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WAVEDASH TECH in Genshin Impact! GLIDE CANCEL Technique! Animation Cancel! Dragon Strike 2.0!


Morning evening, whatever time it is obviously it’s night time look at kevin, he’s sleeping on the job he’s got the eyes shut, but they’re wide open we’re ready to go today now i know you guys have heard about all the cool stuff. You can do against your impact. We got all the different bow, cancels ar1 big charge whatever it is that you want to do out there bunny hopping. All this cool stuff here is going to be a new one, for you guys we’re going to be doing super smash brothers style wave dash. I do believe that’s what it’s called in the community.

It’S very new circumstantial. I had to go and do it and test it. I was like a shaolin monk training my hands to hit the space bar so fast to showcase for these, i can’t tell you how many keyboards i broke to make this video, but it was worth it to show you guys the cool things that you guys could Do in ganshin i love the technique. Some of you guys don’t but they’re always amazing. If you like, the video guys make sure you drop that subscription hit the sub button with the thumbs up, let’s get into it now.

We all know the importance of canceling our ending lag, we’re trying to do as much damage as possible right. You don’t want to sit here for forever in your giant, ending lag on who tow or zomly or whatever it is. You have to jump, cancel you have the dash, cancel here’s gon na be a new one for you, here’s where the wave dashing go up and down very quickly very fast now this involves using an air current. So yes, the best character in the game just got a little bit better. All right!

So we’re going to be using an air current here to dash or or cancel not dash cans but cancel with give guessed it the current. So if you do it right, you just got ta, you got ta, be quick. You see that little hop that he is doing. That’S the cancel and you can abuse this to cancel your abilities now. Obviously, if you try to do it without it, well you’re just going to jump so you’re going to need this big thing here now.

What’S the importance of this, this thing can be pretty wild in combination with a lot of characters like the charge attack. So if you have like hutow, this team would be very strong. It’S only to protect her at low hp. She can show to kind of keep her hp in the right spot hoot how to do all the good damage venti to get in there and give you the new animation cancel, which is amazing. So, let’s throw that one back up there and you know what it lasts as long as you need it to do now.

You are very stationary when doing this, and sometimes you’ll get it wrong like that. But but man, oh me, oh my it’s it’s it’s! It’S a fun thing to do. I could do this like all day. I love new techniques.

I could do this every day now say you don’t have venti say you want to practice it anyway. What do you guys do very easy? There’S a quick teleport spot. Actually, i do believe it’s enjian cars. Is it this one, the tai chai man?

No. Is it thai shine? No, it’s not it’s not this. I lied. I light a line wrong water spot.

Sorry, this one here it is the luha pool very easy. You want to practice this. This is the best place to practice it, even if you have venti practice it here and by practice i mean learn how to hit your keyboard very fast, but very quietly. So you don’t. You know disturb all the wildlife around your house or wherever it is that you live.

So this is what it’s going to look like. Okay, you can do it on every character. Very nice. Even do it on venti himself kind of like you’re getting hit in the head, like bennett, does right, rock rock rock sheen show rock rock, and you can do it for everything got ta. Oh now, for me personally, i found it easier to do by re-binding my jump key from my keyboard from space bar to a mouse button, all right that works best for me.

I felt better doing that. Maybe i’m weird you can also do this on controller i’ve. Seen people do it and they are basically like ps2 monster hunter era. You know claw claw the controller okay, just they’re, just they’re, they’re monsters and honestly, it looks like they’re playing some soul calibur too and they’re doing that, like the year-long input for ivy, where she does that, like that thing with their whip, i don’t know if you Guys play it again, but that’s what it looks like they’re doing on the controller um, but you can do it. You can cancel anything now if you mess up the best part about it, uh.

Well, if you mess up really bad you’ll, do this number and then i guess you can charge it back afterwards. If you mess up a little bit and you don’t do it correctly, you saw me just kind of jump. Cancel it’s not the worst thing in the world. You can move while you do it. The hardest thing for me to do is apparently like reverse direction.

That messes me up the most i don’t know, but it happens sometimes or my my direction gets reversed. So yeah uh another buff to one of the best characters in the game: venti my boy now characters who really want to utilize. This, like i said, charge, attack, spamming character. So you know kaching means out there. You just got a little bit of a buff you’ve.

Mattressed this technique and you use venti right because kaching can utilize this, because her best attack is her charge. Attack animation, so let’s uh, throw out by xing, show it’s your time to shine, kaching just it’s time, for you me to level this character right, because usually it’s this number right, but now you can do this. Is that not the hotness? Is that not dude? That is so sweet from this got ta.

Let the energy recharge come on. I know it’s time to dust. You off girl, elektra was here, dude electro might be a terrible element, but man guess what we could abuse all the bugs in the game. From what you just saw to this. Oh we messed up, man would have been the best clip.

Is that not the coolest thing ever? I think that last bit we were maybe outside of the current. No, we do. I just i just messed up um but yeah. That is super awesome.

I love this. It’S so set it’s status financially messed up. So, there’s a lot of characters out there. Anyone who wants to do charge attacks as their majority of their damage we’re looking at a lot of sword, characters there um, even other characters like kaching, is known to use her charge attack because it is one of the quickest recovering ones, but you could even do Something like ayaka right, uh, let’s look at ayaka real, quick but like ayaka’s charge, attack very good as well right, but it’s got that terrible, ending leg. Well, not anymore!

Is that not ridiculous? I’M a sword believer now. This is ridiculous with ayaka. To be honest with you, ayaka kaching might be the two kaya as well any sword character. I mean get out there, try it guys uh, who else i mean basically, any sword, character, polo and character are gon na want to use this claymore characters.

You don’t really need to animation, cancel their charge, attack um, which would be kind of weird anyway, but i do want to see one more thing right right in shogun, the dps mains now, but let’s check this out, let’s see if this works i’ll mess it up. That’S not bad, that’s not bad check it out master this technique. Let me know how you guys are using this thing. If you think these kind of techniques are fun, obviously maybe you liked the video then and i’ll see you guys in the next one. Take care family i’ll catch

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