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What the HIGHEST ATTACK in Genshin Impact LOOKS LIKE? MAX ATTACK Character Highest Attack Stat


Good morning evening afternoon, good night, wherever it is that you are steven – and i are here – we’re going to be breaking a record today now this video is going to be pretty much a bang, we’re going to see how high we can get an attack of a Character in kenshin impact to max so now this is not going to be a relevant build for this character. We are going to be jumping through so many hoops to make this happen. We are trying to stack as many buffs as possible abuse snapshotting getting out of combat getting back into combat, doing a bunch of ridiculous things as fast as possible to make this happen for you now, there’s some big brains in the community to help me put this Together a couple of you guys, you know who you are, and it’s been a pleasure for you guys after the bill for the noel, updated 2.1 patch, where he got it. A seven point k attack somewhere in there in an actual build.

I want to see how high we get the number today, if you’re, enjoying the content make sure you subscribe come on back here, hit that like and turn the notification bell on as well. Now we’re going to start with the basics here we’re going to go over the strategy. We are using noelle. She was already one of the easiest characters hit high attack, even in like a good build with certain builds and constellations. So what we’re doing today we’re stacking all the buffs noelle, with her l amount of bursts here, obviously sweeping time huge defense to attack the snapshots, we’re gon na be abusing that as well by leaving combat at certain times and then swapping our gear.

It’S going to be pretty powerful there. We have cujo sara here. Now we don’t have this maxed out. We could get this eventually to level 13.

Right now, it’s nine we’re missing about like 250 attack there.

We also do not have skyward harp, so we’re using thundering pulse guard harp, has much higher base attack and by much higher mean like 70.. Then we have bennett here as well. With miss splitter, reforged big base attack weapon. You could also use the cool favonius for this aquila fuvonius, just aquila aquila, whatever the other part of that weapons name is okay and we are also going in here, and he is level 12 on fantastic voyage.

Here we are using four piece, no bless on him and we are using four piece tenacity of the melody set set on ku, jo sara there. Now. The last part of our combination here is gon na be yon faye, and she is here for two reasons: she’s a pyro character and she can wear thrilling tales of the dragon slayer. We have times two pyro with bennett in her 25 attack 50. Here from that, we have the two attack buffs from these two attack: buffers and 20: more attack from tenacity, 20, more attack from full-on nobles oblige and as we’re here to kind of cheat a little bit here.

We’Re going to be maximizing our returns on our snapshot. Very important now: what do i mean by this? I don’t care. What set we’re wearing here we’re all about the sub stats in the main stats, so we’re wearing big substance, flower and feather the biggest on my account 23 and 18 gon na go there the sands, the defense defense, defense, okay! So that’s what we’re doing there!

We are also going to be using food because we’re trying to hit the largest into the world – and this is our main man. This little hilly trail walk on the trails, we’re gon na kind of wait for no, you know what forget it. Let’S go after this guy, so we’re gon na pop up here we’re gon na get our white blind stacks. Thank you. One.

Two three four pop this put on a well drop this here here: boom 8695 attack there, so pretty good. There got the cujo sarah buff got the proc on her passive as well got the good old nobles oblige, but here’s where things are gon na get a little bit interesting 8695, with their white blind stacks ready to rock and roll there. Well, you know what let’s cheat a little bit, let’s cheat even more than before, so let’s go ahead and do this, let’s find some attack percent main stat ones. That seems pretty good. So, let’s find some attack percent maximize this stuff right on up here.

A little bit of flats we’ll swap this on over boom from 8.6 k to 8
9 k we’re gon na do this for all of our artifacts. Now you could maximize this a little bit more. If you had like a times, two shimmer now was reminiscent set times two of the gladiator set, but you know what we’re going as far as this account can let this meme travel okay, so we’re gon na swap this to attack we’re gon na swap this to Attack as well, yes swap it on up over, you know what just give it yeah. Okay i’ll, take, wait this yeah we’ll take we’ll take this one we’ll take this one, although this one oh, is there any flat attack rolls on any of these?

That’S er all right, we’re settling for this guy, so now we’re back up to 9500 9536 attack, but we can also swap our flower and feather for more attack percent. So let’s go ahead. Look up! Some attack percent stuff here! Get this one!

Here: 17

I like that one pretty well so we’ll swap this 17 thanks, cujo, sara and we’ll swap this one uh 26 we’ll put that one back on as well and we’re at 9856 attack, but yeah there’s one more thing we can swap on over: let’s swap our weapon. Let’S put on the wolf’s, gravestone 49.6 percent there and then 25 from the wolfish tracker. So let’s throw this bad on and we’re going to be at 10 823 attack. Now, there’s one thing: we’d do in this video that i just cannot do.

I don’t have the time i tried, i tried it so hard and that has to do with the wolf of gravestone. You can in theory, if you’re fast enough, you have a little troll over here and a little hilly troll over here. Get the wolf, gravestone low, hp, barrock, kill that guy swap you up in white blind running across the street to the other guy. Okay, where is stephen, i don’t know run over swap the white blind get all the white blind. Sexy do all the stuff we did there before.

So we are missing a 50 attack buff here from r2. A wolf’s gravestone in our base attack is a whopping 799 with this weapon on so we’re missing. 50 of that, so just under 400, more attack, we could have over 11 000 attack on noel. Obviously, this is not a good build for her, but it’s kind of funny, because if you really had the way uh to do this in combat this is why you can’t swap gear in combat. You could do something like this 9667 attack or pieces for tracing bolide and we have 72 crit rate thanks food in 139.

Crit damage wearing a geo damage goblet as well. So you could do crazy things in this game if they allow you to swipe during combat your gear around, but you cannot do that guys. We found this video funny a little bit. Informative didn’t expect that twist at the end you saw the buffs coming, but you didn’t see the gear swap outside of combat snapshot. Thing happening, come back, always fun stuff to do on the channel family’s growing and i’ll.

See you guys in the next one

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