Genshin impact update 1.2 banners are right around the corner and, as you all know, by now a huge patch is about to hit the game with an enormous new map to explore new mobs new systems and new events. But, of course, the most important thing that you all care about are the 2 new characters that are about to arrive In this video. I will tell you why this update is a trap, especially for free to play players being as objective as possible, but please watch until the end to understand the full reasoning behind why you should skip this update wishing wise, Let’s get into it Im Dux and in My channel, you will find the best not sponsored and not bias, Genshin impact content. Here you will find the truth. Alongside guides news and odd stuff. Aswell feel free to subscribe. Update 1.2 will come out with 2 new character and almost surely based on leaks with no new 4 star characters. Albedo will come out alongside the update and ganyu 20 days later. Albedo is a geo sword user that will most likely cover a support role. There are so many things wrong in this character, but let me say something: nice first

-Some people like male character only so that might be a plus for someone -He, might work. Ok with a ninguan or a zhongli in your team -the q. Skill increases elemental mastery of the team by 125 for 10 seconds, and i guess that’s it. This character has many flaws. Let’S start with raw normal attack damage numbers Compared to another support character such as jean numbers on Albedo, are extreamly low, making very difficult and unefficient keeping him on the field.

This translate in a forced support role very similar to zhongli infact Albedo E Skill is very focussed around this kind of playstile. Switching to him and switching back to your main dps seems like the only use you can get out of this skill. That allows him to create a geo area, dealing extra damage to enemies attacked inside and the damage will be based on albedo defence and as a secondary effect. The e skill is also very useful for exploration generating an elevator. This will make albedo the first geo support inside the game, and that’s totally not a good thing. Geo is the only element that doesn’t resonate with others, making only viable a Geo Geo combo if albedo had any other element. His abilites would have been very good thanks to the incredible elemental reaction with any main dps, but being a Geo user. There will be no resonance with an anemo support or a diluc, a childe or any other character.

The burst skill will create an aoe geo attack that can resonate with the e skill aswell infact. If the e skill is casted before the q, the ultimate will generate up to 7 fatal blossom dealing extra damage, aswell … His burst, will be the strong point for sure, given the fact that it will provide slightly higher damage than zhongli’s burst. If all the blossom are in a perfect position, the petrify effect will not be there in exchange for the slighty higher damage. This overall doesn’t make a good enough reasoning for this character to be viable, especially when there was many community complaints about the underwelming zhongli damage. Even if skills mechanics doesnt convince you -the artstile for his costume is very basic -the skills. He use reminds me of a better version of the geo mc and ther’s. Nothing really new that he can provide to the team. -His backstory is not exiting aswell after childe, a menber of the super cool, eleven fatui, harbringers and zhongli being one of the seven basically a god. … albedo is the mentor of sucrose and the capitan of the investigation team of the knights of favonias

For all this reasons, i personally will not pull for Albedo. In the upcoming banner, I dont like his playstile his art, the fact that he came after zhongli an already flawed character that needs a rewok, and i dont, like geo element, characters … until a buff or a rework for this group of character happens. I will not get any geo users. Of course this doent mean that you should not roll for him infact. He might be very appealing to some team compisitions. At this point of the video, i would have tuched on ganyu aswell on why i will not roll for her either, but given the fact that -she will be the first female character, -she had good raw damage numbers with charged shot in leaked videos that i cant Show ( link in the description. ) -she can be super usefull in abyss. Chambers -there will be a new cryo artifact set that resonate perfectly with her passive talent -and because she is one of the adepti. I will not get into her similarities with amber the unoriginal mechanincs, the 4* character, art that she has and all the other reasoning that i will explain once i actually try her

I want to give her a chance. Please keep in mind guys. This is a gatcha game. That’S why you should ask yourself: What are you looking to do in the future If you are a whale and you collect every character, this video is not for you, but if you are a f2p, ask yourself if you want to chose characters based on appearence gender Meta backstory: How much do you care about rankings and also the most important question? How long do you think you’ll be playing this game? All this question will help you decide on the characters to pull on

The only rule is Get who you have fun playing with With that being said, i will leave you with a small montage on what is about to come in update 1.3 and 1.4, so you can chose for yourself who to give all those primogems to Enjoy. If you are watching this, you are a legend. Thank you so much for watching. Please subscribe for all the genshin impact, lore news guides. You are looking for. Thank you so much again and goodbye.

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