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Specter Locations – Spectral Husk Farming route -【Genshin Impact】


Hello guys and welcome back in my channel in this video, i will show you the farming route, to form this material, this one, basically, the spectral husk. This is a material used by, for example, uh alloy for who plays playstation should have already have alloy and alloy use this as a scent material, also some weapons so we’ll use this one as well, just like a kokomi swan and and yeah so yeah. Let’S just do it uh, you can start to perform as well for the next character. This is basically their position. Where i found most of them, i will uh yeah.

I will skip the part where i killed them so yeah, showing you only their position and let’s see in how, in one route how many of them we can get of the drop all right. Let’S start yeah from the amakunmo peak, so just teleport to this teleport waypoint and from here jump down now until you can reach this point of the map and uh and uh yeah, you will, if you’re close enough, you will see there is one uh jail, one. Just alongside will be this way yeah, i can see it after you come here and start the fight others will spawn as well just be careful because they are pretty hard to fight as well. Oh, my god, the time. Okay, one, two, four: five: okay, not bad!

Let’S drop now, let’s go to the next one like most of them. Most of those are market on the map, but like normally you can see one if you get to close enough, others will spawn or just you don’t see anything, but when you get the clothes they will spawn, for example. Here, if i remember there were nothing, but if you get closer to this electrogram, those three will spawn. So if you don’t see them on your map, don’t worry just um yeah just to get closer to the position. They will probably respond.

Let’S just keep going the witcher for that direction. Those three as well will spawn only if you get uh on that point. Next point is just yeah: go from this small rod and now start to go toward the downside direction. It’S better. If you have like someone who can auto aim aimbot to them, just like a ymia and those kind of uh character or really strong, aoe, like a kazuha okay, here, uh now go toward these.

Those are treasure hoarders. Some here you will see some of them. The first one – and there are more okay um – that doesn’t the geo one normally works here, but before when i killed him, he worked into there. So i killed them together. So be careful.

If you don’t see, if you miss one, is in the road. Okay. Next one is here: okay, now there’s nothing on that side. So keep going in front of you. In theory, they spawns every two day, no every day, just like every mob, every 24 hours or maybe 12 hours like the katanova sabito mare um, but uh yeah.

I don’t know actually the correct number because yeah it’s just about releasing this new patch, so this is the this part. Now we’re gon na form this powder a lot of them as well. So just the airport is the power waypoint and the fly to there. Also, if you don’t know how to unlock those two teleport waypoints on this uh cyro island, you can watch my guide of officer, thunder chasers. Remember it’s called the reward of western and yeah.

You can stop with the hp draining also unlock the those two teleport waypoints anyways just to fly now to there. Okay here prepare to fight first one, you go in front of you. There are a lot of them actually in total, only four. What to steal this mob is pretty rare on the map, but yeah just to kill everyone. Here we go those four now uh, let’s go to this teleporter wipe and we’re gon na kill this one and then go down from here.

Why go to here? For this longer distance, because there are really a lot of them like every point i market have has like a three of them spawned something like that here as well. Those three will spawn if you get the cl close to the shrine, guys uh, remember after those three, you can teleport back to the waypoint. Now this time, let’s go behind us up, the street will spawn if you get closer enough. Okay, after this yeah just to go toward uh, you have to swim to there actually just to find your best way to get there.

I will like go from here to here. If you have a kadzu, if you have a mona or ayaka it’s faster or it’s up to you, if you want to fly to there from the top side of the teleport waypoint but uh, that will take more time instead of swimming. I guess also here as well. No, i just discovered this new pointer here. You come here to those uh signal derma.

They will spanish okay once you’re here go toward that direction. Those four will spawn uh or they are already there. I don’t remember, but so yeah they are here just to come here, to kill them, okay, after those just to keep it go or to own the beach here. Those three will spawn when you get to close enough okay after this that side as well. There are three of uh, not two of them, not three of them.

Sorry, the only cons of those mobs are. They are hard to kill about the rest. Yeah the locations is pretty fine on the map. So now this teleport waypoint, once you teleport here immediately yeah, because i already spawned them. If you go downside a bit like uh close to these uh devices.

Those two will spawn also remember that the guys may be in some spots like uh. Where contains the chest or the puzzle, maybe they will spawn only for once, but uh in your interior day, you will always spawn every 24 hours now just to fly down on this small tree. When you get there, there are two of them. Okay got this one! Okay, teleport here left side when you get the close to there, those four will spawn yeah this.

I remember when you get to this location, those four where’s the last one, the last one is still here watching: okay, after those teleport back this time, go toward the beach right side, those as well. I will spawn them when you get to closer okay. After here we have to move toward the diesel koseki villager now behind us, just here jump down from the cliff yeah, for example those three i don’t know if they will spawn after you take the chest, i hope normally, normally, those type of mobs should respawn anyways From the past experience, the game is like that: okay, after that, triple back to the top side, go in front of you, this one is again a two of them protecting a chest: okay, after you spot the tripod to the assassins shine then go toward the beach On this small rock, the ship will spawn where you get there. Okay, nice last one of these um see say isla, is just here this teleporter waypoint in front of you wait those three. They are really annoying.

Oh, my god to kill! Okay! Here we go so those are the points i found and i marked them now after this one. Let’S go to the watasumi island island. The road is this and yeah.

Let’S start from this teleporter waypoint on the top side. From here just to jump down, you will see two of them now, four in total, but uh group of two. Those two will just stay here: okay after you kill those two take the drop, and now you can go downside for the other two just here, another one here to the dropper to fall down. Okay after here, let’s go yeah, let’s go to the miniature in first. This direction right down, you already see them those protecting the chest.

Those two and this one now just to jump down once you jump down go is the part. You will see one these. If i remember, will those two will know this? One will spawn only if you get the close enough, those two slimes and that uh that one will spawn. Oh three drops nicer yeah, never mind, so we will do the circle, avoid it.

Okay, once you come here, i don’t care about those two and yeah downside here. You will see a lot of them single by single yeah single one, okay, here those two done now, there are more other two there: okay and the last one. Is there with um green sentinel as well after that point, let’s go to the moonshine this time. This direction, let’s climb, okay, once you’re here, just jump down drop down. You will see.

There are two of them, not three of them here very nice, so we killed them all right after that. Teleport to this terrible waypoint, i mean the state of the seven again time behind us a bit on the right side inside there. You will see three of them: no uh four. Actually, here we go so four in total on this part, now go to this teleport waypoint go toward this direction. There is a tunnel more cave, you can go across.

It also will spawn when you get there. Okay, after this one keep going in front of you, don’t uh care about those fat twists some, and there are two of them as well. After those two, you adjust the swim with the other part, and you have to climb yazumi again and climb with this one. There is one here you hit this one on the top side, there’s another one: okay, after killed here, jump down rock down and to order here there are some some of them uh on this road. Okay, and when you come here, the other trill will spawn now.

So it’s not only to you guys, remember, okay, after this straight line, now we basically finished yeah. That’S all and let me see in one route, we got 113 of the small one 27 of the green one and the six of this uh blue one. I guess in with a few runs, a few roots is a two or three words of or farming should be enough for you to get enough meta for your weapon or material uh or character. So that’s all guys hope this video helped you to collect those spectral. Uh knuckles, i heard in the husker thanks for watching and see you in the next video bye-bye

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