*UPDATE 1.1* Tier List [Genshin Impact] – Zhongli + Tartaglia


Genshin impact has finally increased the roster in update 1.1! 4 new Characters with unique mechanics are finally playable and for this reason its only fair to rate them for their true strenghtness in both mechanics and skill damage output! In this channel you will find a lot of tier lists,,,, covering the overall character strenght, the damage contribution to the team, the team role strengt and even a constellation tier list! And to celebrate this new Genshin impact patch 1.1 today this 4 characters will be rated for each of this roles,, making a list as accurate as possible! Before getting started let me remind you that subscribing will grant you a free CHILDE in your next single pull,,, aaand also by joining the family you will be up to date with all the latest Guides, leaks and future tier lists for your favourite mobile gacha rpgs! Now with that being said let’s take a look at Xinyan! She is a Pyro Claymore character! Her q does AOE Pyro damage and Her E skill makes a shield that has 3 lvs and by hitting more enemies it gets stronger, And the overall shield strenght it’s based on her DEF! also the shield has 250% increased damage reduction against pyro.

Each level will have an enemy requirement Lv 1 : Improvise : 0 ~ 1 enemies needed. Lv 2 : Introduction : 2 enemies needed. And Lv 3 : Rave : 3 or more enemies needed and it also cause periodic pyro damage to enemies that are close. An incredible defensive skill that can makez a huge difference when it comes to some element specific battles. She is also amazing at creating elemental reactions for the main dps or the anemo support in your team! for the Passive talents It decreases the number of enemies that her E needs to hit to lv up her shield. Lv 2 : reduces to 1 Lv 3 : reduces to 2 . with the second Passive talent Characters protected by her shields do 15% more physical damage. and Passive 3 When cooking a def meal she gets 12% chance of getting double. This passives makes even more beneficial to include a phisical damage hero in your team to fully utilize her support synergy with such a character! CONSTELLATIONS! C3 AND C5 Will increase the q and e talent level by 3 as usual! with the C1,,, 5s AFTER Xinyan hit a critical strike her atk speed and charge atk are increased by 12% this effect can only occur once each 5 seconds.

C2 will make Her E do a crit attack when you use it and will also create a lv 3 shield. with C4 Her E damage will decrease the enemies physical res by 15%. and C6 Decreases the stamina consumption of Xinyan’s charge atks by 30% and when using charge atks Xinyan gets a 40% bonus atk based on her defense. this reminds me of noelle overpowered 6th constellation! + a very good synergy with phisical damage dps heroes that will se their dps skyrocket thanks to this character synergy! The base stats and the overall costellation bonusses makes xinyan shine above many other 4 stars in the game Rating this character i took into consideration her capability to synergize well in a team and the amazing constellation 6 that is truly what makes her stand out from the others.

Thats why She Deserves to be in the A tier when it comes to a Support Tier list, an S- Tier when considering an overall field of C6 characters and for the overall rank she is an A+ for the value she Brings when used! Diona Is the new Healer added into the game! she is a Cryo Bow user! Her e SKILL shoots a frozen cat-pawn that causes cryo damage and creates a shield. The shield absorption depends on Diona’s max HP like barbara and it’s duration depends on how many pawns hit. There are 2 mechanics related to her e skill! if you Press it Fires 2 quickly pawns. and if you Hold Quickly retreats and fires 5 pawns. The shield created by hold gets a 75% bonus damage absorption.

Similarly to xinyan The shield has 250% increased damage reduction against cryo and applies cryo to Diona briefly! Its a clear direction to element specific content for the future. her Q Fires a frozen drink that causes cryo aoe damage and creates a drunk mist. The “drunk mist” causes continuous cryo damage to enemies and continuous heal characters inside the field. its a super good skill to keep the enemy frozen and deal elemental damage with a main dps with her first Passive talent The characters protected by her E gets a 10% mov speed bonus and reduces their stamina cost by 10%. the second Passive debuff enemies. They will now deal 10% less damage for 15 seconds but only when they are inside her Q the Passive talent number 3 gives 12% chance of getting double on healing food.

Overall she is a very powerfull healer with an unique cryo ability that makes her so strong when it comes to the support role! Its pretty clear that both her and xinyan have been designed to be very strong in the new meta to make people interested in rolling for them. This is especially evident when you take a look at diona CONSTELLATIONS. Infact C3 and 5 increase the e and q ability by 3 levels as usual, but when it comes to C1 she becomes able to regenerate 12 energy AFTER her Q ends. Thats super strong to spam it more often. with C2 Increase the damage of her E by 15% and increased the shield damage absorption by 15% AND when the ability hits an enemy creates a shield that absorb up to 50% of her E damage for 5 seconds! C4 grants you 60% faster aimed shots inside the q area, and C6 gives amazing bonusses inside the aoe area! Infact inside the Q grants 30% healing effectiveness when character HP below 50% and 200 elemental mastery for character above 50% HP! So no mather what you will get a huge bonus to your team! This is SO Powerful when looking at all the other c6 4* characters! Having her in the team will translate into a very reliable constant heal to the team and many amazing bonusses that will take the elemental reactions damage on another level.

She is an amazing character to roll for, and an S- tier when considering her support role! When it comes to Constellations she becomes even more powerful compared to the rest of the characters placing her easly on the S tier! thats a very crazy constellation when you look at it, giving her actual Gamechanging mechanics, bringing her to the next level! As an overall character she in on the S- tier Now let’s go over the 5* characters starting with Zhongli ! He will be added on the 2nd of december alongside xinyan and he is truly one of a kind character. We never seen anything like him before. He is a Geo Polearm character! His E has 2 mechanics, if you Press it release a cube Kinda like geo MC’s E, but with the difference that it resonates with others geo objects causing geo damage in the area (like the geo cube boss).

The maximum amount he can create is one.(2 with his C1) And if you Hold E he Makes every geo o bject explode creating the following effects : – Makes a jade shield, with a damage absorption depending on Zhongli’s max life and it has 250% increased dmg reduction against GEO. – Causes GEO AOE damage. – If there are geo effected enemies nearby it will drain a big quantity of geo element of a maximum of 2 targets this effect causes no damage. This is a very good skill to charge his ultimate that is truly his strong point! His Burst skill Brings down a meteor doing GEO damage and that also apply petrify.

And Enemies affect by petrify can’t move and receive an additional 20% physical and GEO damage. Zhongli is a one man army that can provide incredible dps output the first passive makes the Jade shield increase efficiency by 5% when hitted with a maximum of 5 stacks. with the second passive his Q causes an additional damage EQUAL to 20% of Zhongli’s max life. and finally the 3rd passive Returns 15% of the ores used to make polearms.

If you think that this is already so strong, his constellation makes a huge differece. with the first constellation Increasing the max numbe r of geo constructions made by his E to a maximum of 2 simultaneusly in the field Constellation 2 will create a jade shield when using your q Constellation 4 Increases his Q AOE damage by 20% and also increases his Q petrify effect duration by 2 seconds. and finally Constellation 6 that will make zhongli truly a one man army! infact this contellation will unlock the ability to convert 40% of the damage recived, when using jade shield, to life! But with the only downside that The maximum amount of healing can’t surpass 8% of the maximum life of the character.

But still , overall this constellation gives zhongli a lot of tools to be usefull in any boss fight! I really like this character and as a maid dps role he truly shine above everyone else and also with a ningguan maybe with a 4 set of petra artifact he will be unstoppable! S+ in the current landscape of characters! he is very very strong as a dps, super powerfull with his constellations and overall he cant be lower than S+ They added super strong characters to this patch! truly something to keep an eye out for! And Now lets take a look at Childe! My personal favourite and truly the most wired character in the game! He is the first character bringing the Duble stance into the game.

He can both use the bow, that is his main weapon, and the duble blades You will be able to use a weapon type over the other based on the situation! When he is in his BOW stance he can do a new effect! he doesnt just attack normally, instead when doing a charge attack he will inflict Broken flow to the enemy That is basically a water bomb that will explode causing aoe damage to nearby enemies when it gets hit by any of childe attacks! If you decide to use his E to switch to the blade stance he will cause damage to nearby enemies when doing so and he will now be able to slash enemies dealing hydro damage. Also in this stance you will be able to trigger the Broken flow effect dealing aoe damage to the enemies hitted by his slashes! His Q will also be different based on the stance, dealing aoe hydro damage with his bow stance, and also applying broken flow to all the enemies in the area! The blade stance will cause a similar outcome, performing a wide slash and doing a broken flow burst effect with a lot of aoe hydro damage for all the enemies in his way! The passive number 1 increases the broken flow duration by 8 seconds.

The second passive will allow childe to deal broken flow effect also with his blade stance, and for the last passive he will increase the all team normal attacks talent by 1! thats super nice! He is an ok character at constellation 0, maybe just a bit less powerfull than zhongli, but he can still trigger a lot of elemental reaction, and with the nearby aoe effect he is a perfet match for venti users. His constellations will play a huge role if you try to unleash the true potential of this character, Constellation 1 Reduces the CD of his E by 20%,with the second constellation He gets elemental energy defeating enemies affected by broken flow. C4 Enemies affected by broken flow het an extra attack hit every 4 seconds. the type of attack depends if he’s in ranged or melee form.

And for constellation 6 When his Q is used on melee form the CD of his E is refreshed! this effect will only occurs when he goes back to ranged form. Constellation on childe will totally change the way you use the character making him so much faster at recharging energy and spamming his burst attack! Its scary how much his attack potential get boosted thanks the constellation. If i had to rate him for the role in your team he would be an S-Tier at Constellation 0, but even with a Constellation 1 the ability to gain energy increases dramatically, it gets better and better for higher constellation making him almost too strong! From a Constellation tier list he is Easly on an S++ tier next only to venti, and for an overall tier list I will put him on the s+ just because it would not feel right putting him on the S tier if you consider the overall character potential with the constellation progress! With that being said Its clear that mihoyo is followig the usual Gacha RPG path, adding stronger and stronger characters to the roster.

Thats why if you saved your primogems you might want to consider getting one of this new amazing characters to have an easy endgame with most of the content available! This concludes our tier list! i hope you liked it, if so please dont forget to to click that like button because that really helps the small creators like me to get noticed by the algoritm and if you really really liked this video please please subscribe! I post 2 times a week quality content that will help you all in your jurney into the game! So thank you again i hopefully will see you soon :).

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