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Hello guys and welcome back to my channel in this video, i will show you the second part of the ceramic room puzzle, because in the previous video i showed you how to do this puzzle, but is only the first half of the bottom there’s another part. Basically, under it after you unlock the other door, this door, you will open right, just watch the other video if you don’t know how to do it once you come here, there is another puzzle to do here. Yeah today, i will show you this one. Also, if you complete this one, you will be able to get uh. One oculus here really really easy, instead of flying from there uh there to here because yeah i didn’t discover that after the day one, but now i know it, you can see this one is not active right.

This is a animal electrogram, so you have to activate it all right. Let me show you: basically, we have to connect those three devices to this deserting that one as well but yeah we needed so three devices how to get them first, one just to get inside this door and go toward this part record is a stone with any Element that reacts with the electro here we go. This is the first one. You can just pick it up after that pick the electrogram and go toward that side. There’S another one inside disable this one.

Now, there’s another one that side so just to go back to take another electrogram because or you go there and take a deter, the stone or you can just use yourself as a conductor. So now you have two devices on on you right so place. One here place the other one here, so two are done. You still have the electro element on you so just to come here, oops around here, no above this thing. Okay, here we go.

So if you stay here with the electro element, you will be able to activate it elsa. I say i just take that electrogram and go there. Disable that and place the devices here, but in this way, is faster once you did this puzzle, this secret door will open yeah this secret door. Here you can come inside, but you have to defeat those enemies. First, before you can get to this chest, you can open it and follow the ceiling now, because the hip followed is silly.

The silly went inside the the portal, so you have to go back yeah. Basically, the silly will appear on the other side: [, Music, ]. Okay, you follow the ceiling. The cylinder will activate this electrogram once you know. Basically, this puzzle is done.

If you activate it, those things will spawn so just to keep follow, keep press t to come out. You can keep do it and flight until this point on this point there is electrocus. I already took it in the electors, video and to take it. I have to come here and go up or the tallest away a point of this map and then fly down. Yeah, this is how you can get this electric crystal as well: elsa just to go down and yeah solve this puzzle, so you can so you can have this uh is a rock battle to follow with the electrogram.

So that’s all guys. Some of the second part of this puzzle at the uh siren murray, sarah morrow, thanks for watching guys some hope. This video helped you and see you in the next video bye,

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