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Are you sick of your barbara making you wet whoa? What’S this she’s gon na get you killed in a spiral abyss, because all she does is freeze your entire team and you’re going what the hell? Why did i spend hundreds and hundreds of experienced books on her and maura and all this and now she’s useless? I might as well jump off of a cliff with her in the arms of the angels. Barbara is one of the best and the worst characters in the game, depending on the content you’re completing if you’re just running around monstat, if you’re, even fighting some of the weekly bosses. Barbara, is super good. Why? Because her healing is all tied to hp, meaning that if you look at her artifacts she’s extremely easy to kid out and all of the trash artifacts with hp and defense on them. Well, you throw that on her and it’s a god roll. On top of this, her weapon is the thrilling tales of dragon slayers.

This was built for barbara, her healing scales off hp, and this has an hp, substat and uh. This thing right here is incredible: when you refine it up when switching away from barbara, it’s going to buff your teammates by 48 for their attack, and so barbara can heal. She is easy to kit out and on floor 10 of the spiral abyss she’s, one of the only characters that consistently can cleanse the pyro debuff that will eat away at your team’s hp. Barbara is almost a necessity unless you’ve got a cracked out bennett who can heal like crazy or you have some other shields or ways to deal with it. But in the case of the spiral abyss, there are multiple floors where barbara is godly. If not one of the best healers in the game, but then there’s floor 12 and on floor 12, barbara becomes the biggest liability and the worst healer in the game. Barbara becomes such a detriment to your team that if you use barbara there’s a very good chance that it’s going to stop you from completing it. There is a very good chance that barbara will ruin runs more often than not, and she becomes pretty much useless unless you have shin yan. So, on the 12th floor of the spiral abyss, you’re going to repeatedly be hit with condensed ice, this is going to apply a cryo debuff and if you apply other status effects like pyro, it will cleanse them. If you use someone like beto, she applies electricity and she’s, going to kind of superconduct it off of herself.

But if you use barbara she’s completely useless because she’ll make you wet and then frozen, and then you are a duck in a barrel and someone’s shooting you barbara is a risk. She’S, a very big liability out there. Now bennett with his fire is able to cleanse things, but i couldn’t really beat the spiral abyss using these teams because i didn’t have a healer. I still was taking off damage that i needed to heal. I tried to use shields and stuff, but i was looking at my teams and i don’t have a bennett. I don’t have a chi chi, i didn’t know what the hell to do and then i got shinier and shiny and changed everything. I know i say that a lot i know i know it’s a meme shin yan shield cleanses your team. By applying her shield. It puts an area of effect around her and it will actually cleanse your team, but the entire time that that shield is up. You can then actually swap to barbara and you can heal, and i want to show you that in some footage so on this floor, you’re gon na be repeatedly hit with that freezing right and it’s gon na pulse out from the middle of the map.

And it’s gon na take you everywhere. I currently have it now with noel when you pop a shield. It doesn’t cleanse that cryo and if i was to swap to barbara i’m just going to get frozen like crazy and you can see as long as i have barbara out, i’m going to keep getting frozen and that sucks, but with shin yan that changes everything now In the case of chignan on this floor, you’re able to cleanse this debuff by using your e and as long as your shield is intact, you’re good to go and can walk around without getting debuffed. But that means you can also use barbara. And as long as you have the shield active you can heal attack run around and as long as that shield is up, you won’t be frozen. However, when the shield drops, if the condensed ice is still procking, you will get frozen in this state, but this allows you to be very safe and honestly, it makes xinyan kind of a monster on this floor regardless normally, stamina is a very big issue and so, Honestly, i should just show off shin yan, because she is cracked for the 12th floor.

I think she’s gon na be one of the best, if not best, supports in the game, because of this, but being able to pair her now with barbara and and be able to get these heels off that normally i wouldn’t. I could just get that area of effect heal off. I don’t even have to attack, but i i can attack if i need to get some heals off for my team. I have that ability and yes, there are some situations where you might be at risk, but it opens up a door here where all of you, people that have leveled barbara’s. You know level. 40. 50. 60. 70. 80 barbara’s. Maybe she won’t be useless on this floor and getting you killed now, depending on how much you wished on the initial banners, you might even have a whole bunch of constellations. Some of you might even have the sixth constellation, which makes barbara super valuable, because she’ll revive someone. If you make a mistake, and so some of you who have a lot of constellations or a lot of investment, you probably want to use barbara, but it is so frustrating dying over and over and over again and so having that option of having shin yan with Her allows you to use this character without making her a weakness which i i currently think she is on the 12th floor.

Now here’s the absolute cream of the crop – i am praying uh before this banner – goes away that i get one more shin yan, because if you do have two constellations boys, this is it’s amazing. When you use your q ability, you get some crit rate, i don’t care, i don’t care about the crit rate. Get that the hell out of here. I really don’t care. What i do care about is it will form a shield at level three meaning you can pop your e and when it drops you pop your q and you’ve got your shield, and when that one drops you’re back into your e and depending on how much energy You reach in uh regen, you have. You can constantly be shield by xin yan on this floor, and that means you can constantly be healing with barbara on this floor and all of a sudden, your team that was having trouble, beating it or healing or sustaining those big hits that happened. Well, you just freaking smashed the 12th floor baby. You just freaking smashed it. It’S so easy! So please gentian gods! Let me get c2 xinyan i’ll do anything! I will do anything.

You know i’m saying if you’re watching this video and you’re like well. Look at this barbara’s in the shop, maybe i’ll, just spend a little uh little stuff on here. Stop just stop. Okay. Everyone gets barbara for free she’s, very easy to build she’s cool, but unless this is like the sixth constellation – and you really really want it, please don’t do that. You can’t, if you desperately desperately wanted to, but don’t think that, because of this video, that she is this god-tier thing that must be coveted, save this for when bennett comes, because i would just rather have bennett he’s just safer. Okay, if bennett comes again, if there’s like razor constellations in here, i would wait for a better character than blowing your star uh star glitter on barbara, but i wanted to make sure i made this video, because i knew that there’s a lot of people that use Barbara, i know that a lot of people have her leveled and unfortunately, you know the hardest content in the game where you’re gon na get hit and you’re gon na need a healer.

The healer you built is trash. In fact, it is probably safer to go with like a shielding character or just more damage than take barbara. In some cases, it is better to try and play perfect than use barbara. She is that bad, but at least we have some sort of a fix now, as for primo gems, is it worth getting shinyan to do this combo? I personally would wait now. John lee can have some pretty crazy shields and he’s got some cc, but a lot of people are calling him weak. If you don’t need razer or showing in constellations, you know chances are you’re not going to get xinyan. So i understand that maybe this is a bit of a niche video. Maybe you don’t have xinyan, but i’m not going to say to blow all your primo gems on this banner because there’s a lot of claymore users here and maybe you don’t need them. So i just wanted to get this out there, because i thought this probably is going to help someone and and more often than not uh. I think that information like this, if it’s going to help anyone, i want to make the video you know what i mean.

So that’s pretty much it. Thank you guys. So much for watching good luck out in the spiral abyss and uh 1.2 is coming. Make sure you subscribe to the channel and if you guys, haven’t uh, hit the bell notification, i’m going to be posting uh, all the stuff with 1.2 and i’m going to keep making guides and i’ve been really having a lot of fun with gen chin uh going Free to play was really fun for me and it’s it’s really kind of changed my view of the game and uh. That’S pretty much. It see you guys later bye,

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