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Start building the perfect team is not easy, in fact, there’s so many variables, but today, with his guessing impacted team Tier List, I will tell you how to do it out to build the perfect team and how to work around the older synergy that you should know About when building the perfect the team – and of course I will go through team compositions and what’s the best possible team you can have in this game in this game, so many free-to-play, friendly characters and Windows. You can already make a very good team, so no worries if you are a free-to-play player, I Got You covered it also. So there are so many variables when talking about making the perfect team, in fact already made a lot of dearness about Heroes, about artifax about DPS, but none of them are useful.

If you don’t build a perfect scenery, GTM and also free-to-play player, you get the singling you get to Barbara for free, so you’re probably sitting around a lot of character, but you only focus on one team and you are not happy with that. Maybe so today I will tell you how to build the perfect him, what you need to look at how to build the perfect the synergy to make massive damage, but before going on 80 % of you that watch my video are not subscribe. So please do me a favour and do that subscribe for me for future Tier List to make the perfect team you need to understand a few things. First, you need to understand the elementary reaction. In fact, there’s a lot of reaction like superconductor, presents at the deals, damage and reduce the animal physical assistant.

So this kind of the elementary reaction makes it so much, but I will pull if you have a physical damage dealer in your team, for example, overload and electric charge it that, on the other hand, do not add additional effects, but on the other hand they do So much more than it, so you need to pick your side and decide what you want to build it, and for this reason you can see on the screen. That’S a lot of Elementary action and by looking at your available character, just watch what you have and look at your strongest. The DPS look at your strongest super to look at your strongest Sheila. Just watch that and the Peak the elementary action based on that. In fact, you should build a team around the what you have a special if you are a free-to-play player. In my case, I only have entered so I’m kind of in a good position, because every single character, it’s a good addition to the team, because it’s made by every single element reaction. But on the other hand, if you have it, for example, of typing it.

That is a very good electro damage. You should make it team around electrical charge. That is a very good Elementary action that DLC electro damage over time. So, for example, asking for you or, for example, of Barbara, it’s a very good addition to the team, so you should think about working on that. Another huge point when building a good team is energy generation. In fact his game damaging and defeating or using elemental. Skibbereen generals build your birthday by giving you elemental Lords and somewhat of an element attached to them. So if you happen to have more than one of the same element, zero in your team, you will build that burst skill, so much faster. Also, another great thing about having more than one of the same element in your team is the element resonance. This is another very good mechanic in this game and that you should take advantage of. In fact, for example, if you have two of the flame element, the affected by creo for 40 %, less damage and increase Attack by 25 %, for example, if you have a dilute, is so much better.

If you have one more of the fire element in your team because they attack would be posted by 25 % and building the team all-around the diluted, it is the main DPS, the strongest DPS it so much more effective than having one of each element in your Team some other elemental restaurants are not that effective, for example, for the animal version that the Crease, the stamina, consumption and increase the movement speed and a short and the skill cooldown by 5 %. That’S a good skill at good, laugh, but without Excel in this metal. That’S actually bad, so if animal in your team at the moment, that’s not that good. So you should maybe try to switch to another team composition, and now I will tell you what to do and what to choose between all your characters. So, first of all, I said before you should look at your strongest character, because the 5-star characters have a base that base of dark it stronger than a normal 4-star. So it’s actually better to build a ring, for example, compared to some other 4-star. That might seem like a good DPS batterijen with the harbour start is actually better only because she’s a five-star. So keep that in mind when choosing your characters for your Tim, when choosing the perfect team, you need to take into consideration each role. In fact, for the healing role that squeaky – that, of course, is the best dealer, but she does only that and Barbara that’s good, but it’s that the gym at Ealing also.

So if you have a gene, for example, you should switch that for a Barbara. But if you have a better TPS – and you have quickly and gene may be quickly – is the better choice, but in on the other hand, if you don’t have a good person or team vision could be a good substitute for quickly, because she can also do that. And that adds to the total DPS of your team. So that’s a good choice to have does the same job as a gym in your team, but she doesn’t feel almost at all. So it’s not a good choice. If you really need a healer in your team, because she’s kind of all around character, she can thank, she can be PS can heal. But if you need a good dealer, Barbara might be the better choice if you are a free-to-play player. Now, let’s take a look. The DPS I already made a tier list about the DPS Mis game, but in that list I consider at the Old, the DPS output that today order to the team so also super to was in there in that list, because they added the more than added to The overall damage of the team so, for example, also advantage that was in that list was and nurse Plus dear, but his role is as a super, but the damage that he could help the team make it’s insane with the visitation, timer and stop so that list Was more around another side of the dprc his game in this list, I will consider Oldham ndps that you should work on just for the DPS role, not as a stupid.

I’M talking about characters like di Lucca Quinn graves, or this kind of characters are only made for making a the most damage inside the field which to them and keep them in your field, and they make the most damage. Of course, Di leuca and caring heart of the most powerful man in his list also cleaned in this metal. He can prove to be kind of a good DPS output, just one tier below it’s as last year, but I think she’s a mess in this case just because dial, kids a bit better than clean a lot of situation and the other one are mostly for free To play players because we got there for free and with depression by kerb, she makes a lot of of physical damage. So that’s a very good choice for a free to play player. She would be asked beer if you consider only that text that, but in this case she’s on the lower tier she’s on the same as that also it very good DPS, but it looks awesome, team synergy, gas. In fact, it doesn’t add anything to the overall damage.

Output of the other characters is filled with the chung-yong and manner that are both great as a DPS, but I think they are kind of butter as a support. So I will put them there when considering taking a DPS in your team and even worse than that and Noel. As I said, it’s an all-around character, so she doesn’t shine in the fact that so many other characters left with the same at42 can do so much more damage and baby that also she’s kind of disappointment. I won’t have to be bastard because she’s very great and our mechanics is kind of underrated, so she needs a bath. Disney 11 is a very weird to compare, because the team synergy with anyone. It’S ok, but if you talk about mandps, I don’t know if she’s the better choice for you, because she can only shine the most withered nitrosylation so at the same rate of consolation. If you only talk about the solution, 10 actually she’s kind of the lowest, but as soon as you upgrade to the constellation 6 and she’s second2none, nobody can get to 11. So if you have a selection for new ones, don’t watch this.

Please, because she’s a lot of tyre she could be on the next to dilute so once to choose your DPS role. Some super characters, maybe one maybe two because, as I said before, the best choice would be to have maybe a diluc and another fire element. For example, xiangling that can also be a DPS and a support at the same time, but she does Bob the main article, the main DPS abducted by 25 %. That’S a lot, so she might be better compared to another team may be composed by an animal and electro and Fire so 2 fire an anemo, maybe it to trigger Elementary action and could be the best choice. If you have a dilc

For the support role, if we have to rate every single character, we need to make venti on another category vehicles Category Bothered nobody not even close near me That you can ask for so. If you, if you have it, you should use it. Of course it’s very very nice love. I use it personally and I have no problem clearing any difficulty. Anything in this game. It’S very very nice, and it was so just keep one button and does everything for you so yeah, it’s the perfect super. The second best super to his fiscal, be sure, because she’s also very nice as a support and she salsa free-to-play friendly, and we will also get there for free in the next event.

So that’s a good addition to your team because she can phone and Oates the field, and that does a lot of Elementary reaction, but not enough because with the video of auntie that start with Auntie is so it’s I will put her in the ass. I don’t feel comfortable only put at work here below banking, because dentist too, too strong too strong is also good support with air bubbles and barks, but she’s kind of worse that fit than physical, because she can also do dementia – and I don’t know where spot when You talk about super troll. Sussex angling is on the same level as a moaner, because also she can do damage and can trigger a lot of voluntary action. So it’s all based on elemental, composition, team composition. So, for example, if you have a moana and you are keeping it, for example, that would be so good, so she is kind of butter in some cases.

But if you we talked about overall super, that’s not the case that she Skanda Vale, lower tier. On the other hand, it is also can have a good player to have because he can do a lot of damage. You can do a lot of bath with that 70 % tax percentage, so, for example, if you pay him with a dilute that your dad might do 100k damage with no effort whatsoever. So it’s very nice to have a banner to your team. But if you don’t have another pyro element as a mandps, it’s not that great of a choice. I don’t know it’s weird spot for him, but I don’t feel like putting man – and I are done this and sync sync with it, so so because he can have a good synergy with an electro DPS unit, but answer super. There are a lot of better choices. The name also, they do the Travellers and Amber they are candle, the lowest category because they are sometimes, if you don’t have anything better.

But if you need to work on one single character on the one single team, those are not the choices for you. They only shine with my relations, so that’s not a good charge to go for them, especially if you have a better characters if you have a 5-star character, not the best choices. So now that we talk about every single character in the game, you still want to know what’s the best team in genshin impact. Well, the best team in genshin impact is the one that fits you answer to that. Maybe a dilute kerckring, avante and the queen have to choose one, but there are also some better choices for each situation. For example, if there is three Dungeon it might be better to switch to a di leuca angling Auntie Angela. Instead of that, or maybe we does pyro Dundrum, maybe a chung-yong, Avanti and good – you are the best and the most versatile choice, a gas also with the Queen, also very nice, to have in every situation, because Ealing become some very important, especially in albis.

So those two are the main one, but when you talk about the main DPS, the main resources for your damage output, it’s all after your it’s all about what you it’s all about to what you want to build, would you like, and what constellation do you have? I gave you all to choose by yourself, because I cannot make a tier list for every single team in the game, because there’s so many combinations, but the other all aspect is what the elementary reactions that you can make watch the energy generation that you can have Watch the rules, because one for each other’s is the best and decide you want to go for the best possible solution for my diary. Looking for GPS, so maybe pairing him with another element of the same element or I want to go for a more generic team with one of each element. So it’s all up to you.

This is a good choice in this game, because the overall aspect of the overall power old comes to you all comes to what you build and what has the fact you choose which weapon you have and a lot of other factors, so the characters in his game, Especially if you are character, they are all good but of course Five Star Cars destroying the most. So if you have to choose between the two of your for the 5-star, but if I’m talking to a while somehow I said before and I’ll look and maybe advantage – and it would be the best choice or if you don’t have died, look at least, if you Don’T have a official instead of her must be good in this team composition or maybe, on the other hand, if you are, if you have a moaner only as a DPS, we can go for Mona, think we’ll quickly and the banter that sell some nice or, if You have any one, for example, that you build and you have an isolation.

You can go for mingguan, maybe another character, girl character and volunteer instead of or no healer whatsoever. If you have no, you can go for. Are you can go for another and another? Maybe some other kind of stuff. So with that being said, it’s all up to you, my friend. So if you enjoyed this video, please leave a like. If you have any question, I will try to help you in the comment to maybe tell me what you have and I will help you choose the comment and yeah. Thank you. Everyone for watching. Please subscribe. If you want to see more clearly seen the future and yeah, thank you everyone for watching, and I will see you in the next video

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