Should You Wish or Skip The Albedo Banner? Genshin Impact First Impressions


So at the end of the video, i’m gon na cut back to this, and i’m gon na give you my overall thoughts. But i want you to see my live reactions uh to playing with him and testing them out, because i thought some of it was kind of interesting uh. But if you want to just see that cut to the end of the video – and you can get my kind of synopsis, should we check out albedo quick? Should we take a little peek? We are going to start doing wishes right now, we’re going to start doing wishes right now. Oh boy, oh boy, here we go. This is a big moment. Albedo. Are you trash or are you treasure? Let me see.

Let me see here: okay, perform up to five rapid stripes consume a certain amount of energy to do a sword, double source right, say yes, okay, so that’s like is that like kaching, so it’s kind of like kaching, it’s kind of like kaching, okay, okay, very good! All right albedo creates a solar isotoma using alchemy, which deals aoe geo damage on appearance that scales off albedo’s defense. This is a defense character, so easier to kit a little bit easier to kit. Um and very tanky will do damage based on defense. Does it say the scaling amount 214 of your defense value for the transient? Uh blossom damage? Okay, so i mean that’s a pretty big multiplier uh. If you stack a bunch of defense, okay, okay, so so gon na be a tank character. Um transient blossoms can only be generated every two seconds. So, okay, so you put this down and then it is gon na generate these every once in a while.

Every two seconds is that right: should we do it again, should we do it again? Okay, so that thing is going to be hitting every two seconds: only one solar isotomic created by albio can exist at a time. It is considered geoconstruct. Okay, now this one under albedo’s command, geocrystals surge and burst forth, dealing aoe geo damage in front of him. If a solar, isotoma or isotoma, created by albedo himself is on the field, seven blossoms will be generated in the solar field bursting violently into a bloom, so that one doesn’t scale off defense. I wish it scaled off defense, okay, sure, so you would put your e down.

You would put your e down and then you’d use your q all right. Let’S check this out transient blossom is generated by uh solarizatoma deal 25 more damage opponents, whose hp is below 50 percent. That’S okay, uh lots of enemies are going to be below 50 for a long time using right of projector tectonic tide increase in elemental. Mastery of nearby party members – but oh my god, that’s really good. That’S really strong! This is just a passive. This isn’t a constellation 125 elemental mastery. You would never nearby. Does that mean your other character gets it hold on hold on hold on to master 307? Oh, he doesn’t have it. Do your own party members count as nearby [ Music ], i’m thinking that would be it has to be. It has to be has to be nearby.

That is very. Very strong. Sucroses is like 80 80 elemental mastery, and it’s only if you use that element. This is a very good ability if that, if that works, the way i think it’s gon na work and then, when crafting weapon, ascension materials, he has a 10 chance of receiving double product cool. Just like sucrose. Okay, uh: let’s check out the constellations here, flower of eden, good you’re testing them out without any any constellations. That’S what that’s! What you should have you shouldn’t have a bunch of constellations in there. Um regenerate wait what transient blossoms generated by albedos solar acetone! I regenerate 1.2 energy for albedo, so that’s every two seconds: every two seconds: you’re getting 1.2 energy. I believe, because it blossoms every two seconds: blossoms generated by solar, isotoma, uh grand albedo fatal reckoning for 30 seconds.

Each stack of fatal reckoning increases damage by 30 of albedo’s defense and it stacks up to four times. Unleashing right of the plate consumes all stacks of fatal reckoning, increasing damage dealt by the tectonic tectonic tied and fatal blossoms based on the number of stacks okay. So you stack up his defense you’re, getting defense, boosting here, you’re getting 30 percent of that defense, so he’s gon na be tanky. He’S gon na get some scaling off of that you’re gon na stack up to four and then you’re gon na one bang everything at c2. Maybe i don’t know huh okay, number four plunging attack damage by 30 for active party members within the aoe for c4. His his c4 is some plunging damage. I mean yeah i’ll ride the elevator up, but are you kidding me this is the elevator support, zhao yeah yeah, yeah zhao? You can also go with venti. You you, you pop his e and you just jump up in the air and you and you just elevate like crazy and you just keep elevatoring with d luke or something like that: um.

Okay, guys, if you guys, are wondering about the raffle once i do my wishes, we’ll do a raffle in chat. You got ta be here. You got ta, be here all right, let’s see c6. What is c6, if active party members within the aoe are protected by shield, it increases their damage by 17. Okay um, you got ta, be shielded to get that that value um yo. Thank you so much for using those twitch, prime subs. Thank you guys for subbing yeah, it’s honestly, c2. Honestly. This is one of those characters where i would say get c2 and stop wishing, even if you want those other characters like yes, if you get c2 move on, do not be wishing uh. What i’m seeing here is he’s got some potential, but even his c1 don’t love a c1 um. I i think overall, with his talents like this. This is pretty good. I think you can make use of them with the geo buffs. I honestly think c0 yeah exactly c0 guys this elemental mastery. If that’s working the way, i’m the way i’m reading it. That is a lot of elemental mastery to be getting just built into your kit.

Every time you use your q ability right if you’re doing a bunch of melts and all that stuff could be wild. It does work the way you think okay. So if you have albedo on your team with some energy, you essentially have um. You essentially have 125 elemental mastery at all times, so that doesn’t do anything until you attack. So it’s like shinchu, it’s like shincho or whatever. So it’s giving me a burst of damage. So if i go like this, oh so it’s giving me bursts of damage and then what’s this look at my energy? How long does this thing last wait? What is the duration on this thing? Look at the cooldown, it’s like instant cool down, so he would just have it all the time he would just always have it. What the [ __ ] that’s kind of cracked. Damn it’s like four. Second cooldown.

Okay, so one thing about albedo is jio is getting buffed, which is good. That’S gon na make him better as a whole. He’S gon na be a much better character uh. I view him as a support and he really reminds me of ching cho uh, so this ability here uh this ability is kind of like shincho’s, like ultimate, where it infuses your basic attacks, so, whether i’m using shingling or albedo and i’m basic attacking it’s essentially going To suck that element over and it’s going to apply it and and do some bonus damage and i think that’s kind of cool because it’s a very passive thing and it lasts forever like it lasts so long and it’s always on cooldown, you place it down. You can attack like crazy move over here place, another one. It is it’s like 100 uptime and it’s just bonus geo damage and it creates a lot of shields. It creates a lot of energy. Now the nice thing about albedo is at c0. I think that he has a very good character. C0. You don’t need c1 and 2 and 4 and 6 to make him good. If anything, i think that c4 is kind of weak you’re getting plunge damage, which is cool. Maybe you could use with it. Uh use this with like zhao down the road he can jump in the air and slam down.

You know you could use this, but i don’t think that that’s that great and then c6, it’s cool null. You get some increased damage uh, but i don’t think that the constellations are end-all, be all make or break um. I think it’s c0 he’s gon na be a valuable character, and one of the reasons. Why is because this one right here, this thing is kind of nuts 125 elemental mastery to any of the characters in your party. Every time that you use his burst ability that’s a lot of damage. That is a lot of damage, adding that in allowing you to do melts and vaporizes and all those different elemental reactions. This is a super, valuable uh boost of damage. That’S like sucrose on steroids and it doesn’t require any you know, elemental mastery on his part. He doesn’t have to build it. He just gives a flat amount of 125.

That’S like that’s like a maxed out gold, artifact uh of damage of elemental mastery, so that is pretty damn good now. The other thing too, is his ability does scale off defense. His main ability does scale off defense, so you can use some of your trash artifacts on him and it’s a little bit easier to kit uh. But you know some of these defense artifacts that are kind of defense based characters. Um, i don’t know, i don’t know, because i don’t build them that often how good they are.

So i don’t want to bait people and be like his damage is amazing. I haven’t fully kitted him out with defense, yet um. What i i think it is interesting and if you just build them as a support with some defense artifacts, i think you could be pretty good. You can use some of those trash artifacts and get some extra value out of it. Um, the energy cost on his burst is 40., so that means you’re gon na be able to use that burst all the damn time, which is good. His his recharge is pretty good uh. The cooldown on it is low, you’re gon na be able to pop this thing very very frequently, and i think that that’s pretty cool overall now the big question is: should i wish on this banner – and you know i i again test – run tester and test run Test run, you got to test run to see if you like the feel, but the one thing i’ll say is: if you did get an albedo uh, even though geo right now might not be the best the geo buffs do make it pretty damn strong.

It actually might be one of the stronger elements long term. The elemental reactions aren’t amazing, but the resonance if you’re using two geo characters can be pretty cracked if you use the main character, pretty cool if you’re using zhong li with you know after the buffs, if you’re using both of them lots of shields, it could be Pretty safe, there is some potential there. If you get albedo, that’s cool you’re not going to be like raging about it. I don’t think, but here’s the big one is if you’re wishing on this banner s tier support s tier support, probably with c1 like hi, b plus or a even s tier.

If you get a bunch of constellations, all of these supports are absolute top tier like like incredible, especially if you get constellations. If you get a max official, she is a six star champion. If you get a maxed out bennett, incredible, even c1. Bennett is amazing. If you could get c1 and c1 on those two characters right, there sucrose and bennett you’re laughing, and so you know, if you do need some support characters for your main dps. It could be worth it but again test the damn characters, see if you like them. I don’t think that there’s any disputing bennett is worth it like. If you don’t have a bennett it, it is probably worth trying to use some primo gems to get c1 bennett. Even if you have c0 bennett still really good um. You know, one thing you can do is is use your normal wishes that you get see if you get any characters there and then maybe make a decision um.

But you know i think albedo is okay. It’S tough to say i want to wait till everyone test. This is just kind of my first impression, but my impression of these characters is they’re, amazing, so uh, if you need them, go for it go ham. In my opinion, um you’re not you’re, not gon na hate it you’re, not gon na you’re, not gon na be upset. If you get like a cracked official uh or bennett anyways, that’s it for me. Thank you for watching hope. You enjoyed and i’ll see you soon. My friends, bye-bye!

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