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The Ultimate Genshin Impact Guide By: EpicSyringe


This guide is for those early-game players who want to dominate Teyvat while leaving a trail of blood, and the echoing screams of adoring fans as Walk from Pantera blasts around you. Watch this and hillichurls will hurl themselves at your feet and Dvalin will personally escort you to the gates of loot heaven and the land of infinite mora.

0:50 Daily Commission Quests are a freaking must and Katheryne’s weird catchphrase.

1:47 Exploring the map, discovering locations, and eating human souls for our Lord and Savior Barbatos.

3:08 Doing Trial Domains because they’re freaking easy and give you a one time all you can eat buffet of loot.

3:57 Advertisement for America’s Soda because I drank all my America’s Beer before I could get good enough footage for this video.

4:07 Side Quests are a must and if you don’t do them you’ll end up like me spending all your primogems on refreshes.

4:44 Mercenary Work 101 – Learning how to body your enemies into the dirt for money one encircled nuclear explosion of gold at a time.

5:36 Destroying bosses and ripping their offspring apart for the loot that’s going to turn your characters into the walking images of Barabatos himself.

7:43 When and how to do weapon domains so that when you eventually become a whale and roll every 5-star in the game tomorrow, you don’t have to go back and do them.

9:24 Discussing character ascensions and how the materials you farm, (and where/how to farm them) AND MARKING THEM ON YOUR PIN FORSAKEN MAPS, will help you in the long run.

12:25 Marjorie is a great freaking business owner and also a saint for every player who thinks a single Mr. Fluffball guarding a chest is some sort of impossible wall.

The awesome thumbnail is from this Reddit’s very own Kaoward who was kind enough to let me use her work! Absolutely amazing, I hope I did it justice and hope to hear from you all soon.


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