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WATCH BEFORE DOING CHILDE CHAPTER QUEST!! 13 New Chests – Genshin Impact Patch 1.1


Hi guys, welcome to Toilet Gaming. In this video, I’m going to show you where to find the 13 new chests in patch 1.1. Make sure you watch this video before you complete Childe’s Chapter quest or 4 of  these chests could be lost forever as the dungeon is non-repeatable. Now let’s start with the 8 world chests. If you didn’t know yet, there are 3 chests in the golden house. If you already  know this, feel free to skip to the next part. There are two chests hidden behind the house and one behind the gate.

Next, we want to go to the waypoint north of Jueyun Karst. There are four chests  here. Once you are at the waypoint, turn your screen to the left and run along. There will be an exquisite chest hidden at the ruins here. Then run straight up till you reach the end of the cliff. Turn to the right and run along the edge. You will come across a balloon plant. Solve it for an exquisite chest. Then run along the cliff again to find the geo totems. Activate them for another exquisite chest. After that, head to the cliff on the opposite side.

You’ll find yourself a rune and in there will be another exquisite chest. Alright, the next chest location is at the Ming Yun Village. Once you’re there, run along the rocky cliff.. until you see a ruined wall. Make a U-turn at the wall and you have arrived at your destination. Now, the last 5 chests will be in the dungeon of  Childe’s Chapter quest. The first chest is near the entrance. Activate the water totem and swim for it. The second chest is next to the door of resurrection.

The third chest is at the boiler room. Turn to the right in this room and you’ll see a spiderweb. Kill the spider and you’ll find a hidden room with the chest guarded by pyro slimes of course. Next is another exquisite chest in the laser room. And finally, a precious chest for completing the dungeon. Thank you for watching!.

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