Xiangling Full Constellation & Talents Unlocked Showcase! Broken Main DPS Build Genshin Impact


Hey how’s, everyone doing today, grunty gaming, we’re going to be talking about exiling this episode and showcasing her full constellation unlock. I’M just going to go over the constellations, real, quick and then we will show you what it does. You can even see here that goba’s uh attack is much stronger than it normally would be um and obviously you can keep leveling up her talents along with this. So let’s go over them. Real quick number one enemies hit by ghoul, buzz attack or goba’s attack have their pyro resistance reduced by 15 for six seconds number two, the last attack on a normal attack sequence applies the implode status under their enemies for two seconds. An explosion will occur. This duration ends dealing 75 percent of exiling’s attack, an area of effect, pyro increase the level of pyronato by three minute maximum 15. So it just upgrades that talent, piranha duration, increased by 40 percent, increases the level of gooba’s attack by three maxima upgrade 15

Uh we have for the duration of pyronado. All my party members receive a 15 pyro damage bonus, which is pretty cool too, and i guess that is the last one. So yeah, basically i’m assuming you know her talents at this point. She has that little bear that she throws up that spits fire, that’s going to be really amplified with her constellation, unlocked and a pyro. Nato is really amplified too, as long like, like that second constellation. So when she does a normal attack sequence, there is an explosion at the end of it, which i will show you right now, but basically all of her moves more or less are just really amplified um, but she gets that explosion at the end of her sequence. As well so i’ll show you here, goomba or goba, however, you pronounce that see, he blows quite far. He has a long range fire blow attack and here is her pyronato, which does like quite a bit of damage, because my exile is only at level 20.

You can see here like this is crazy, really useful move. Anyone that plays exactly knows how good she is and you’ll see her at the end of her attack. Sequence there’ll be an explosion. If you can get that running here, maybe we’ll do it right here. So you’ll see that bomb yeah see it’ll explode after two seconds, if you guys seen that – and it does 75 of exiling’s like overall attack, so pretty good ability actually, at the end of an attack sequence to have another 75 damage. Bonus is pretty good, especially in a big boss, fight or something like that right and she’s, pretty fast, like good at clearing crowds honestly and that goba, like always, has pyro on the field along with pyronato it charges pretty quickly. I was surprised how fast it charges.

I don’t really use exiling that much, but i’m not sure if that has to do with the constellations, but you can see here that, like even like with fiscal and like other characters like exiling goes really well, i’m pretty sure pyro is like one of the strongest Types in the game, and if you really are a free-to-play player, you don’t really want to use amber. If you don’t have to and exiling you can get for free. If you played the game, when it first came out, she was like a promotional character. In an event you could get for free by defeating her event, so i mean not a re, not an unrealistic character to get at all and to unlock her constellations. Not that hard. I was not trying to unlock the constellations and i ended up doing it so yeah, basically she’s badass without the constellations, but here’s what they look like um, very useful for sure um

. I wish i could put her on my team, but i already have so many like characters that i want to use on my team that, like i, don’t even have a pyro character that i use consistently i’d probably say clear, amber, but exiling is pretty badass too. I only unlocked her constellation a couple days ago, so it didn’t make any sense for me up until this point to even consider her but she’s so under leveled, and i’m so far in the game. That, like there’s no point at this point, really but definitely worth it honestly, there’s so much damage right here and i’m way under level and that pyro nato is just a crazy, strong ability, so anyways guys yeah, very quick video just to showcase her abilities and her Constellations what they look like when they’re unlocked and yeah um hope you guys enjoyed this video and we’ll probably be doing an amber guide for those free-to-play players coming up next. So we will see you in the next video.

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