“Taking Responsibility for Your Actions” Hidden Achievement Guide – Genshin Impact


Hello guys welcome today I’ll show you how to complete this hidden achievement, Taking responsibility for your actions. Ok, first, you must get this commission quest, Pigeon Duck and Child. You can try to put your character at Mondstadt whenever you’re gon na go offline to trigger this quest, but it’s not 100 % works because basically, commission quest is a random thing. Ok, talk to Timmie to start. The quest then give the Wheat to Timmie After then go to Lakeside, BUT don’t scatter the wheat first. You must kill the duck around here before scattering the wheat After you scatter the wheat around the lakeside talk to angry Timmie.

Your quest is done, and all you need to do is wait for tomorrow. Once you have done the “, Pigeon duck and child” quest tomorrow, you will get “. Sorry, Timmie” commission quest Talk to Grace to start the quest. She will tell you how to apologize to Timmie. She will ask you for 3 Philanemo Mushrooms. You can find this mushroom at Mondstadt and Springvale around the rooftop, Give the mushroom to Grace and she will give you Special Mondstadt Hash Brown Give it to Timme and your achievement is unlocked. Ok guys, that’s all for today, if you like my video, please share and subscribe byeeee

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