Tips misi mingguan Battle Pass tanpa menggunakan resin – Genshin Impact Indonesia


Battle Pass quest is a “ lifetime quest”, which give you a lot of rewards every 1 level up raising Battle Pass level needs exp, which can be got from completing daily weekly monthly Battle Pass mission, some need resin. There are 2 missions which can “ actually” be completed without resin, using these tips, 1 Completing Ley Line 20 times.

Every time you complete, ley line quest, do NOT take the reward using this method. Your resin will not be consumed, but it’s still recorded as completing Ley Line on Battle Pass quest as a result of not getting the previous reward. Ley Line won’t respawn to deal with this. There are 4 Ley Line locations in Monstadt and Liyue. You can repeat the method for those 4 locations, so it’s recorded as completing 4 Ley Line quest within 5 days.

This weekly Ley Line Battle Pass quest is complete ( without using resin ) 2 Defeat Elite Enemies, 10 times use the same method as completing Ley Line quest before The only difference is elite enemies will still respawn, despite you not taking the reward using resin. So this weekly elite monster Battle Pass quest will be complete in 1 day ( without using resin ). This is the end of this video. Hopefully, this video can help you complete Battle, Pass quest and still save your resin See you on the next video.

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