The Last Anemo Bender – Genshin Impact Elemental Specialist Achievement Guide


What’s up everybody? Today I thought I’d put together a quick video just showing how  I was able to get the achievements done for the elemental specialist name card.  A couple of these are really a struggle to figure out so I really hope this helps. All right guys first up we’ve got ‘Cool it!’ the objective for this one is to keep an enemy  frozen for over 10 seconds. So the easiest way I’ve found to do this one is to head  over to the spiral abyss, second floor, and we’re going to want to get to chamber two.  So i’ll go ahead and speed through me smashing out the first chamber here. All right, now that we’re on the second chamber we’re going to want to pull out Kaeya and this  is probably one of the easiest ones to do just because this floor of the spiral abyss gives you  increased freeze time on any cryo element attacks so just kind of go through and hit these guys  and they’ll stay frozen for a very long time per attack if  you’re kind of scared about it you can hit them with another ability It should be fairly easy I actually managed to get the entirety  of this achievement done in just this one chamber just by going around and kind of  freezing the different slimes that pop up here, it’s pretty easy.

Next up is ‘Earth, Wind and Fire’ the objective is to trigger cryo,  hydro, pyro and electro swirl reactions at least once each within two seconds.  So the way I did this one was I set up a party of Barbara, Xiangling, Kaeya and Lisa  and took myself up to the anemo hypostasis. and the way you’ll have to do this one is  to hit the hypostasis with Barbara’s elemental skill, and then Xiangling’s skill,  then Kaeya’s skill and then just hit it with Lisa’s normal attack.

You’ll want to make sure  that the boss has the swirl icon underneath its health bar otherwise it won’t count. Next is ‘Season’s Greetings’ the objective is to freeze four enemies within two seconds.  This one is probably one of the easier ones; I just  threw Kaeya my party and went to the cecilia garden domain and then you just  group up the hydro slimes and hit him with his elemental skill while they’re all grouped up Up next is ‘Performance May Decline in Low Temperatures’  the objective on this one is to defeat four enemies with superconduct within two seconds.  uh the method I used for this one is using Chongyun with a level one weapon,  on floor one chamber one of the spiral abyss. If you don’t already have Chongyun I know there’s  also a method with Kaeya and Lisa on the cecilia garden domain but that one seemed to be a lot less  consistent for me personally so I wanted to go this way with it.

Um so I start up the challenge  and grouped up the slimes so I could give them a little bit of damage and once they were about half  health I ran far enough away so that I could use my elemental skill without hitting any of them.  Once the group is getting close I use my charge attack to damage one of them and chain that  superconduct reaction to the others. It’s really important here to only deal physical damage to  one of the slimes out of the group, as the other four have to die to the elemental reaction and  using the charge attack seemed to be an easy way of ensuring I only hit one of them with my sword.

Uh next on the list is ‘The Art of War’  this one requires you to defeat four enemies with overloaded within two seconds. So for this one  I went back to the first floor first chamber of the spiral abyss with Xiangling and the anemo MC  in my party. Then started the challenge ran back a little bit and used Xiangling’s elemental skill  followed that up by the main character’s elemental burst to create a fire tornado.  After that I also used Xiangling’s elemental burst on the slimes that were left because  it’s actually possible to get two or more of the reactions each time you run this chamber ‘How Heartwarming’ is going to be our next one where we have to defeat four enemies  with melt within two seconds.

For this one I took myself over to the forsaken rift domain  with Xiangling, and in this one there’s a bunch of cryo slimes so  it’s pretty easy to trigger the melt with her elemental burst and elemental skill. The very last achievement on our list here is ‘A Little Less Shocking Than Love at First Sight’  our objective is to defeat four enemies with electro-charge within two seconds.  So for this one I put Lisa in my party and took myself back over to the cecilia gardens domain,  just the first floor a little level 15 one and once in there I started up the challenge and  tried to group up those hydro slimes the best I could and just spam them with her auto attack and  her elemental skill.

It can be kind of tricky to do this if you don’t have a very high attack on  your Lisa but you can also damage them a little bit and then group them up and smack em down. All right everyone that’s going to wrap up our video for today I really hope that  the video helped you out in getting that sweet elemental specialist name card! If it did help,  drop me a like or comment. If you have any questions drop those down in the comment  section below. I hope everyone is having an awesome day and I’ll see you guys next time.

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