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START NOW!! Free 190 PRIMOGEMS! | Neko Is A Cat | World Quests and Puzzles |【Genshin Impact】


Hello guys and welcome back in my channel in this video, i will show you this word the question. This is basically a word question not listed in the in the reputation system, but is uh. Yeah is actually word request. This word, the quest has a lot of steps like um from what they told me is nine days from data mining nine days from this neko. Basically, you have to come here every day, um.

Basically you to unlock this word because you have to do the storm. Chasers first relay no relay storm chasers or the quest to unlock the yeah. Basically to stop the thundering gun on this part of the island, and once you did that she will even lock. It is a secret toward the west, so let’s just talk to her and basically we have to clean yeah. This part of the shrine just use any animal character.

You can use an momc as well or okay, you’re done, okay, once you’re, clear, um, clear then talk to her again nikoi zakata, no finish to the first part: 20 primal gems neko is a cat offering box. Now we can come back again tomorrow. Basically yeah 20. Primo jumps every day if it’s really that hard landing says nine days and if you can get 20 primo jumps every day. This is a free, 180 primo gem, so yeah is one pull yeah, really not bad, though okay, after this um, let’s come back tomorrow.

Okay, guys day, two in reliable, so let’s go to nico. Okay, yeah just to follow, follow the mission. This time we have to repair this wooden rack. Oh, i got stuck now welcome back to niko talk taisuke! Okay!

Here we go talk to eko is here. You can go back to neko and today’s one is done as well: 23, prime gems again so now it’s 40

All right, let’s come back tomorrow again and see what mission will she give us? Okay, this is the day three. So let me check. Okay after you talk to her, she will say: find uh a chihuahua within the time just to go, search them.

There’S a nickel here, 39 meters, so this way yeah downside, probably no he’s up he’s above us his side and here, okay here and bring the little cat back to the shrine. Okay. This time is inside this tree, then [, Music, ]. Okay, here we go remember: okay, we can talk to neko again, okay, here we go today’s one. We finished it as well: oh 30, primo gems, this time, wow so 20 for the previews uh two days, uh yeah 20.

For the first two days, and now we got uh 30 – maybe maybe it’s 30 for the next future days, so we can get some more than 180, probably more than 200. Who knows yeah? Let me just upload this video, so you can start. If you don’t know this word request, at least you can start, you can start it because it’s daily daily, you can’t do it in one day, so at least, if i upload now, you will know this. Uh thing exists.

You can start as well instead of starting when i plot all 10 together. So this is the part 1. I will upload the part 2 as well like uh, maybe for the next 3 mission or 4, or maybe just an old nexus. 7. I will see the situation of the future quests level, but i guess yeah you can get more than 200.

The free primo jumps from this neko anyway, so um yeah. That’S all guys. I hope this video helped you to start this series of world requests with nico. Thanks for watching and see you in the next video bye,

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