This 4-Star Team Will Destroy Dragonspine: Genshin Impact 1.2 Tips


Uh, well now it’s official i was gon na make a video about the dragon spine and like the ultimate team for going in the mountains and melting everything and being safe and uh. Well, i i just accidentally got c6 chignan um. I had a couple of the star glitters left over some of these bad boys and i’m like well, i’m just gon na do one little quick wish. I should have done it on stream, because then it would be way more hype, but uh yeah. I i just maxed out this on my four star only account i think i’m gon na maybe make her my main dps. I i don’t know this gives her a whole bunch of bonus damage. Uh, we’ll talk about that later.

I’M not sure what to do. Um. C6, this changes everything now this is going to be my team of xinyan razer, shangling and bennet, but i know that not everyone has all these characters, so i’m going to throw you some different characters to throw into the mix. If you don’t have these ones, but i’m going to go with this one and really double down on the fire, and i want to explain why each one is going to be so good and we’re going to start with xinyan. Now, obviously, i’ve got a c6 shin, yan she’s cracked. This is the power of wishing on one banner right. We’Ve got a c6 sean yoon. We’Ve got some razor constellations. I wish we had him maxed uh, but we’ve got a bunch of shinyan constellations here. So she’s gon na be super valuable, but i’m using her predominantly as a support in this situation. Now the reason why is built into her base talents as well as her constellation so the first one. Is this one right here when you use your uh, your e ability it’s going to provide a shield and, with her level, 20 passive, it requires one less enemy to get a higher tier shield, and it means that if you just run up and hit one enemy, You’Re gon na get a really beefy shield, but if you hit two enemies, you’re gon na get a huge shield that also pulses with pyro.

So if there’s any enemies trying to rush you you’re gon na be melting them, you’re gon na be hitting them really hard. You’Re gon na be taking out their shields passively, which is great and then there’s this one right here, this character when she pops her shield is going to provide a 15 physical damage boost to other characters. Now my main dps is razor, so once i pop that shield, especially if i pop a big one, all of a sudden i’ve got a 15 boost to razer’s damage. That is incredible because most of his damage is physical. Now, in her constellations, this is where she gets really nutty on the second constellation when she pops her q ability, she gets a maxed out shield, that’s going to be pulsing and doing those those hits of damage, but also buffing razor.

Now i can alternate between my e ability and my q ability and i’m going to be always pretty much shielded with fire. So if this is able to block the the cold debuff, that’s going to be happening in the new region, i should have essentially immunity with xin yan, even if you don’t have c6 at c2. If this works, i’m not 100. Yet this would be incredible now on c4. This is where things really ramp up and make her valuable for my razor when she uses her e ability, it’s going to reduce the physical resistances of the enemies that it hits, and so this is going to buff razer. Further or even buff herself, if i leave her out on the field, very, very excited about that now i really like having razer on this as an electric dps, because he can do a couple of things.

Number one is if there are a bunch of cryo enemies, there’s a good chance that razer is going to superconduct them. That means that their uh, their defenses, their physical defenses, are going to be dropping, meaning he’s just gon na naturally do more damage in this region. To pretty much everything, and if i could strip the shields away with some of my fire characters, that means that razer is open to run and gun and absolutely destroy everything in his path. There’S nothing too special in here, like in his talents or abilities that i really need to mention other than razer’s going to be cracked. I’M excited he’s going to be a great dps. Now shang ling is going to be awesome as well. There’S nothing major in her constellations.

There’S nothing in her talents that are going to like be a huge game, changer other than maybe this uh attack bonus once you use gooba, but shang ling is just there to do some damage she’s there to hit hard she’s there to take some names she’s there To peel off any cryo shields that might be around, but the other thing is she is uh has a lot of physical dps um. I’Ve got the crescent pike on her because i use her as one of my main dps and yes, i could build her as a support, but here are my thoughts if i mess up. If i take too much damage, if i need someone to finish off an enemy when razor’s low, i’m still going to get all the buffs from xinyan who’s, giving me all of those beautiful debuffs for physical damage or buffs to physical damage and xinyan can be kind Of my backup dps as well as support, and i’m really excited to try this out, i think it’s going to be pretty powerful when she pops her q when she pops her e. It hits really hard, even though she’s more specked for physical damage, and then we got our boy bennett.

Now i need to get some of these talents up, i’m going to keep ascending him and get some of these up, but bennett is going to be our main healer. Even when you don’t invest in bennett, he’s one of the best healers in the game and he also consistently applies uh like the pyro, not debuff, but the pyro element to you, and so, if being applied with that, pyro will reduce the cold meter. I could see him being very valuable. You pop it, you stand in it, you warm up, i’m really hoping that works. I don’t know for sure. If nothing else, if my hp is getting low, he’s going to be topping things up to 70 percent and i can take advantage of some things like the berserker sets on my characters. But i think that bennett is just an overall great healer. But again, if you don’t have bennett, it’s not going to be the end of the world, you could throw in a diona if you’ve got shinyan right if you’ve got shinyan. I did a whole video on this yesterday. Her shield allows you to use barbara, even when there’s cryo going out it, it blocks the cryo.

The shield is a fire shield, it instantly cancels it, and so you can have barbara out on the field healing and making everyone wet, but they won’t actually freeze. As long as that shield is up, so there are some options for healers. Obviously, if you had someone like chichi use, chichi like like no problem, but i think for right now, with these characters, it is going to be one of the best combos out there, and if you wanted to make some adjustments, you’ve got that d luke. You do your thing if you’ve got venti and you want to just use a couple of fire characters. Do your thing right. If you’ve got clee, oh, my god, she’s gon na be cracked out there. She’S gon na, be absolutely cracked, maybe make her your main dps. There are so many options, but i wanted to show off this team because i’m guessing that you have maybe a couple of these characters and you can start throwing them in.

I think that xinyan has rapidly become one of my favorite characters, and so i’m not gon na lie get in that c6. I’M pretty pumped, i just don’t know like. Should i make the white blind for her because i have the white blind? That’S the thing is, i can make it. I’Ve got the um, i’ve got the prototype right here, i’ve been saving one, and so i could make a white blind on her and almost make her like a secondary dps or i could just keep her as a support. I don’t really know. I also have c6 shangyun and i kind of want to use the new claymore on him. Maybe i’ll get lucky, maybe i’ll get a prototype. I don’t really know we’ll have to see. But what are your thoughts? Do i make c6 shin yan a main dps? Maybe i do it for the video just for the memes we’ll see. So, as soon as i ended the video i started kind of testing – and i was like hold on a second – i think xinyan might might be able to be made into a main dps here and this uh.

This is really interesting because a lot of her damage is just from physical, and so you know you can get in there. You can pop this shield, but then you’re getting this increased physical damage and with that c6 it reduces the stamina of her charge attack and she spins to win right, but also you’re, getting 50 of your defense. And so, even if you’re, not even if you’re, not building for defense and you’re building for sheer damage, if you get any of those pieces that have just like a little defense on it, that’s gon na be great. It’S not gon na be wasted, but on top of that um you can give her like a pretty big boost to damage by using the defender’s will. So the defender will artifact a two-piece set, gives you 30 uh defense bonus, so she’s gon na be really tanky.

Uh compared to other characters, but then on top of that you’re gon na get 50 percent of that bonus or of that defense as bonus attack. And so what ends up happening is like, even if you are using um like a prototype, amnest and you’re, getting a bunch of attack the base amount of damage you get from defense is pretty insane and i honestly think she might be one of the better dps, Because the thing is, is you run in you pop the shield and then you can just spin right and you spin to win and no one’s going to knock you out of this or or hit you and then, when that’s done, you can pop this.

It automatically crits, so if you stack a ton of damage, it crits and then you’re back into this right and then this shield runs out and you pop it again. It’S not necessarily like razer getting the attack speed, but you can chain these these shields and be insanely safe, the entire time. So i think i’m gon na test this today, i’m gon na make a whole video on this, but i just uh. I guess i wanted to add this in here, because this is kind of nutty.

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