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Hello guys and welcome back in my channel in this video, i will show you this basil lover, which you can find here at the watasumi island. Basically, the sudoku yeah. This puzzle is basically a sudoku. If you check this uh is not, he will say. This is a very interesting ring machine, indeed, which are a number of each of those cubes, positioned in one shell, north eastern soto and west, adding four for those which has the point the rock on it.

Basically, you can see this is the north east west. All right, let me just show okay, let me just to show you the final one which which one you have to do. I i i did this on paint, so it’s pretty ugly, but you can see it the top. One is basically how you should position them. Those cubes with the arrow is the one you can move, basically the other or you can’t move them.

Even if you hit them just like this, even if you hit they will not move while all the others yeah you can move them. This is the perspective of you watching from here to that side, so not other so you’re watching north just um change the facing face those cubes with the arrow to the direction. I showed you and you will get the treasure, so i will leave the explanation of how this puzzle works at the end. So now i will just show you the process so for who doesn’t want to listen. You can just uh yeah, you can just don’t watch the last part.

Anyways come here this way in the corner hit it once then this one hit it three times. One two, i mean rotate it three times three. Now this one rotate it three times as well. One two three and this one rotate the two times one two and you can see whoa you got it by magnum, you would. We will get the first chest so just open his chest.

This is the first one. Yet you can just teleport away or just a reluctant so teleport away up to you. If your internet is faster, you can just story login, okay, once you’re back, you can see the puzzle change. Well, the mechanism looks different now. Does that mean new treasure?

Yes, new treasure now watch my second map, so yeah this one. You can move up change this one the three times, one two three, now the middle one, two times so one two, these one two times as well, one two and this one one time only here. We go second chest done. You can do this for three times so, basically, three chests okay, let’s teleport away and teleport back all right! Here we go last time.

Ah, it changed again well up: okay, bye, okay for this one uh, this one, you can change it! So three times one two, three, this one one, okay now go on this one, the two one two and this one, two one and two here we go this time – is a pressure chest really really nice. Now, even if you teleport and come back, it will not change. You can see it disappear, basically, either all right now it disappeared. How i’m gon na explain to you anyways!

I just used my paint uh, my beautiful paint, uh paint uh masterpiece. So basically, you can see here um, as i did not say them, for every cube with the purple purple part facing north eastern suda or western. It means one two three or four. If it has a one, one ball, there’s stunting above it. You must have add four, adding four yeah just like, for example, it’s it’s facing north and there is one.

If there is a stone on it then add four. It will be five like yeah. You have to make it like a sudoku. So basically, no no number must repeat in those nine times and then the addition, so the the math addition of every row column and the diagonal and um. How do you say it and uh yeah uh diagonal must be 15.

If you do, this is pretty is really simple to do them. The empty one is nine well from the other, so you can get uh from one to eight yeah, but explanation is really easy right. So that’s all guys for this puzzle hope this video helped you to clear this this puzzle and get your chest thanks for watching and see you in the next video bye, bye, [, Music, ]

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