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Triple Crown Eula Showcase! Why Eula Is My Favourite Character In Genshin Impact


When a noble woman is speaking, you are to lower your drink and look her directly in the eyes. You really ought to learn some proper etiquette. I bet it’s that gunhilder girl. Talking about me behind my back again: hey how’s everyone doing today, grunty gaming and believe it or not. I just triple crowned my eula, it’s the first character, i’ve ever triple crowned and happens to be my favorite character.

It’S crazy to think that this is my first time triple crowning, a character considering i’ve been playing this game since the moment it came out, but i don’t know you know that’s one drawback to having too many characters is that you know your resources are stretched thin And you don’t really commit to anyone. I don’t like to keep my team stagnant. I like to switch characters, and you know, keep switching my team around on rotation, but with that being said, eula is the most consistent character in my party and it’s not because of just her damage. It’S not because of just her design. It’S a lot of little things why i love this character and, ironically enough, i touched on this.

In my regrets, video about characters. I regret – and you know, characters that surprised me. She was the biggest surprise i had she came out of. Nowhere like this character came out of nowhere. She wasn’t really in voice lines in the game and i have a theory to that.

I really think that in 1.4 we had two rerun banners, venti and child and then starting at 1.5 we had jungly reruns, so they had to come up with a new character that could fit some of the themes of the old areas like monster leeway. They couldn’t have four reruns in a row, so i’m guessing that’s why they came up with eula theory. It seems like that idea would go badly, but for me it just worked.

Her banner didn’t have the greatest sales and she caught a lot of people off guard, but for the most part, i think a lot of people now are realizing her true potential. She physical damage dealers on the map before it was like she’s, not gon, na compete. She’S not gon na be able to compete with the likes of zhao, hutao and ganyu. There’S no way you know, elemental reactions are just too strong guess what she proved everyone wrong, not to mention. There’S nothing, that’s immune to her.

Nothing can survive her everything dies and apparently not ash daha. What’S going on here, what is this game bugging? What is happening? This game is broken. What’S going on, like oh, you murdered me, but first let me do my cut scene.

Does he have hp there? There’S? No way, okay, what the hell’s going on, but to understand why i love this character so much you got ta understand how she actually works now to go over my build real, quick um. Basically, i have 200 crit damage pretty much and you know just over 30 crit rate, not the greatest, and i got a hundred and almost 129. You know physical damage bonus with her signature weapon, which is one of my favorites in the game.

It looks so clean, but she has a four-star weapon that goes perfectly with her free to play in dragon spine and it even matches her and then she’s got an artifact set perfectly geared to her. I know i’m running the two piece, but the four piece set goes perfectly in conjunction with her skill. This set is made specifically for eula, so the fact that she has her own personal artifact set obviously helps and, let’s be honest, her design is flawless to me. Anyways so going over her actual talents now so essentially how this works is. When you absorb the grim heart stack, you tap your skill, you don’t hold it, you tap it.

You gain a sword. You’Ll increase your attack. You gain defense and resistance and eruption. You do it again after 0.3 of a second which the cooldown of the actual move is slower than the actual 0.

seconds. So i mean you can spam it and the cooldown’s really fast. Then you hold it in to absorb, get that burst to cryo damage and then the two grim heart swords that absorb are scaled off of your actual physical damage, which will be somewhere around like 63 to 70k. Every time you do it, on top of her actual physical damages that she’s doing and her burst, it’s gnarly. It adds up so fast um, it does a ton of damage and the fact you get defense buffs too, with it and her burst.

You get that light. False orb that absorbs and keeps building behind her uh. You could switch out at any time to blow it up if you need it in a pinch, but for the most part it gets stronger, the more consecutive attacks. You know absorbing your grim heart. Using your skill.

It’S just amazing how fluid this character is, and it goes along with her actual character. You know she’s from the old aristocracy and the only thing she absorbed from her old background is dancing now she’s dancing, while she’s fighting and it’s not at random she’s, getting stronger with every strike with every skill she uses and her skills can be used. So fluidly with her actual attack animations and it’s ironic, because that’s kind of like a song building up, you know like she’s dancing, you know she’s going with the flow and the stronger she gets, the more she’s dancing she builds up like she you’d build up in A song and then her verse is the final atonement, and then it just continues. It’S like a song. You know you hit, you start off slow.

You hit your main course. You die down a bit. You hit your main course: that’s how she’s meant to be played, and it goes perfectly with her character. I just i love when characters work that way when they line up with their actual lore their fighting style. You can see here too, it doesn’t take long to actually absorb those light swords and then sometimes when you unleash them, it’s almost overkill and that’s not even counting your burst and the fact that your burst gets powered from those light sorbs not to mention she’s in Full tear mode when she’s got her cape glowing when you pop your burst off when this cape’s going and then absorb your swords, it’s going to be complete death to anything even in its radius.

I just love that little feature that it’s glowing and the icicles follow too it’s a nice little feature and this character just feels so fluent. Her attack animations are clean and she just feels so smooth to use. So you see here when i use her burst a ton of crowd, damage which isn’t even the brunt of it, and when you actually get your life all sort of charged up everything’s dead. There is no way anything’s surviving, even the most tankiest of bosses in this game. You don’t even have the best artifacts and the best crit and whatnot you’re still going to take a massive chunk out of everything, littler enemies, even at higher levels.

There’S no way they’re dying, eula doesn’t need supports she’s, not really a good supporter herself. She has no support, qualities i’ll give her that that’s one drawback to this character, but you, if you have a decent shield character and maybe a healer, maybe if you’re slow on the shield it doesn’t matter, you don’t need shincho bennett, you don’t need anybody, you don’t Need albedo, you don’t need beto, you don’t need fishel, you just need eula use her burst right now, without even charging it. Let’S just swap out right away like it doesn’t even matter that’s at its lowest possible power rate and it’s still going to do a ton of damage and that’s not even a counter crit. Oh, when it crits it’s a game over everything’s dead, like you’re doing millions of damage now i’ll up for granted like i don’t have the best belt eula i’ll, give you that, but, like you, don’t really need the best-built eula to do everything that there is to Do in this game, if i had two eula’s one on each team in the abyss, i would literally just put young lee on my team, have two characters and you could nine star this thing over and over again without even having to try and i’m not one For tearless and meta and things like that, but that’s pretty insane and the fact that you don’t have to juggle teams, because you know, if you run into a big cryo boss, a cryo slime, the wolf boss or cryo attacks. Don’T do much damage, or maybe they have immunity.

It doesn’t matter now. Let’S actually look at some of her actual other aspects of her grimhart, so you can see here, i’m you know fluidly attacking doing chunks of damage, but once you get full grim heart, you gain defense, so she’s not going to be able to be damaged that quickly. She won’t have to be coddled as hard, so you can use her grim heart stacks and her skill very complex, cleverly to try to gain extra defense, maybe you’re in a certain situation where you need the defense rather than just absorb the swords right away. You can really just play it to feel because when you don’t absorb the swords like i just did you know, you won’t get that extra attack right away and you won’t kill your enemy as fast, but at least you’re gaining a ton of defense in the process. So as she’s dancing and as she’s attacking she’s getting stronger in both offense and defense, and i could take out an entire cryo domain with just eula, with everything having shield no problem like eula is the undisputed best physical damage dealer in this game, and she is Responsible for putting physical damage on the map for the top of the meta which i got to appreciate, but that’s not why i pulled her.

You know i i just loved her attack animations, i loved her backstory and, although i do feel like mihoyo pulled this character on a whim last minute, it just worked for me. You know i love that she’s from the old aristocracy and the old gritty gritty pasta. Monstat – and i appreciate that the fact that this character can kill everything on her own kind of fits her in-game lore, because she’s kinda is on her own. You know she has no friends real friends, everyone, you know shuns her because of her past and her ancestors. So the fact that she can kill everything on her own and needs no help from anyone kind of actually fits her character, which is kind of cool, and i love the dancing part too.

You know she gets stronger as she moves up in the beat similar to a song. You know similar if you were actually dancing. You know when you hit that high point in the song. It just makes so much sense. It looks clean i’ll, actually, love.

This little feature where she throws her sword into the ground too, at the end, just as pure dominance. I love this character, love every aspect about her. I love her gameplay she’s fun to use she’s smooth attack animations. She does not feel like a claymore user and i do feel bad for anyone slept on this character because she is, if i ever had to make a video about if a character is worth it to pull, she is the most worth it character to pull that. I have ever pulled in this game and i have every single character, with the exception of kazua, which, ironically, i would put second on this list for characters that you should absolutely pull, but anyways, i’m gon na wrap the video up there.

I just thought: it’d be fun to showcase my three crowned eula. First, ever three crown i’ve ever had in this game and my favorite character. Now, hopefully, she gets a rerun soon. I’D love everyone to be able to try her or at least have a trial of her like they did. You know just the recent events having zhao and gone you as playable characters, that’d be cool, but on that note guys, i hope you guys enjoyed this video stay tuned for a zhao and ryan shogun video coming up soon, and we will see you in the next Video later [ Music, ], [ Applause ], you

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