THE BEST RERUN CHARACTERS in Genshin Impact | Albedo Ganyu & Hu Tao Rerun


Good evening afternoon midnight whatever time of day, it is say, hello, steven’s back once again, stephen chilling. I think he drank all my coffee. As always steven you just done steven come on, show some professionalism, dungeons anniversaries right around the corner, reruns are on everyone’s mind. Everyone has some characters that they want to rearrange, i’m going to go for the top three characters. Everyone is clamoring for and are they worth it for you and thankfully i have them all significantly highly leveled up.

So you know what we’ll be playing with them. A little bit today we’re showing them off this here that the other thing it’s going to be a good time. If you guys like this stuff, you want to see more genji and pet content or just to see the truth, and i know some of you guys out there saying. Were you dressed like that yesterday, yeah yeah, you could probably catch a light, yagami you’re, so smart, it’s because i am recording both the videos at the same time, wild family’s growing love to have you here. Thank you so much for all that you do, for the community, see you down in the comment section as always.

Now the first one is albedo boy, albedo’s got a lot of things going for him. He’S very, very flexible he’s got best bros. Only this duo makes up the core of a lot of teams out there. It’S the core of the zhong beto core right, the double geo and then whatever else you want, you have giant shields. You have crystallization, you have off the damage fields from zong li off the damage, uh field, with albedo huge damage, very easy to build fantastic weapon, not the black sword.

No, no, no, the harbinger of dawn albedo abuses, this weapon, like no one else, because you build him for the e, he doesn’t care about the bull base attack. He wants the crit chance. He wants the crit damage he’s not on the field. That often so he’s really not going to have a trouble keeping his hp above 90 because well you slam your e down and you leave that’s it. You come in with the with the shield, from dionna or from zongley super pog super good stuff.

There artifact selection he’s got a lot of cool stuff that you can wear. I, like him in tenacity with a metal set, set, he’s one of the only characters him in facial and maybe some other characters, but they do it better than everyone else, because they’re so brain dead, easy to get this set to just have 100 uptime in alberto’s Case or up to 100 uptime and close to it in fisher’s case so shield strength up super good with the strongly brother combo and then another 20 attacks. If you put tenacity on this guy, you put full no bless. Oblige on this guy. Oh you’re gon na have some big support between these two.

So that’s gon na be an awesome. Awesome awesome duo there. If you have access to that albedo, he’s sort of just like the generic kind of do whatever guy all right is your account. Uh gon na go like the ceiling with power. If you get a c0 albedo, no, no, but you will have a ton of fun with him.

If you have him comboed with this, that is going to be the big one and if you can combo him with a long lean, then you’re adding a ton of power because you’re going to get the time suit geo resonance and man it’s just going to be. Oh so cool there now outside of that, there is some other stuff that he does do. We have the em buff, so his uh homuncular nature here 125 percent elbow mastery. That is cool too. The team that i run the most often is uh albedo, zongli shincho and the good ol hoot house, so you’re gon na have hutau doing reverse vaporize with 125 125.

Excuse me not 125, 125 elemental mastery from the nature buff, and that’s just that’s just downright nasty. There, so you can do a whole bunch of cool stuff. Is he worth pulling for a hundred percent? Just don’t think that he’s gon na come in and start one shot and everything like a dps, but he does do a ton of damage for you and is 100 worth pulling now now constellation-wise here, do you need any of these now? I have them all, and i think some of these are very, very, very highly highly overrated.

Now the ones that are cool is c1 and c2. These ones are awesome. You’Re going for a defensive, build on the e. Basically, your l1 will burst, do even more damage here, with constellation too c1 allows you to just kind of just get. Some energy flowing lowers the uh energy recharge requirements to get that burst up and very easy to do there for you now this one here uh this one is just gon na give you three free levels, just like the constellation.

Five is uh, then c4 and c6. Here now these ones here, if you are like a big bad boy, you know who i’m going to bring up shao user. You might be really wanting to get this one. Now. Is this one worth if going from c0 all to a c4?

No, it’s not! You already have so much damage percent bonus up. This is not going to increase your damage by 30 percent and give you 30 more damage up. So if you already have like 200 and something percent damage up between animal damage and plunging damage and normal attack damage, whatever the damage bonuses that you have, this is going to be additive. To that it’s not its own thing, it’s not 30 more!

So basically, if you are new to math like say, you have 200 already going from 200 to 230, isn’t going to be a 30 damage bonus and the same thing can be said for the constellation 6 here 17. That’S just a damage bonus up all right. So these ones are cool, they’re, fine, but they’re, not worth throwing 4 000 or something ridiculous. Trying to get c4 and c6 c0 is fine. C2 is cool as well.

If you already have an albedo you’re wondering how how good that c2 is, it is pretty pog. Now the next one you’re going to want to think about here is going to be ghani. You have to think hard and fast about this one and really really rock steady, because this comes down to c0. Does that fit your gameplay style? Is she strong at c0?

100, if she is strong at c0, however, you can have a very unique playstyle at cs0 and by very unique playstyle. I mean it’s going to go something like this catch, my drift. If this is not fun, looking for you, you’re not gon na want to pull on a brand new gun. You character, she’ll be good, she’ll be strong, but that is basically what your gameplay is going to be you’re, going to pop an e every once in a while and monoverse all right now, let’s talk about some other fun stuff about this character, very easy to build. As well has several good weapons for her amos.

Both fantastic birthday crescent is fantastic as well, because you’re gon na hit them in the weak spot anyway, most enemies in the game have a weak spot for an auto crit you’re gon na get a movement speed buff. So when you’re in your little turret mode, you’re gon na be moving a little bit faster there and then up to 72 percent attack as well is amazing for you, that is a fantastic weapon for a ghani and the black cliff one. If you have some star glitter, save it up is also a very solid option. Don’T use the rust the trap if someone told you use the rust on ghani, don’t do it they’re lying to you now, just like. I currently have uh my girl over here.

Um stole my gear from ghani blizzard strayer set is what you’ll be wearing on ganyu as well makes her very easy to build one of the easiest characters to hit a good crit chance. Great damage ratio in the game is gone. You because she’s gon na be wearing blizzard, shredder and a freeze team, and then on top of that you have the ascension here, which is gon na give you some nice damage bonus up due to the fact that you’re gon na have bonus crit chance on the Frost flake arrows in their bloom after you, frost, flake arrow, so that’s going to be awesome there. It’S very easy to hit 80 90 percent 100 crit chance with ghanaian. Now, let’s talk about constellations here – and this is the big one with ganyu multiple constellations, each constellation itself isn’t intrinsically super powerful on its own.

When you add them all up, it creates a monster. Assassin, goat, ninja, arrow girl, all right. So the first one here right. Basically, crowd rest down, that’s cool. We like that a lot see two here.

Is you gain an extra charge on your e, which remember the e doesn’t really do anything just kind of like a little taunt thing and then it kind of blows up, but this gains ridiculous power later on c3. Obviously, it’s going to give you some bonus levels. C4, here is going to give you more damage up, so you have powers this down on c1 crowd damage up on c4 c5 is going to be bonus levels again, and then we have the big c6, which turns her into the giant ninja assassin. This is going to change the play style up from this unfun mess. In my opinion, i would not have fun like this to uh something like this.

Like you go in here, you pop you’re, ready to rock and roll. You shoot, you handy, cancel you sprint. You come back out, auto shoot going again, boom shoot again shoot again and like doing all the stuff, and you swap over here, you drop your moana stuff. You do this thing. You’Ve dropped, gun news on monoburst.

You throw this out, throw this thing. What did i just did i just hacked the game? What just happened there and honestly this one really needs to get showcased, because there’s just some things that you can do with c6 ganyu, where her playstyle is just so different. You honestly do feel like a giant ninja assassin, so we’re gon na fight the new electro oceanid, whatever it’s called right pop this guy pop them again pop them again pop them again dodge that with the burst pop them two more times here, use diana off him Again, he’s gon na do some stuff get through there, yup cool beans, bro and he’s gone. I mean you’re, just dip, dive, ducking and weaving the whole time, and that is an entirely different play style.

I mean it doesn’t seem like much on paper, but that to me is really fun now, if you are, if you’re all in on ghanaian now i apologize now, you guys probably saw this coming. Yes, who tau is the third out of the top three rerun characters that i think should go after here, because man she’s just that powerful still and she’s, even better than when she was before now when she was launched, she had staff ahoma. That was very powerful, for it still is super good spear. Hopefully they’ll rerun it with her. If she does get re-ran when she gets re-ran, uh or they’ll, maybe re-run it with the new four-star pyro pull-arm guy, who also scales off hp, that i’ve heard of is in the works as well.

Unconfirmed, though don’t know anything other than that. That would be a good uh rash. You know there to pick this one up if you want hutao on top of that now, artifact selection, this is the new set shimano’s reminiscent set this set works so so well for it’s better than the witcher set. If you get a good roll on it and it’s so cool, because one of the dps primo dps combos is uh called the n1 charge right. So it’s normal one, normal attack into your charge attack, which is the default.

If you try to charge attack with a pole arm character, it’s going to look like this, and this is very powerful because it bumps up both of those normal in charge by fifty percent, don’t be afraid of the whole. Like. Oh you, you don’t get the elbow. You do get down moderate, it’s 100 totally easy to do. It’S not bad at all.

My roles for this set here, 66 square rate 229 damage we’d like to see a little bit energy charge fantastic there as well. So let’s go showcase this off. For you guys, a lot of you guys were like you, didn’t showcase albedo, because he’s in this one, you made it that far big pug. If you left to come about how i didn’t actually showcase albedo at all, well, you left someone’s gon na, find you down there and you’re gon na look like a fool, so this is also gon na, be that zomly albedo squad that i talked about right. Very cool, very powerful um, a better’s big weakness, though too, as well, is oh.

Thank you. So much is that uh, big bosses like this like to uh, do whatever and just leave. I mean like look at this damage. Is this fair? Is this fair?

No, this is not fair dude. This is my highest dps character. By far is shengshou big broke is what we like to call it so slap this down, and we didn’t even do the l on a burst from albedo uh to give us that bonus em. Oh, i guess we’re not gon na get enough stuff like a reset. I always kill it whatever yeah just a solid 103.

You know, that’s fine, that’s totally fair and balanced. You know now one quick note about her. Her c1 is probably the best constellation in the game damage for any character period. This is because her best combo, as you saw we use, is going to be the charge attack and you animation cancel it with the dash. So it’s going to look like this.

If you get good at it, i’m okay, i’m okay at it, and the reason why that’s so powerful is it makes your charge attack, not cost stamina during your form, because otherwise you will go out of stamina instantly, because you’ll be using stamina for your charge as Well, as your dash and see how fast this goes down in comparison to before it’s already gone, it’s already gone. It’S already gone so the c1 here is amazing for damage here uh, because it makes it not cost stamina c2. Here, really not that big of a deal it’s the dot, does a little bit more damage based off your hp and then constellation three if you’re willing to go all in for her is uh going to be for your l model skill here, which i still haven’t. Maxed out, sadly, which is going to be your hp to attack conversion, so you get three more levels on that not really necessary. I would try to get constellation one if you’re like a hotel lover, and you already have her and she gets re-ran unless you really want a new character, if you’re a lover – and you want to have just all the damage with that big combo c1 is totally Worth it out of the three that’s up for you to decide.

Steven says: don’t get c0 ganyu unless you like the aimbot, apparently that’s what he said. I don’t know if you feel the same way about him. Hutao is, i think, the strongest character still in the game tied with ganyu. I just hate gunny’s play style at czero, so much, but i love her sc6 hater at ces, who tells playstyle is just the same. You just use a different animation jump instead of dash and then albedo.

The boy i mean he’s going to be sketching, he’s super flexible, so he is awesome as well, so pick what you want, pyrocryl or geo, whatever one you want to be the most supreme. Let me know down in the comment section below stephen

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