Updated Genshin Impact Tier List: 1.2 + New Spiral Abyss


Hey guys mtash here and a lot of the tier lists in genji impact are based on viability and the spiral abyss. This is currently one of the only end game things and so characters that do well in these spiral. Abyss floors are important. Now barbara is one of the best healers in the game, but in the old spiral abyss on the floor 12. She was absolutely awful one of the worst characters in the game, but now for floor 11 and 12, she can be an incredible healer and probably one of the better ones in the game, especially if you’ve got some constellations. Now i wanted to talk about each floor and some of the hurdles you’re going to go over, but i want to do a new and revised tier list overall because well, it’s been a while. So a couple things to know going into this on floor 9 and 12 you’re going to be affected by sheer cold. Now this isn’t the same as the condensed ice that was on floor 12.

So this doesn’t actually freeze you you’re just going to accumulate sheer cold, regardless of characters or shields unless you’re near a brazer or the sealy on floor 10. There’S gon na be a sealy around the map that you can follow around and it will warm you up. So barbara, even though she is applying the what status isn’t going to freeze you on these maps uh, but someone like shinyan some like bennett who do apply the fire or the pyro debuff or or i guess buff i should say uh – that’s not going to stop The sheer cold you have to be by these mechanics, the warming sealy or the braziers. If you want to get rid of it, which is great because this opens up doors to pretty much every character in the game and so uh. You know standard viability for all characters is going to be pretty much the same on floor um. You know 9, 10 and 12

Number 12 is just geo damage getting buffed, so i mean if you’ve got albedo. If you got zhong li cool, you use noel awesome, that’s going to be just a flat buff, but this is the one that really changes the value. This is the big one, because if you don’t use a character to cleanse the electric debuff the engulfing storm, it’s going to be very hard to beat these, because you won’t have your q ability available. It just won’t work you’re going to be drained energy constantly. So you need a way to cleanse this barbara jinyan diona. There are multiple characters that can cleanse this debuff and they’re going to be much more valuable in this now even on floor 12, a lot of the enemies are pretty basic.

They don’t have any crazy shields that you really need to deal with and so elements actually aren’t that important on floor 12, which is nice they’re, going to be tankier enemies, but floor 12 is one of the easier floors. If not the easiest floor now floor 11. This is where you start running into um, just some annoying stuff, this floor, 11 chamber two. There are a lot of enemies that are going to be attacking the monolith in the middle. I squeaked by it 20, like 23 percent uh, i’m sure i can get more stars on this thing, but it was actually pretty damn tough uh and on the third floor you do have some fertility enemies, so you’re gon na have to deal with some elements. So, with all that information, let’s get into the tier list, okay, so this is a tier list that i found online. I have played with uh all of these characters, except this one because he doesn’t exist, i’m just going to get that just get out of here.

No one knows: okay, start making tier lists for characters that don’t exist uh, but i want to go over some of these characters because um some of these things will definitely change the fact that bennett is in the beats here here is an abomination uh. So let’s get started, um we’re gon na start, um we’re gon na start right from the top uh. Just because there’s a bunch of five stars here and uh and d luke is obviously he’s gon na be like ss tier because he’s just super valuable overall now in the new spiral. Abyss he’s not as good because there’s not as much cryo so he’s not as good but he’s just good period, he’s good at every part of the game. So i think d luke is probably one of the best dps carries in the game. If he’s not s tier for the majority of content, uh he’s still asked here for the rest of it. You know what i mean like he’s so so good, so we’re gon na put him there.

Uh we’re also going to put venti uh s. S tier, like absolute top venti is the best character in the game. In my opinion, uh overall i’m going to keep benty there. I don’t know, i don’t know how you wouldn’t call venti one of the best characters, if not best, characters in the game. Trivializes. So much content there are so many enemies in the new spiral abyss that are trash mobs that he can suck up. He makes so many floors easy because of that uh utility, so we’re gon na put venti there now uh official, okay uh. When the game first came out, everyone was hyping official everyone’s got a free official, so everyone’s got at least one official and potentially some constellations. She’S also in the shop now, if you have like a string list, if you have a stringless bow, she is probably in in that kind of ss to your support or s to your support. But the thing is: is the more that people have played?

The more people have realized that the electro uh reactions aren’t quite as good melt gives you two times the damage. Vaporize gives you two times the damage, and so you know she is an amazing support. She’S, probably in the s tier, but i i don’t know if she’s like the best in the game, there’s some other comps you can make now that probably do as good as her, but she’s still asked here. I’M going to put her all the way up here. You could argue her being higher. I don’t think you could argue her being lower, though i really don’t she’s that good uh now kaching, i think kaching is really good as well. We’Re going gon na get a little kitchen here, um. If you get the artifacts for and everything. I think she is nest here. I’M not gon na, say ss tier, i’m gon na tell you why she doesn’t have uh.

She doesn’t have any like major cc where she’s knocking people up like d luke, does same with venti her damage, incredible her damage single target taking out bosses. Probably up here, you can build a bunch of crit on her she’s got a lot of good scaling in her kit um, but i think because she doesn’t have cc. I’M gon na put her in the s tier she’s, still absolutely incredible, but she’s not quite on the level of d, luke and venti. In my opinion, chi-chi uh, here’s. The thing is i wan na i wan na talk about like overall value. I wan na talk about overall value. Chi-Chi probably is overall uh the best healer in the game, because she’s cryo and can take out one of the uh most annoying enemies in the game.

The fatoui electro fertility guys but she’s, not gon na, be like your main dps, where she can do like everything. She’S, probably you know really valuable as a healer but also she’s a healer. I’M just going to put her in the s here. You could argue she’s the best healer or one of the best healers, but i’m going to put her in the s tier as amazing character, but again not in the level of these, because they have some of the most insane cc in the game. Uh and cooldowns and they’re just they’re straight up busted, and if you look at how well she heals in the new spiral abyss, you don’t need the cryo as much in the in the old spiral. Abyss. Cryo was the most valuable element because of those electric for two, in my opinion, um and then obviously fire taking out all the cryo stuff.

So i think she’s almost moved down a peg because she’s not as necessary, but she’s still absolutely incredible. Now we’re gon na move on to some of the a-tier stuff um. Well on this list or whatever mona again she’s a five-star. I honestly i’m gon na put her in the a-tier uh. No, i’m gon na put her below these people because mona’s mobility is really bad in actual fights she’s fast to get her on the map uh, but she doesn’t have iframes currently now if they fix this it’ll be okay, but she is one of the most uh Punished characters in the game. She just gets roasted by some enemies. You go to dodge and they will just track you and kill you while you’re trying to move and because she doesn’t have iframes. I think she’s a little bit weaker, but that’s her like only flaw.

She brings water can vaporize. She can set up d, luke uh. You know i would put her up here if you’re looking at bursting down enemies, she debuffs the enemies, but because of that dodge, i’m gon na put her in the aids here. She’S. Obviously super super good, but i just don’t love her uh we’re gon na go to barbara now. This is one of the biggest swaps in the game. So if you look at the beginning of the game, barbara was uh. You know free she’s, still free you get. You get a barbara uh from just playing the game um in the spiral abyss before she was right here, bottom of the barrel, absolutely terrible.

Now she is ester or assessed here, i’m going to say ester uh. She is a very good healer uh. She doesn’t have any major cc or anything like that, but she has a cleanse. I almost want to put her like this in between, because the cleanse on floor 11 is invaluable. It’S almost a must-have right now, i’m actually going to put her kind of in between that’s it. That’S that’s all i’m going to say barbara is amazing, now she’s very, very good. Now, uh, let’s go on to jean uh. Jean again i i have like a vendetta against jean she’s. Fine she’s got some bursty heels she’s animal she’s cool. I think she’s like a just because she’s got you know she’s kind of a five star. I think she’s like in between she’s like a or b. Obviously, if you kid her out, she can do a lot, but i just find her super boring to play.

This is just a personal thing. Don’T judge me she’s, obviously good, but i just i just don’t want uh shong yun new sets have made him very strong, but i have now maxed him out. I have built him up with level uh nine skills. I have built out uh the best weapon that i can for him. I have got really good artifacts and he still underwhelms a little bit. He feels like a support who’s supposed to spam abilities with sacrificial greatsword, and i feel like, if you’re building them as a full-on dps, there’s just better characters even at max constellation. I’Ve got a mass constellation one. I think he is good uh, but he’s kind of like almost in between here if you’ve got max constellation, he’s closer to a. If you don’t have constellations he’s closer to like kind of like beats here, good use them.

If you need some cryo awesome, but just doesn’t shine the way uh other characters might uh. Let’S move on to bennett, i don’t know why. Actually, i guess we’ll just do this line here. Let’S do shingling uh changling is free, jingling is good. Changling has lost a little bit of value because there’s not the cryo floor spiral abyss. I think she is an eightier uh character, maybe not s tier uh. Maybe she is s here: actually she’s she’s, a or s tier for sure, she’s, very, very good, because you know you’ve got some passive damage that you can put out with her and you can build her as a main dps and she’s accessible uh.

But i still think that she’s like overall, like a or s tier, really really good, but i don’t know she’s, just not she’s, just not mind-blowing. In my opinion, uh we’ll do like the main characters. We’Ll just take a looming here. Lumeen is fine. They need more stuff. I’M gon na put that in the beats here as well. You can go right here in the b tier i don’t know, i’m just not loving, loving main character, uh bennett, in my opinion, if you have zero constellations, still probably s tier for the cleanse, if you do have constellation one uh s, s tier support, probably i’m Gon na i’m gon na put i’m gon na put him as now i am i’m gon na put my ss here yeah. I am actually uh if you have constellation one ss tier for sure the healing and the bonus damage is amazing and he can cleanse.

So that’s adding value we’re gon na keep him up there. Uh razer, my boy razor one of those four star characters that is extremely oops is extremely extremely good. Uh. I think that razer is probably a tier minimum. If you get constellations, i honestly would say ss to your uh support or damage dealer, because razer can buff his attack, speed and his damage, and that’s just like a flat on damage multiplier. I would say, with constellations ss tier uh he’s like a tier minimum. I would probably put him like on an average s-tier damage dealer uh he’s on par with, like a lot of five stars. Um, i don’t know i i. I think it is a little bit dependent on constellations, but i’m going to say because he’s a four star and right out of the gate he’s good. I’M gon na put him as ester as a damage dealer due to accessibility of of even weapons.

Now noelle is a lot better than people thought it takes a little bit of effort to kid her out properly. I’M gon na put her in the beats here. Um. The geo buffs will maybe put her up to aids here, but i’m gon na just put her in the beats here because i think i think geo is until it gets buffed. You know. Obviously it’s gon na be good, but it’s not here yet. So, let’s just do that uh, this guy’s cracked, this guy is nuts one of the best sports in the game. Overall, i’m going to put him in the a tier minimum, but probably an s tier if you have sacrificial sword, because i know that not everyone has sacrificial sword and constellations, i’m going to put them eight here as well. Uh yeah, i’m gon na put mates here as well. The reason the reason someone like fischer would be a little bit higher is because everyone got official, like everyone in the game had official. If they played that event that one event and she’s in the shop and so chances are you probably have a couple constellations which can make her nuts, but he is a or s minimum um beto, all right, this one’s gon na be interesting, so beto uh. If you guys have watched techtone’s video techno did a video recently showing how amazing she can be as a support uh.

I agree as a support. She can be absolutely incredible for electric damage uh. She could probably be uh like a b plus or a tier support. As a main damage dealer, i think again she is a b or an a to your support and overall, i think she is like a an a or b just all around i’m going to put her in beats here and i’m going to explain why beto can Support but i think there’s people that can support a little bit better than her. Now she can counter and she can hit like an absolute truck, but the ai in this game is stupid. I have a fully kitted out maxed out beto on my one account and the mass majority of the time no enemies attack me now. If you are on a floor with some environmental hazards, you are fighting some fatoui. I think she can move all the way up here because she can block stuff, she can tank stuff and she can do really really good in sticky situations.

So, if played perfectly, i would honestly put her up here, but that’s only if the ai is playing nice. The majority of the time she’s moving down here and if the ai is being boring and not attacking and not doing anything, i honestly think she’s down here she feels very weak in comparison. I would rather have razer almost any team comp ever so that’s where i’m gon na put her. I understand she’s got like a very wide variance, but it’s just frustrating because it’s hard to control um the value there uh kyle uh kaya got a bit of a a buff because of the new uh artifact sets. I still think he is going to be a bee in a lot of people’s eyes. If you have him fully kitted with crit and all that stuff, i could see him being a tier, maybe even ester. I don’t have him built, i’m going to put him like a b-tier just to be safe, but i understand that he could be uh very good as well we’re going to put kai there lisa uh.

I know that people aren’t going to agree with me. Well, actually, maybe you will agree with me. Let me explain: lisa uh. I think she is one of the worst characters in the game. If there was an f tier, i would almost put it there or d. I think she is like. Yes, i think she is so bad now she does have some kind of passive uh area of effect stuff with the electricity, but i’d rather have facial. Her charged up attack is one of the worst attacks i’ve ever seen for getting knocked out and and animation canceled, and i just despise her. She has a free-to-play character, and so maybe you like her more and i’ve avoided her more than most people, but i just don’t think that she’s good ning wang. She is not a ct uh. Well, let me correct this when the buffs happen, when the buffs happen and if you have the constellation that makes her attack area of effect, i think she will be an s to your character.

I think she can be a very good uh catalyst user she’s. A very good dps, but she is geo and geo right now sucks, and so i think she can be a tier as well, but in lots of content and depending on your constellations. I do think that she is kind of beats here. If you have everything she needs, if the buffs go through, i’m moving her up a bunch i’ll do another video, probably in 1.3, but for right now. I still think she’s be uh beats here in a lot of people’s kits and eyes, and team comps, and just that’s as much as i want to say, uh sucrose. Okay sucrose is here as a sea tier. I do not agree with that whatsoever um. This is before people really played with her sucrose can generate a lot of energy for your team. She also has cc and cc, is super valuable in this game, especially in the new spiral abyss. I think that the new spiral abyss is um. You know a lot. You need a lot of cc, there’s so many trash mobs. I would honestly put her probably in s tier if you have constellation one, if you don’t have constellation one.

I still think she would be almost an a tier champion because cc is so good uh. I think i’d be comfortable, putting her in the a t or myself um. Just because cc can be a game changer. It can help you to clear floors very, very quickly and um if you’ve got a bunch of constellations, she’s, actually cracked, but i’m going to put her in the aids here, especially if you have c1, then she might even be s2 uh amber again amber yeah you’re. Probably staying there amber is just fine. You can make her work but she’s like a c to your character, if not dtr, we’re just gon na put her down there for now. Okay, now i got ta get a couple, other characters, we’re missing, uh, diona and stuff. Let me grab a couple more little. Portraits quick diona is s s tier in the new uh update. If you have okay, so dionna uh, if you have the sacrificial bow that resets the cooldown on her ability, she has s s tear.

She is insanity because her cryo shield cleanses, if you don’t – have the sacrificial bow that resets the cooldown. She is still s tier minimum. The cleanse is too good to not use. It is very, very valuable and there is an electro fatigue. Enemy and cryo is obviously going to be pretty valuable. There uh i’m going to put her on that list right there, i’m very comfortable putting her in the s tier but again, sacrificial bow makes her an absolute beast and i would recommend her uh over most characters. In the game she can heal uh. You know there is a bit of a cool down on that on that shield.

So that’s why sacrificial bow kind of bumps her into the next level, but she fits on that floor very nicely and kicks major butt gin. Yan again ester absolute esteer um, because she has another cleanse and if you have the sacrificial sword or the sacrificial greatsword, again, probably ss2 for the spiral abyss uh. But she is probably s tier as well. If you’re, using her with someone like razer to debuff the enemy uh depending on your constellations, she is one of the best supports in the game. In my opinion, if you don’t have any of those things, if you don’t really care about the spiral abyss, i’d probably put her down like in the in the a or b tier, but if you’re looking at this patch and you’re looking at her overall value, i Would put her in that s tier uh, absolutely uh clee as ugly as this copy and paste is um. Glee is an ester minimum because of her overall damage, there’s no denying it.

If you have constellation she gets really cracked. I despise the feel of clee still, but there’s no denying her damage output is insanity, i’m going to put her in the s to your minimum. She doesn’t have the the same cc uh. She does have some like debuff stuff available uh, but i think she’s an s here just because of sheer damage output overall, i’m very confident putting her there and i don’t think anyone can really complain. Uh soteglia uh, if you have constellations he’s like sss here, he’s very good one of the best dps in the game uh. He is a little bit of a weird kit. Overall, i think if you look at overall damage like he is probably s tier minimum. If i look at my playstyle the way i like to play him like i, i don’t love the guy, but i think if you put him below ester, that’s probably a mistake.

Uh he’s one of the only good dps characters, that’s water-based as main dps, and there are some different dungeons and stuff that he’s super valuable. I think he’s an s to your character because he’s just a five star uh. I know there’s like a lot of s to your characters, but these ones just like stand out where you know if you use them, they’re great, like if you use them they’re, going to be very good in most team comps and like even the a tiers good. Even the bts, that’s, the thing is most content in this game is really easy, but if i’m looking at the spiral abyss, this is kind of where everything stands out.

All right this one’s funny, because i’m gon na have to redo this like in a month. Uh zhang li right now is like beats here, uh, probably as like a an overall character but they’re doing two buffs on him, two massive buffs on him. They were buffing him and then they’re like oh we’re, gon na buff him again and that’s gon na put him in the s tier, probably minimum, and if you consider the geo buffs, he probably is gon na be one of the best supports because he shields your Entire team makes them tankier. If you use geo resonance, is gon na buff damage, he also debuffs enemies and he gets hp scaling on a bunch of stuff, so he’s tanky and hits decent.

I think maybe not ss tier, because you know you got to test them. Uh, but i think, with the changes he’s going to be like s tier for sure, i know there’s a lot of s to your characters um, but for right now you know kind of same thing as ning long is like he’s going to be good, but he’s Beats here for now, as soon as the buffs happen, we have to move him up. There’S no way for right now, he’s he’s fine he’s chilling in the beat here, uh, no one’s crying about that.

We’Ll leave him there for now, and albedo um albedo is interesting. I honestly think, probably if you look at albedo right now, current kits uh before the geo, buffs uh he’s he’s kind of like official, where it’s just like constant support. Can spam abilities he’s probably in the eights here i’d, be i’d, be surprised if he wasn’t eightier or better. He could probably be in the s tier as well uh, but i think i’m gon na just put him for the atr as well. For now, with the geo, buffs probably moves up, but i think that that’s like a pretty good idea of where it’s gon na be right. So this is my tier list uh.

Obviously, everyone’s gon na have very different opinions. This is no means an official guide. I’M sure many people disagree, but if i’m looking at the cleansing of some of these characters, uh incredibly valuable, if you look at the overall dps of a lot of these characters, characters i think i’m close uh. Obviously, as i said before, you can move some up. Some down, but that’s kind of where i’m sitting on a lot of these characters right now, uh, but that’s pretty much it for me. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed and i’ll see you soon. My friends bye,

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