coming and there is more to come now. The reason i say that is because it says to thank all of you for your constant love and support. In the past year we have prepared various anniversary events alongside new game content that will be revealed one after another, as the anniversary approaches.

Now that’s still two weeks away, but that means that it hasn’t been revealed yet. So that means that the live stream they did you know a couple fridays ago. They didn’t reveal what we’re getting for the anniversary. They are giving us 10 free wishes, but this is just a daily login event. This is not the anniversary event.

If that text is true – and you know, people have been complaining about the daily logins for a long time on genji and we don’t hardly get any daily login stuff, maybe they’re just throwing us a bone and giving us 10 free wishes to make up for it. And maybe this is something they’ll do long term. I understand that they’re doing the top up bonus refresh, but this says version update content. It does not say anniversary content. This is just something that they’re doing for the 2.

release and inazuma. Maybe they’ll do something like this again for the next region, because obviously they want you to spend money and giving you top-up bonuses. Does that. But i don’t think that this is how they’re going to celebrate, and i know that a lot of people were mad because they’re, like 10 wishes, that’s it and a top-up bonus. We have to spend more money.

That doesn’t seem very anniversary like for a gotcha game. I know that i’ve played a game called guardian tales and they gave out like a hundred free summons, that’s essentially a guaranteed or multiple guaranteed unique units right if they gave out 100 wishes in genchen, you’re guaranteed one s rank character, but i don’t think that a Hundred wishes is going to break the game. There’S multiple constellations, you need for multiple characters and in order to get everyone you’d need like 40, 000 you’d need thousands upon thousands upon thousands of wishes to get constellations on a bunch of these characters. Maybe you need more than that. I don’t even know uh depending on your luck, but i think that there is more to come and if that’s the case awesome, we know that there’s a bunch of free, primo, gems and resources from doing all the different events in game, but they’re saying that it Hasn’T been revealed yet and it’s coming alongside all those events, and so i have a feeling – and i hope i’m right – i pray i’m right that we will get either some characters for free or a character for free, maybe some weapons, maybe just some free wishes, but It seems like something is coming and i don’t know exactly when it’ll be, but maybe this week we’ll start getting a reveal.

I got a bunch of emails from genjin. This one was nine hours ago, but but they’re really they’re really emailing me 11 hours ago. They sent another one here. I think this is the exact same email, but but they’re spamming me boys with gentian emails. I think they want to get it in people’s minds.

Hey you might want to come back to the game, but i have a feeling they’re going to drop some big news here soon. I hope i really hope, but what do you guys think? I know that most people are mad about the 10 wishes or or not mad, but they’re, just not that impressed with these wishes in this reset. I know i wasn’t like hyped it. Just it just seems like they’re, really cheesy and stingy on the wishes, but you can spend six months getting from ar 57 to 58 and you get one wish.

That’S that’s kind of that’s kind of terrible like very terrible and again i you know i don’t wan na. I don’t wan na hype up rage, shot of legends too much. I know people roast raid shadow legends, but i do play it from time to time and their daily logins are like at 180 days. You get a free, uh, legendary champion and then at 270 you get another free, legendary champion and they’re good they’re, not they’re, not chi, chi, they’re, they’re, good characters, uh overall and uh. I don’t know it just feels like gentian impact.

It’S like we’re. Gon na give. You one tomato and we’re gon na give you a chicken wing and we’re gon na give you 5 000 mora you’d better like it. No one watched 5000 maura wow, i mean i i wouldn’t mind some more. I wouldn’t mind a couple more i’d.

Like a lot. More, i really hope that we get maybe a choice of a five-star character. They’Ve done it in their other game, they’ve done it in uh, hong kai impact. They give you this egg for an s-rank unit, and i i think that in a game like this, especially with multiple constellations and in uh hunkai impact, where you can get, you know, s-rank s-s-rank, sss, whatever they understand that you want or need multiple copies of a Character, if they give me the choice of getting a free d-luke, it is not going to make me play less or feel like. I beat the game it’s going to make me feel like i want to play more because now i’ve got a c2d luke and in my brain i’m like, oh, my god, what if i could get c3 what if i could get c4 one day, you know what I mean it almost motivates me and also cuts into some of the rng in the game.

It’S gon na make me feel better, so that the next time i get a chichi, i’m not gon na cry as bad, because it’s like you know what it’s okay. I got my free d luke, i’m making progress in those constellations. You know you know what i’m saying, even if they gave us a couple of four stars. Four star units in this game are insane. If you had the choice of one or two free four stars and you could get a shin chill constellation or two bennett, constellations c0 and c1 you’ve literally just changed your account.

I know i’m probably getting too hyped. I know i’m probably reading into this too much, but it’s just weird. It’S really weird because we know every event coming, so why would you say that it’ll be revealed one after another as anniversary approaches? If you told us anything in my mind, that means this cannot be the anniversary thing. This is just something extra same with this.

It has to be something more and if it isn’t, what the hell is, this email, why are you sending this out? Why are you saying this if there isn’t more much more, hopefully to come, but anyways i mean that’s, that’s pretty much it. I’M i’m just theorycraft and i’m like getting hyped up, i’m trying to look into the database i’m like do we get two wishes. Do we get 20 wishes, or is it a goddamn tomato better, not be a tomato, or else i’m gon na i’m gon na be smack kids from heads around here? Why did i get an accent all of a sudden they sound like i’m from new york.

What the hell, my only hope, [ Music ], is that they don’t just give us a free cheat sheet: [ Music ] that might as well be a piece of trash, i’m just i’m just kidding thanks for watching. I hope that you enjoyed and let me know what your theory is on the gentian impact anniversary, hopefully we’ll find out soon and i’ll. See you later bye-bye listen, i’m about to edit this video and i swear to god. If i’m wrong, if i baited you i’m so sorry, but like i’m looking at this email again, why would you say that i can’t get over this? Why would you say that if there isn’t more coming, i just want to know what the hell it is if they don’t?

I swear on me mom if they don’t do something else after i make this video, i will petition, i will petition. I will make 15 videos talking about this. This email, i will go after the oil, i’m telling you i will do whatever it takes just to stand up for what i believe in but um. I feel weird, i’m like. Oh my god.

What, if i tell the whole community, there’s new rewards coming and nothing happens, i’m terrified goodbye. I hope i’m right.

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