The Moon-Bathed Deep | World Quests and Puzzles |【Genshin Impact】


Hello guys and welcome back to my channel in this video, i will show you this world request, which is needed if you want to collect all the electrocutes. Basically, there is a door um yeah, a secret door with a fish figure and to unlock it. You have to accept this word request, first, just to come to this status of the 7 and go toward this point. We find that is made to yoko. There’S a talk to her and yeah.

I will skip the dialogue all right after this one just to go to that island. Uh here is that first yeah, because you will accept four of them. Let’S see you’re just here, go to this one. First, you have, you have to complete the four. All of all four of them also, let me bring a squad with the nemo character.

I just account for this uh this one and ready there just read the dom stone here. I basically just use the elemental vision and go clear that thing that the sigil okay, the first one done, let’s go to the next one, which is that direction yeah. I just followed that to the thing here: okay, last one is uh. Let’S go back to the shrine okay, so it just follow the elemental. Uh.

Okay, now obtain the spirit appeal, because now the shrine is unlocked, you can see [ Music ]. We got one, let’s go to the next one, which is here so, let’s just teleport there and work together. Okay, once we’re here, let’s read the tombstone again and basically we have to use just to defend this thing all right here we go nice. Oh second, one done check. Third one is here to this teleport waypoint.

I just go there yeah. I can already see the shrine it’s just above us on that mountain okay. Basically, we have those two to do how to do it. Just uh yeah keep keep turn it until you can see this side with a glowing thing. Uh, don’t worry if the other part moves as well, because you can lock it right once you go to this thing.

You just activated this statue, so we lock them now from the other side. Even if, if you move this one, the yeah, the other one will not move together. Just swap this one, and here we go. Let’S get the battle! Oh okay, now just one last okay: this is the tail.

We have to kill those fatty first, you basically have to light those things how to light them, use the electro silt here to ground them and go near to them. We light them up on three. Four five and six: yes i’ll, have to kill those again. We can go back and take the lock here. We go after this step, let’s step over to this type of waypoint and a talk to the maid okay, now we have just a yeah just the airport.

Here and go toward the mission point, is it just here, so you can come down where you can see the electro ground. This entrance just come here and give those four pairs. Some give two three four boom and the door will open get inside. Oh, this must be the hurt yeah and you have to have to activate those four one by one same method: just rotator. The tree then lock with the smaller shrine: okay, how to kill those enemies nice this one down, let’s go to the next here we go again, kill some enemies up and the lockheed with the statue.

So two done, let’s go to the next one. This one is locked, you can see, let’s go to the other one. First, this one, this one again, nice, lock it and the last one you can see the sigils will disappear. So now we can. Basically, what do you have to do is just to complete the other tree.

First unlock this one unlock the sigils activate the sigil, the shrine, so you will be able to rotate them because the the those blue things and blue ball were turned off. So you have to turn them turn them on. First and since you already locked the others, the others will not turn together when you’re rotating the middle one and just to defeat all enemies. Okay, once you defeated them, cinematic, really cool wow. This is really really cool.

To be honest, we’re in the center – and we go to this – welcome to tsuyuku again – and here we go the same moonlight. We finished it guys. So now we unlocked this door yeah. We will be able to collect these electrocutes because he’s here uh, i couldn’t make the video – if i don’t do this mission first, since i have to go come inside from the from the from the entrance. Anyways hope this video helped you to clear this world request.

Thanks for watching and see you in the next video bye,

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