The NEW Genshin Impact Tier List: Keqing / Mona Buff


Hey everyone mtest here and everyone has been hounding me to make a tier list – the official dention impact tier list, but i’m going to warn you and i have a warning at the end of this. Video tier lists are bs and you shouldn’t listen to me and you shouldn’t listen to any of them, because there are too many factors that go into it. I’M going to discuss that! I’M going to be ranking these characters and i’m going to give you some insight on these characters because i’ve leveled up a handful of them, i’m playing two accounts, so i can have multiple characters and use resources to level them up.

Like i’m going ham – and i know that there’s a bunch of tier lists out there already, but i wanted to give you a little bit of feedback a little bit of insight on my thoughts, because my tier list is actually pretty different from a lot of them. Out there, so, let’s get started all right, so we’re going to start with the main character, because that’s the first character you get a lot of tier lists. Have the character had beats here, and you know if you’re looking at geoform we’re looking at these here. Okay, uh, not very nice other than for doing, puzzles now again probably beats here. There’S there’s characters that are better at doing dps and do it doing different activities. But if you look at versatility and you look at long term, this character is gon na get every element, and that is incredible because you could spend all your resources on this character and have access to every element and every puzzle.

And that is extremely valuable. And so right now maybe beats here. These tier lists always are going to change. So if we’re looking at main character now, it’s a beats here. Well, keep your eyes out, don’t be afraid to spend materials on this character because it could be amazing down the road. Now you might see that i have mona and grabbed at the same time here. Why now on a lot of tier lists, they are eightier, but i’m moving them up into the s here, because they are both getting buffed. They were already eights here, they’re already great kaching is a top-tier dps. Even though her burst ability was bugged, ka-ching’s burst ability was bugged and is not applying weapon damage or weapon and artifact affixes properly. So you know percentage of attack. All these different things are not even applying and she still crushes – and so she was 18 down here – she’s amazing now also, i think a lot of people look at the damage that they’re doing on kaching and and they don’t think she’s great, but once you get To level 70, you get 15 crit and you get 15 energy recharge and she goes from being like eh to oh, my god, and so i’m putting her in the s tier, because kaching is amazing.

Now mona, on the other hand, is also getting buffed. She was an eight’s here before eight’s your support and she’s getting buffed, because her burst ability was doing peanuts. A fraction of the damage felt useless at some times and she was still good. She was still rated ester because she’s great at exploring she’s good at moving around well now, she’s working properly mona and all five stars for the most part are s tier because they just scale better. So if you get these characters, you could be very confident that i would say they’re both s tier. If anything, if anything, we would go like this, and we put we put mona, maybe a little bit as like an a plus tier but uh with the buffs. I think that this is going to really set them apart, and you know, because mona is currently one of the only really good dps water characters.

He’S gon na go up there all right now for razer razor, depending on how you build him could be beats here. He could be a tier, but i think that his constellation matters more than most characters in the game. You know, if he’s hovering in this b range, if you max out his constellation honestly, you could probably put him into ester because as a sustained dps who you can leave out on the field long term, once he gets his full consolation, he becomes insanity and he’s Much better than many characters, and so, if you’re looking at max consolation. This is why these tier lists are so tough because if you just pick up him once it’s like okay, yeah he’s fine he’s doing some good damage he’s good.

Maybe you get a constellation and some weapons – okay, maybe he’s eights here, i’m gon na put him as a beats here because i feel like he is one of those characters that you need a lot of constellations to get him to be really good. But overall, i think his damage is is probably in the a range, but i feel like he’s one of those characters where you got to invest a lot to get a lot out of him if that makes sense. Another character who is just like this is he’s good to start he has cryo, which is valuable, and i really like him, but it takes to level 70 to start really starting to stack up that damage and it takes.

You know pretty much full constellation to start putting him into that s tier like holy cow, his damage insane, if you’re looking him as a four star as a four-star him and razer they’re, both really good once you get them maxed out, but again, he’s probably beats Here because he takes a while to kind of scale up and get lethal, dean is eights here in a lot of people’s eyes. Jean doesn’t excel and isn’t super amazing, and there is she’s not really asked here. But for me, if we are looking at fun factor, jean is one of the most boring characters. I’Ve ever played and i’m gon na put her in the beats. Here. She takes forever to get her ultimate. Unless you, you know kind of build for it, it can heal a bunch.

She’S got one of the burstiest heels in the game. You can full on heal people with one press of the button, but if we’re looking at every factor, i don’t like her, and that is why these tier lists are sus, because you know maybe she is a tier, but i’m gon na put her in the beats Here, because i say so official is estier. I think fishel is ester for a couple of reasons. You can build her attack, damage and she’s still, probably a or a plus tier damage. She has extremely good damage because of the scaling on some of her abilities, but if you build her as a support – and you just use your abilities she’s also super valuable. I think that that versatility is great, she’s, also a bow user. You can throw it into the team if you want to stun certain enemies.

I think that that has value she’s good for some puzzles. I think that official is great, barbara, i’m putting her in the eights here she’s currently free to play, she’s accessible from you know. The majority players you get to level 20, you get barbara, so you’ve already got a good healer. If you invest some stats in her she’s good, but she has a very easily accessible weapon, as you start doing wishes that will buff everyone else in the team, and that is why she’s so great you pop her heal and you’re, boosting your main dps’s damage and That is awesome, badou s tear because of how hot she is. Listen.

I’Ve seen a lot of tier lists that are putting her in c tier they’re, putting her even in d tier she’s, a little bit slower to play than some characters. But if you look at her exploration and her ability to swim, it’s great, but here’s the big thing, if we’re looking at fun factor, if we’re looking at how awesome this character is you can one hit enemies in the spiral abyss with her counter-attack? If you need an electric character, she can be great now, if you take all the factors in, i honestly, i think i would put her in the a-tier, but i feel like people will get mad at me, but i’m putting her b-tier minimum now.

This is one of my first c tiers. I love the support. I love the water blades, but it just doesn’t feel like enough. It doesn’t feel like i’m getting the bang for the buck with this character. I’M sorry also. I have a hard time pronouncing your name. I’M not even gon na try, because you guys will bully me all right now. Bennett wants to be d, luke isn’t d luke tries his best. He has some support. He has some healing, i feel like he’s. Kind of one of those jackable trades is decent, but not amazing, and i feel like there’s better people in the beats here that i would rather have.

But if you want to build bennett, you can make bennett good all right, amber uh, this one’s always a meme uh, dt e tier, listen. Her exploration is great right because she has the passive for increased flight. She also have has fire arrows and there’s a ton of torches. You need to light, but her kit is not good. We’Re going to put her in the deets here, because expiration, wise she’s estier, but fighting wise she’s, like e or f tier sucrose, is interesting. I think sucrose is better than people think uh approaching beats here or in beats here. I i’m honestly, i think i’m gon na put her in beats here because i think she’s better than people think and if someone watches this, i don’t want them to get sucrose and then they’re like now she’s seeds here not using her.

Also, if you get her first constellation, you essentially double her value on the battlefield, so one constellation sucrose absolutely beats here. It’S not even close. I i wouldn’t definitely put it there. Maybe even approaching eightier all right now, lisa, i’m putting her in the d tier unless you’re listening to her with the japanese audio on and climbing and like that’s your thing using her in combat is a chore and – and i see some people using her – and i Just go, i i can’t do it she’s, so clunky she can get knocked out of her attacks and be useless. I just i’m done ning wang. If you look at single target damage, if you look at her burst ability, she has the potential to be like at your damage.

She really could be, but i find that her her elemental ability is, is really clunky at times and geo as a whole. Isn’T a great element geo just kind of feels weak right now, so i’m going to put her in the seats here, but i’m telling you if they ever change things if they ever buff her there could be some major movement. Oh well we’re running into the same problems with geo geo, just isn’t strong. But if you look at her area of effect ability to attack – and if you he did build this as an attack character, there’s some fun stuff that can happen and with the healing it does have value. But i think that noel is just kind of average and i would rather have stronger attackers or stronger healers or stronger elements all right now. Kaya is gon na go in the beats here. Because of how much you can spam, the abilities uh, because the burst ability is, is an area of effect thing that that has sustained freezing and exploration.

He opens a couple pathways early on depending on your stamina, and so i’m going to put kai in the beats here. But honestly, i feel like kaya kind of feels seats here. Uh is a little bit boring to play for whatever reason so he’s like right here. He’S like in between i’m actually he’s gon na, be the first one where i put in between, because i’m having a hard time all right, let’s not beat around the bush d luke is, is, is beyond good his area of effect, his ability to just smash everything In the game, even with zero constellations he’s good if, for some reason, the gods shine on you and you get max constellation, i don’t know how anyone would have better dps than him.

While we’re on the topic. Shang ling can have really good dps, but i find that her ability, uh, is a little clunky and there’s a lot of times. You drop the bear and it misses or it gets you push it a little bit or or it’s just a little bit. Clunky and depending on how fast you’re killing enemies and where you play this again, i feel like a lot of the time. You don’t get a good effect now. If you look at just her flaming tornado, i think that that’s like an s an s or even eight’s your ability, it’s a very good elemental ability. It lasts really long once you get to higher levels and constellations and everything, but honestly, i’m gon na put her in the seats here now. We’Ve got chi-chi chi-chi, i think, is an aid to your healer or b to your healer early on, but once you hit level 70 she’s this healer right here you see her peeking in at level 70.

She essentially can proc her ultimate ability from just auto, attacking and and when you do, that, you have another opportunity to use this very large cool down, ultimate uh and heal another character, who’s attacking and um. There are some situations where you don’t have your cooldowns and you don’t have the ability to heal anyone, and so you can still swap to her auto attack a few times and still get that heal off and and level 70 is when she becomes zestier before level 70 she’s like here, she really isn’t that amazing to me. I i honestly think she’s like beats here before level 70.

But once you hit level 70, that’s what makes her an s to your character and now finally venti the cc ability from the ultimate is too good. It can chain multiple elemental effects to the point where it can destroy rooms of enemies in the spiral abyss exploration is asked here, so it’s asked here, and so, if i was to stop there – and this was the tier list – we’ve got all our characters here. That are currently playable and available looks a little weird right, like really there’s only one a tier character.

Well, that’s because it depends on constellations. You give razer one eight’s here you give him two he’s probably eight’s here you give him all of them. He’S s here! Jong-Yun, what level is he how many constellations you have can be eighty or very easily probably asked estier like realistically, i could just grab both these go like that and bop and put them right there, because they can easily fit, and that’s why i want you to Listen to the next part of this video, because i think it’s important, hey everyone emtash here and i wanted to talk about gentian impact tier lists. Now this is a tier list on

If you guys want to use this website, they’ve got quite a few different things. And if you look at this tier list, i’d say it’s pretty darn accurate, there’s another tier list from a youtuber named gotcha gamer, and i think he did a great job as well. Going over the characters, showing footage and so to make my own tier list, maybe i move someone from c to b or b to a and – and maybe you min max a little bit, but i want to give you some advice with tier lists like this. On a game like this, you need to take them with a massive grain of salt. You need like a full spoonful of salt, because there are so many factors. Are we looking at the characters at level one? Well? What about at level? 70 at level 70? You start getting some insane passives and you know someone like kaching. She gets an extra 15 crit chance at level 70 and other people, don’t they get other stuff other bonuses, but there’s very big discrepancies between level 1, kitchen and level 70.

The other thing, too, is kaching and mona their burst. Ability is bugged, it’s getting fixed tomorrow. So if we’re redoing this list tomorrow, kaching is probably estier and mona is probably estier. And so, when you see a tier list like this, i’m not saying that gentian gg won’t update it, but things change very rapidly. And if you’re looking at a character like fishel she’s an awesome support, she can be an awesome dps. But if you’re looking at you know zero constellation d, luke versus maxed out constellation fishel, i might take fishhole right, even when you start adding one or two d luke at zero constellations versus one constellation, kaching, i’m taking kaching, and so i i think people get baited.

They look at this list and they’re like, oh god, i’ve got shang yoon he’s a he’s, a be tear, listen once you get him up in levels. If you can get a couple constellations, he is one of the best dps characters in the game. He also is cryo when mixed with electric has one of the best debuffs in the game, and so you can’t just look at the tier list and write characters off because oh well, it’s a beautier. I can’t use them and in some cases people call a character like this seats here, but if you learn how to use this character, she has some of the biggest crits and biggest hits in the game. She can one hit some end game mobs in the abyss. If you use her counter attack properly – and so maybe she’s not the best for pub stomping, but is she one of the most fun characters in the game to play?

Absolutely – and you know i started recording this and i started giving my opinions on these characters, but a lot of the opinions are also based on. Do i enjoy that character? Do i enjoy using their abilities? Now? If you look at gene gene is an eight-seater healer in here she could do really good and she’s really bursty. I think gene is the most boring character. I’Ve ever played in this game. I know that she’s good, statistically she’s good, but i’d i’d call her. Like beats here because i’m like eh whatever she’s boring, and i think that that’s not fair, and so what i would recommend you do. Is you look at a tier list like this? You look at maybe the tier list from gotcha gamer, i’m going to link them down below.

I think that they did some really good tier lists, and i think you can follow those, but i would love for you to follow my advice and and really play with the characters and get a feel for them. I’Ve got a really good, full constellation official she’s, a great character. She kicks major butt and the second i played ka-ching. I wanted to switch and it’s not because she’s a five-star, i do more damage with fishel, but it’s so fun playing with kaching and it’s so fun being this little lightning assassin that i wanted to use all my resources on this character, and i got jean as The first five star on my account jean, is a five-star good healer and i swapped to barbara when i got barbara at level 20.

When i got barbara at level 20, i swapped i do not use gene anymore because i just don’t like the feel of her. I find her boring. I just don’t love it, and so, when you look at these tier lists, play time with these characters is a must before you make any decisions and don’t be throwing away your accounts and re-rolling just because you got ka-ching instead of d-luke. Maybe you have more fun with kaching right, maybe more fun with mona. Maybe you would rather have mona as a support and just use another character and uh. I think that i, i think that these tier lists should only be a small guide.

The teams that you’re building and a more important thing would be building a proper team building a proper team with proper elements, and so i actually made a video on that and i would love for you guys to watch that it should pop up above me there. You can click on that the link should be down below, but the tier list is a tiny piece of the puzzle, all of this stuff and building a strong team. That is where you get an s to your team. It isn’t having all s to your characters. It’S using the characters you do have and and creating the perfect team. That’S pretty much it! Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed and i’ll see you soon. Bye.

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