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Solitary Sea-Beast | World Quests and Puzzles |【Genshin Impact】


Hello guys and welcome back in my channel this video. I will share this word. The question which you can accept here so just come to the moon shrine and talk to this girl in front of this school. Okay, we just have to bring after the dialogue. There are three of them: sakura bloom, let’s go, and then now we have to go defeat, some enemies.

Don’T let me follow the mission. It’S just here. Let’S go here! Well, okay, after we killed just a talk. Okay and basically we have to.

We have to do this um puzzle, stop the puzzle of the water otatumi stay too, but we can’t do it. You know science yeah. We still miss something. If you start it uh, you can see, we can’t complete it. We have to do this first.

How to do that? We need um, uh, hydro and electro character. Let’S just light this. One then light that one on the bottom side – okay – and now light to this one – and here we go this one – will get activated. Now, if you stay on this, it will still not work, so you have to activate it first like this, so this platform will appear, but this one will disappear anyway, so so activate the statue follow my steps, deactivate it, and here we go.

This is the chest and talk to her back now we can talk back to yumi, no kumi [, Music ]. Oh finally, we finished the visa and we completed the achievement as well. So that’s all guys some hope. This video helped you to find where to start. This world request and complete the puzzle thanks for watching and see you in the next video bye

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