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Xinyan Is One of The BEST 4-Stars in Genshin Impact


What are you doing you’ve been there, for four, hours well ben i’m actually gaming i’m, playing gentian impact, on my red magic 5s gaming phone. Thank you very much. Now i’ve never used a gaming phone before, but i had no idea how much better the red magic 5s was going to be. I tried gentian impact on my old phone and that thing took forever to load. It was laggy, it got hot and with the red magic 5s, it’s got a much better processor, it stayed cool because it’s got a way better cooling system like night and day, and even though i was gaming on the thing for multiple hours, the battery on it Was insanity the only thing cooler than me? Is this phone? The only thing smoother than me is this phone, the only thing more camera than me.

Wait that doesn’t even work. The phone also has triggers built in which i think is pretty wild. So if you’re playing a game like pubg right, you’ve got those triggers built in, i think that’s a huge advantage over other phones. Instead of tapping the screen. You’Ve got those triggers built in and that’s going to be amazing, especially if you don’t want to buy an adapter or controller of some sort for your phone. If you’re, looking for a new phone and you’re into gaming, consider the red magic 5s click the link down below. If you want to buy one yourself or learn more, and thank you so much for sponsoring this video. Now, let’s get back into the content, it took me about five minutes to realize that xinyan was going to be one of the strongest supports. Gentian impact has ever seen. Not only can she debuff enemies and cause more physical damage upon them. She can buff the physical damage of people like razer and shang, ling or herself.

On top of this, she absolutely destroys and dominates and makes cryo shields cry, one of the fastest safest shield breakers in the game, and you can even make her a carry with almost 100 attack speed up time. If you’re interested now, she does require some constellations. If you want to make her absolutely op, but even at base level base constellation, she is such a good support. I’Ve fallen in love with her, so let’s get started and let’s talk about why she’s so damn good, hey everyone emtashed here and today i want to talk about shin yan, because she is nuts. She is one of the best supports in the game. However, there’s a bit of a disclaimer she’s very focused on physical damage, if you’re, using someone like d luke, who is constantly using pyro attacks, she’s not going to be as valuable if you’re using someone like shang yoon, who uses mostly cryo damage, it’s not going to Be as valuable but xin yan when she supports shang ling is unbelievably good, especially if you’re using the crescent pike. Now, if you’re using razer, oh my god, this might be one of the strongest combos in the game. Let me explain now: i want to start off on a base level without any constellations, because i know that many people won’t have constellations for any of the characters i talk about, but i do want to talk about how insane things start ramping up.

If you do, especially if you have xinyan constellation 4 and razer constellation 4, it is one of the best combos in genji impact. So, let’s start off with xinyan no constellations and let’s talk about why she’s so good, sweeping fervor is her basic ability and, depending on how many enemies you hit you’re, actually going to get a shield and if you can hit three enemies, you’re going to get an Area of effect, fire shield that will repeatedly pulse this is great for breaking shields in the spiral abyss, but also this is going to remove your debuffs if you haven’t debuffed. So if you’ve got a ice debuff on you and you pop this, it will clear it, which is amazing for the spiral abyss now. Riff revolution is a multi-hit pyro attack. It’S got a lot of physical damage baked in, but because it is pyro and ticks multiple times against something like the cryo regis fine. If against um, you know an abyss, mage a cryobiz mage, the fatoui enemies. This is great for peeling off shields and bursting them down now.

Her first passive is where the value starts to really sink in, because it requires one less enemy to hit to generate the maximum shield. That means that pretty much every time you’re hitting an enemy, you’re gon na get a stronger shield and chances are you’re gon na be able to group up two enemies and get the maximum one and those pyro pulses. But this final one: now that’s a rock and roll. Now that’s a lot of damage when you’re shielded you’re going to get a 15 increased physical damage buff now with the constellations, if you get the constellations you are now gon na have two different ways to max out your shield, and this is going to be again Almost 100 uptime: this is something that is super valuable to your team and if you are using razer and shangling they’re, just getting stronger now, her first ability is interesting. If you did want to build her as a full-on main dps, you could make it work because she’s going to have pretty much 100 up time on this, getting a big boost to her attack speed. But if you do build her as a dps, this next one is insanity.

But even if you don’t it’s insanity now riff revolution, her ultimate ability gains 100 crit rate, which is like one of the biggest boosts to dps of any passive i’ve, seen from a constellation. But the big one here is: it also will form a maxed out shield that is like 190 or 180 percent of your defense value and there’s a base amount as well and so pretty much on command. You have access to a very beefy shield, you’re doing a bunch of damage with it and whether you’re a support or you are a main dps. This is going to be great now. The next one is just leveling up your uh sweeping forever ability, but wildfire rhythm is just okay. It’S time, it’s time to stop. This is getting too nutty uh when you use sweeping fervor, which is her e ability. It’S gon na debuff the enemies and it’s gon na reduce their physical resistance by 15 for 12 seconds. That is a huge amount of time. This is again something that you would have pretty much uh complete, 100 up time on because of the cooldown of her ability.

This is amazing. If you look at razer’s debuff ability on his c4, it’s only like seven seconds now. You can spam his ability. So it’s not that big of a deal, but this is going to be very valuable because it’s going to buff characters like shang, ling or razer that do a bunch of physical damage now c6 is very interesting and honestly, if you are a support, it might even Be better because it gives you 50 of her defense value as a bonus. So what you could do is stack a bunch of defense on her and make her shield stronger and then you’re gon na get a hit of damage here uh. I think that that’s pretty cool overall, i don’t think it’s necessary c4 – is where it’s at, and this is where she starts becoming really op. Now, if you want to use shinyana as a support and want a main dps razer is on the banner, so he’s really accessible to get, but he’s also got physical damage built into his kit.

He’S got a bonus built into his kit and you can get more from his cup on top of this. If you did wish a bunch on this banner and you’ve got c4, you have now made one of the best combos for debuffing in the game. You’Re going to get a 12 second debuff on their physical resistance, which is going to directly buff razer, but if he has c4 he’s going to reduce their defense value now these are two different debuffs. The defense reduces their defenses to everything and the physical is directly on his physical damage, so you’re actually going to stack both of those and get a huge boost damage. It’S not even funny. Now you might not have a bunch of constellations. You might not even get razor, maybe you’re really unlucky with characters but another character. That’S super strong is shang ling with the crescent pike. Now this is a physical damage weapon and it does additional attacks. This thing right here, every time you get an elemental, orb you’re, going to get additional hits every time you basic attack and this weapon is awesome if you’re looking to just dish out some normal damage and physical damage and so debuffing the enemy with xinyan or just Simply buffing the physical damage output of your team is going to make xinyan one of the best supports in the game for these four star characters.

Now, because they are raid up, i would you know i would really try to hunt for these two. If you did save primo gems, if you’re looking for a four-star dps, that’s awesome, but there are people that are saying that zhang jiang li, whatever his name is they’re saying that he’s not good. I think that he’s a decent five star and i think that he does have some potential. He might not have the best ratios and – and and i you know he is geo, which is one of the weaker elements. But if you were to use john lee, let’s say: you’ve got him right: you’re using his shield you’re using her shields, there’s a lot of safety in that as well. So it’s not the end of the world. If you end up getting him as a five star, you can still throw him into your team and do really well now, as for weapons. Unfortunately, i don’t have anything really crafted. I’Ve got the one prototype aminus and i don’t have any other four star claymores, but i have a couple of recommendations. So the white iron greatsword, if you are going support, if you want to just stack some defense to get bigger shields, that is cool. It’S going to give you that percentage defense, if you’re, not basic, attacking a lot. If you don’t care about damage, that’s cool, but i think the weapon i would go for is the sacrificial greatsword and i’m gon na show you the sacrificial sword. Shincho has it it would have the exact same passive as this after damaging an opponent with an elemental skill.

The skill has a 40 chance to end its own cooldown, so that would be extremely good. It would allow you to use your e ability shield up and hopefully reset that cooldown and if you had multiple copies of it, that percentage is just going to go up and up and up. This would be very, very valuable for your team and i think that would be probably my favorite if i was trying to make her uh my main kind of support and if you don’t have a lot of resources, the white iron will do great. But if you do have a claymore that you want to craft, i’ve got another one, that’s going to be fantastic, so the white blind is a claymore that you can craft whether you’ve got some prototypes left over or if you get lucky from a boss. This is something you could consider now. The prototype aminus is a better weapon for multiple characters in the game, because it has the attack and it’s got a pretty good passive.

But if you are using xinyan long term and you are making our main support, i would consider crafting this. I am consider crafting this um, i’m waiting until the banner is over because i’m using every single primo gem i can on the banner to try to get razer and xinyen constellations. So i’m waiting into the very last moment before i craft this, so i’m kind of hindering myself for the next 20 days, not getting it, but this weapon will be amazing. Now, if you do get another weapon, if there’s another uh drop that you get that’s cool again sacrificial greatsword, i think, is going to be one of the best. But this white blind is going to be really good for her as well, so that her shields hit hard if you’ve got c6, i would absolutely craft this 100 get that defense scaling make her tanky buff her shields and you’re going to be buffing her damage with Her burst ability now as for sets it. It really depends how you want to use her if you wanted to build her as a main dps with the white blind. This set is incredibly good synergy. It would increase your shield strength by 35 and if you’ve got the constellations able to proc shields multiple ways, you would essentially have a hundred percent uptime on the normal uh and charged attack damage, but you’d also just have really beefy shields for your team. So this would be a really good set, even if you want to just mix and match a few, i would mix and match as a support.

What i would do is, i would get a two-piece set of this to buff the shields, and then i would use something like the exile set. Just to get a couple more cooldowns, there’s multiple ways you could buff this. You could also use something like the noble lease where the elemental burst. Damage is increased, but i honestly think i would rather have the cooldowns more than anything and that shield strength, i think, is too good to miss out on now. If you are going main dps, you obviously need to level up all of the skills right. You got to get your main attack going and all the other ones, but if you’re going support uh, you might actually only need to level up the shield ability, because even if you do get constellations like the second one, which is going to be giving you the Crit rate and the extra shield forming, if you want her to just be a shield bot and all she does – is shield everything you can do that and just focus on her shield ability.

Now i recommend, with any character, get their abilities leveled up and get the value there. I don’t know why you wouldn’t, but if you’re really short, i would make sure that shield is hitting – or i guess is really beefy first and then focus on riff revolution as well. Again main dps has to have everything, but it is what it is, and i guess one other thing is. Unfortunately, if you want her to be this super debuffing character, it does require quite a bit of investment. Now you don’t have to level up to 70 to get this. You just have to do the ascension from level 60 to 70, so you can save some resources there. If you don’t want to fully level her up. In my case, what i’m planning on doing is leveling up leveling her up getting this talent and then just leaving her at that level.

I’M just gonna get this passive unlocked so that i can debuff enemies and then swap over to razer and do all of my damage and that’s the way i’m planning on using her, but the combo of xinyan razer xinyan shang ling. These are fantastic, highly highly, recommend them and that’s pretty much it for me. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed and i’ll see you soon.

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