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Hello guys and welcome back in my channel in this video, i will show you this um world quest, which you can accept um, like uh, just a comment here so any of those two teleport waypoint and comment. This is a shrine i’m going to invest here. You will get a picture of some place on desiree island after this one payment will start a dialogue and we have to just follow the missions. I talk to this adventurer [, Music ]. After this we have to talk to another person and he basically gave us the four photos, no three photos plus the original one, and we must take the a picture from this perspective same angle.

So, first of all, let’s go to the first one. The first one is here you can see: this is the yeah. This is the mountain. Where is the first point? Is just here this one, so just a teleporter to distribute and you have to go around here and see.

This is the angle. Basically, yeah here should be fine watch it toward the step of the seven [ Music ], still not okay. Here then, yes, here so basically yeah come here. You can see this small rock on this, this former, basically and watch it work at the direction. Camera has been adjusted the correct angles, just look at the photo, it will say one on four done, a second one.

We have to take a photo of the the shrine of the sakura run there. The thailand is basically this. We have to go here then, here this bed is basically the thailand this one so just to come here and stay, for example. Here should work. I know.

Yes, it works. Second, one done now. The third one is um. You can see. There is a shrine of adapter, and this is basically the bottom.

You have to go here, teleport there, let’s kill those enemies. First, okay, and you can see this is the shrine of the adapter, and this is the bottom. If you stay on no, what the you’re doing, tate okay, if you stay here, should work. Let me see yeah camera rectangle three on four done last one. If i remember yeah, it was a show in the pika.

Okay. Basically, let me see the photo yeah here. You can see there is a purple thing. A purple tinker here as well sure that the purple thing should be this one and yeah. Those are not purple anymore, because this is pretty old one but yeah.

We should stay here, watch top side, probably yeah. You can see. Camera has been adjusted at correct angle. There was a good on this position when you can, where you can see these and these bash together, [ Music ] after this one we can talk back to today, dude – and here we go. We completed the world request and an achievement as well, so that’s all guys for this video.

I hope this video helped you to clear this over the west thanks for watching and see you in the next one, bye

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