Should You Get Defense in Genshin Impact?


Hey everyone mtash here and today i want to talk about defense in many games like path of exile, you actually need a lot of defenses to survive enemies. Will one bang you in many of the end game activities of path of exile and if you don’t build resistances and defense well, you’re just gon na get stomped. It doesn’t matter how much damage you do anytime. You get hit you’re gon na pretty much die, but what about gentian impact, if you have no defenses, can you tank most of the attacks in game? If you do have defenses, is it going to make things better for you and you’re going to be able to survive and beat harder content? Let’S figure out what defense does and let’s figure out, if it’s actually that valuable or should you just stack, attack and kill everything in two milliseconds, i’m testing it all right. So we’re going to start with razer. He has a base defense of 443

Now we’re going to go, take a hit in the spiral abyss. We’Re gon na see how much damage it does and then we’re gon na start stacking some defense and see what happens all right here. We go so that dropped our hp to 5857.. So let’s do the math on that about 1200 damage almost exactly 1200 damage all right. So now, with our artifacts, we’ve jumped up to 641.. Now we could invest more into this, but i don’t want to blow all my resources on the defense stats because i mean come on it’s defense who wants defense? Well, maybe we do, let’s see what this does to our damage reduction: we’re gon na run in we’re gon na walk by this gamer and see if he attacks us okay, so that was about uh 10 050 damage about about 10 050.

So we we saved about 150 hp, i’m gon na do my math and make sure, but we definitely are a little bit tankier. Do we care, i’m not sure about that? Now? If you watch my videos on doing more damage, i discuss the attack stat and how everything is based on attack. Your spell damage is based on attack. Your basic attacks are based on attack if you’re going to crit it’s based on the base value of attack and the same thing goes with defense. If you get more defense, you’re tankier against everything, a hilly churro hits you in the head with your club or his club uh boom. There’S more defense.

You’Re gon na take less damage and if you are taking elemental damage, it’s also going to reduce the incoming damage but to invest in this stat. I’M not sure how wise that is, because, yes, you could invest in getting these stats up and i you know, didn’t, invest and and and upgrade artifacts and get this to like 800 or 900, where you’re going to really start to see some more benefit. But even if you are investing in defense, getting a hit is a problem because getting hit stuns, you can knock you out of spells, can knock you in the air, and that means that your damage is going to go down a whole bunch and so more often Than not, you don’t want to tank a hit. You want to dodge it completely because, if you’re getting a hit, it’s reducing your damage, output and you know being able to have high defenses, is cool and all and there’s some characters that scale off of it.

Don’T get me wrong if you want to play noel you’re going to get some defense right, but for the average character you just want to avoid all the damage completely. Now, with elemental resistances, you can get elemental, resistances, actually pretty decently and if you’re fighting a particular enemy, i would say that getting these resistances is great. If you have a piece of gear, that’s reducing, let’s say uh electro damage like. If you have electro resistance, then if you know you’re fighting an electric enemy, you can be guaranteed like yep, i’m taking a lot less damage.

So if you’re fighting an enemy, that’s electro – and you know that it’s electrum – something like this is going to be much more valuable, because this gives you a 40 increase. Your electro resistance, so essentially you’re going to take 40 percent less damage from those enemies. Electric attacks right and i mean if you want to go with the full ship and you can get bonus – damage against them, but defense is going to reduce everything, but this is a huge flat chunk that you can get right and you can also build attack on These artifacts, but this defensive stat here, is far more valuable than the little pieces of defense and the little percentages of defense that you can find on the artifact.

This set piece is going to make you so much more tanky against something, that’s electro than pretty much any other stat in the game and there’s actually an easy way to get 15 to all elements, and that’s going to be great. So if you look at your elemental resonance, you can get 15 resistance just by having one uh of all different elements in your party. It doesn’t matter the combination. You can be one of each you’re good to go, and this 15 is a nice chunk of resistance. But again you don’t want to get hit period because it it really slows down your damage. It really slows down your ability to um beat content, because if everyone is weak uh you know you have the risk of dying. You have the risk of losing that dps.

You got to spend time healing and so here’s my recommendation. If you don’t want to get one hit, i would say that your flower is your best bet, because the flowers in the game it doesn’t matter which one you pick up, there’s hundreds of them. They always have hp as this stat. So if you’re looking to not get one hit, upgrading your flower is is probably the most direct route to being tankier. You’Ll get defense through all sorts of other stats right. I’Ve got some percentage there optimally. I wouldn’t want that percentage because i’d rather build some damage, but if you’re going to get any sort of defense, it would be hp. I think that that is going to be uh the key and because you get such a big uh percentage there and because you get so much hp from leveling up and ascending.

If you end up getting like percentage health uh on something, then you’re just gon na have that much more value, and i would rather see percentage hp than defense. I would rather see percentage hp than a little hit of hp here, because between those two, as i said, the flower and your ascendancy, you’re gon na have like ten fifteen thousand twenty thousand hp, and you know with the little defenses that you do have and the Base defenses that you do have most things: almost nothing is gon na one hit, you um, you know i’ve taken the biggest hits in the game from a ruin, a rune sentinel, and it just it doesn’t. It doesn’t kill me in one hit, even though i don’t have any defense, and so my other recommendation is stack damage, because offense is defense.

If you can kill stuff before they can damage you, that’s good right, uh, a rune sentinel. You can shoot them in the eye and then you shoot them again and it will stun them or the ruin hunter. You can shoot them in the eye and it’ll actually stun them, and if you can kill that enemy before it even gets up, then you don’t need defense. If you can lock enemies up in cc like venti and kill them before they hit the ground, you don’t need defense, so this little bit of defense, i think, is enough. This bit of health. You know that will keep you alive, but if you are trucking these enemies and doing 115 000 damage in one hit and one banging them well, then you don’t need defense, there’s nothing in the game right now, other than maybe some of the enemies in a spiral.

Abyss that can really be that lethal and so um. You know if you do get tagged, that’s great, but in my opinion you go for the damage and then you use immunity frames which i’m going to talk about a second to dodge the rest of it. You shouldn’t be getting hit period. Getting hit, causes a lot of problems. You get debuffs right, you get debuffs you get knocked in the air uh. It cancels some of your abilities right, you might be charging up with lisa and then you get hit boom ability, canceled and that’s trash. So we need to avoid all the damage altogether: characters get invincibility frames and dodging you can send the biggest most powerful attack, and if i go hop i dodge it. I can dodge right through it.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a boss, it doesn’t matter if it’s a rune guard. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hilly, troll club, even if d luke is swinging his big sword and accidentally tags me, you could dodge through it and so between this little dodge. This is all the defense you need mastering the dodge timer getting the immunity frames, but also the other big one is during animations for some of the five star characters. You also get immunity frames, and so, if you’re playing this game, you’ve spent some time you’ve got lucky with one of the five star characters. These q abilities all have a special animation right and during this animation, you’re essentially immune.

It’S only a second here or there, but if you see a boss winding up about to slam, you can either dodge out of the way or you can pop one of those abilities and completely tank it, and so for that reason yes, defense will make it so That they hit a little bit less, but i think it is much more prudent. It is much more optimal, just avoid it all together and smash them as fast as you possibly can. Okay, that’s it! Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed and i will see you soon, my friends, bye-bye

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