SKINS?! 6★ Artifacts?! : Genshin Impact In 2021 – Updates 1.3 1.4 1.5 Future Predictions & More


Ehy everyone and welcome back to another genshin impact video! Im Dux and Looking back at 2020 what a year has been! we got a few rough spots that’s for sure,but the 1.1 patch brought us 4 new amazing characters and update 1.2 introduced dragonspine, an huge new map , amazing new events and mechanics, but with update 1.3 on his way with the lantern festival theme and xiao almost 100% confirmed, 2021 is looking fantastic so let’s talk about what to expect! when will Xiao lunch? we we can expect to see ayaka? what other regions are on their way? what does that mean for the future. And what better way to start off 2021 than with a future prediction about upcoming new amazing features for genshin impact! So patch 1.2.5 is just about to be out with ganyu a crazy bow user that will drain many people wallet and just 3 weeks later there is a decent chance we’ll get patch 1.3 starting strong with Xiao the destructor from the sky paired with a very anticipated lantern rite festival event that will have some implications in the story for sure.

Xiao already seen in Chapter 1, Act 1 and act 3 is the fan favourite character that following the story line: if any mortal [or immortal] is unfortunate enough to witness Xiao unleash his true power, it is certain to be under the most dire of circumstances; and they will be extremely lucky if they survive the ordeal. we are still in the dark about what the true power of xiao will be but if i have to take a guess a major destructive event will hit very soon allowing us to see some more of that Bane of All Evil form maybe in a new super epic cutscene. as a secondary character for the xiao banner we might se a new character, maybe hutao maybe shenhe. But ther’s an overall good chance of seeing a 4 new character roaster once again thanks to the lack of a new playable area. After update 1.3.5 bringing us the second new banner wave maybe with the introduction of banner reruns (starting with venti probably) there is a fog of uncertainty due to the lack of actual development that far in the future. Many things can happen at that point but the most likely thing to happen is the appearance of a new piece of map.

Infact in the closed beta test 1 it was possible to access the full map and that allowed us to get a sneak peak of what will appear in the future, of course nothing is confirmed and this are only speculations. The new Black/Dark castle area might appear bringing us many new chests and quests. we can also get the new islad in the south with a tower in the middle or any other zone close to the current one. the more the time goes on the more of this element specific areas will become playable and will make many explorations enthusiast happy, with a lot more content to play with. There is a very good chance we will have the ayaka banner very soon. if not in 1.4 , 1.4.5 at least in 1.5 we will get back to her in just a sec.

When we are looking at xiao in update 1.3 what does that actually tell us about the future and what is mihoyo looking out for this lantern festival. i think that clearly they are moving away from the 1.2 era and shifting more towards power oriented characters, that becomes even more clear when you take a look at ayaka’s skills. by looking at the closed beta gameplay it’s clear that a character like this would be game changer. the q skill alone merging diluc and venti’s q would be so broken in any situations. this power oriented future that of course im only speculating about, can be positive and negative. that can be fraught with issues but can also help new players getting an HEAD START clearing content and can also allow the developers to introduce new Endgame challenging content such as new abyss floors and element specific dungeons.

We will have to see what the actual direction they will chose to go for. i think that’s mainly what we can learn about Update 1.3 Lantern festival. That leads me to another factor that we will have to take into account when thinking about the future of genshin impact it’s clear that many people hitted the hard wall of level 50. yes you can still grind to level 55 but the domains levels doesnt go further and the loot increase is not that much higher for world level 8. Here is where 6* artifacts might come into play. a new domain level, maybe from level 55 or 60, will for sure appear in the near future allowing us to farm those kind of items.

But a common drop rate would be underwelming, i think instead that a shard sistem and maybe a fixed sub stat would lead to a more healty grind for the end game. Introducing a shard system for characters at this point of the game would be very bad but for an ultra rare artifact where you have to collect 10 or 20 pieces to make a full one might be reasonable especially when thinking about a fully geared level 55 player that doesnt have any other goal. For patch 1.5 and 1.6 all we can do is speculate about the upcoming characters. i made a full video about when to expect the release of all the new characters that we already know exist and have a clear correlation with the story so if you want more in depht informations about that, definitelly check that video out! With the charactes speculation out of the way a very requested feature that we will see in the future for sure is a costume system, SKINS!.

What you are seeing right now is just a recoloring made by Nostalgia, not a client mod, infact i dont ecourage any of that. Mihoyo has a great detection system that will get you in truble in no time. Making skins has helped many games leaning more towards a f2p friendly gatcha, a more generous event rewards and an overall better experience. that’s why its fair to speculate that in the near future new characters recolouring will start to appear in game.

A feature like this would actually make free 5* giveaway from events a reality!Even a more generous rate in the banners would be possible if a costume for the character would bring extra revenue to the developers. you need to understand tho that making full costumes takes the majority of the efforts in making a new character, and as a business decision mihoyo might just see more profitable just releasing a new character. that’s why a simple recoloring might work well for them, pleasing the community aswell. This is for sure the biggest future update im looking fowards to.

Many other suggestions has been trowen at the developers including: an actual chest respawn system, a revamped resin system, a better coop experience with a lot more players involved, more customizations, an artifact rerolling system, guild / clan system, a pet system, more login bonuses, a ranking system and many more but i think that this will be very unlikely to come at least in the first few years of the game life.

yes this game has an huge potential but mihoyo is trying to make as many people happy without shifting away from an already very successfull game playstyle. Its very easy to fall into common mmorpg hole and what actually makes genshin impact enjoyable is the lack of stress involved in the grind and the non competitive feeling you get when you login. Let me know what you think the future will bring us in genshin impact! leave a like if you enjoyed the video and subscribe for all the lore, news and guides for genshin impact. thank you for watching and i will see you later!.

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