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Xinyan Team Build Guide & Combos, Best Weapons, Artifacts & Best DPS Support Genshin Impact


Hey how’s, everyone doing today grunty gaming, and we are here to talk about shinyan. I believe i’m pronouncing that right shinyan. She is a new four-star claymore pyro user and i’m going to be discussing some builds. You can do with her if you’re going to want to go with support. You know dps main attacker or if you just want to know some cool combos, you can do with her with different characters and setups. I’M going to be discussing that towards the end of the video, but just to go over her.

I’M not going to dump a ton of resources into her because my main pyro user is cle and i don’t even have a pyro user on my team, but essentially you’re going to want to either maximize her attack. See i got the wolf’s gravestone, which is a solid claymore um, the prototype ammunis amminus. Ah, i can’t pronounce that um. That’S another solid option. You can craft that in the game, rain slasher is good for elemental mastery which, unless you want to use her ultimate a bunch. I wouldn’t really go with this option honestly and there’s a few others here of the sacrificial great sword. If you want to go with energy recharge, you know, if you want to like charge your alt special, a lot more. If you want to go with crit damage, you can go with royal great sword. It’S a solid option.

Get that critical damage up by eight percent. You can refine it pretty easy and the serpent’s spine, which is a battle, pass four star, claymore solid as well. You get that crit rate up um. You can run a lot of different options with this, and it’s really up to you, whatever you want to go with, if you’re going for a main attack or support, because she could really fit both roles now to touch on artifacts, okay, so obviously going with the Gladiator sets a given because she’s, a claymore user and you’ll just amplify her attack like crazy um. I can only really level her up to 40 right now, which is unfortunate for this video, but with her special you’ll want to actually consider investing in some defense. So all my claymore or all my gladiator artifacts are mainly attack oriented you may want to invest in some defensive gladiator set because if you have the four star set, you’ll get an attack increase by 35 percent. If you have a claymore, but if your actual artifacts are based off of defense, then you will actually gain a ton of attack and defense, and the reason for that defense boost is because it goes with her talent, a sweeping fervor.

I believe that’s how you pronounce it so basically um the steel shield, damage absorption scales based off of her defense and on the number of enemy, hits hitting zero to one enemies, grants shield level one and then hitting twice grand shield level. Two, i’m not sure what the shield level i mean just an increased shield. I guess at the point it absorbs enemy attacks and the shield gets stronger and stronger and it’s 250 percent uh effective against other pyro. So if you’re in a pyro dungeon or facing pyro enemies, you’re almost invincible, um yeah – you can. You can also pair this with a lot of other cool characters and their abilities and almost make her indestructible. So, that’s why it’s good to ski like invest some defense in her because it scales off of that now for her last talent, rift revolution that is basically just an insanely, strong, pyro, just explosive attack that she plays her guitar to just boom. So that’s like a good solid option if you want to go with energy, recharge and attack based, artifacts ultimate isn’t going to be super insane other than adding really good pyro element to the field. If you’re, using a first support, if she’s a support character for you, then she’s not going to have a ton of elemental mastery and attack invested into her if she’s, just your support, so you’re mainly going to be using her sweeping fever.

For that added defense to your other characters with that extra pyro, so her ultimate isn’t going to be that critical. But if you are going for main dps i would invest. It should turn an attack on at least one of your gladiator items to be defensive based and one base, so you’re gon na she’s gon na be like your main character right. So you’re gon na want to have all of her talents maximized the gladiator set’s. Just a given because, like the claymore user gets a 35 attack boost it’s a no-brainer, but if you want to go with a different set, that’s optional, um energy, recharge blade! If you have a five star claymore, i didn’t really touch on those too much because, like not, everyone has those and they’re pretty uncommon. But if you’re lucky enough to have a five star, claymore then obviously use that, like i got the wolf’s gravestone. So i would obviously be using that one, but energy recharge is a solid option too, because you can use her ultimate like non-stop and she’ll just recharge that super fast and it’s really strong, especially if you got a dps build on it next talent. The show must go on basically just decreases the number of enemies that have to hit you in order to increase your shield level. So two two hits will equal level three.

So it’s just makes your sweeping fever stronger and then creates characteristic deals. 50, increased physical damage, so that’s another great talent for support because you can put on sweeping. I keep calling the sweeping fever fairvoir fervor you put that on. You can switch characters. Now they have an increased physical damage as well as an added shield. You can stack that with such, like so many good combos with different characters, so you have the sweeping fur bore here and then you know i don’t have her. I don’t have that talent unlocked because i’m only a level 40 and i don’t feel like dumping a bunch into her, because i’m not going to really use her that much just yet, but essentially you can increase your physical damage. Your defense she’s actually a great support. I don’t think anyone would argue me on this, but pyro’s, probably one of the better elements in the game. It’S like super effective, almost against everything, it’s good against ice types, water types, uh, electro types dendro, it just melts them like. Look at this hermona paired is nuts use her ultimate. Here you get vaporized vaporize one of the stronger element, reactions in the game. I mean pyro’s, pretty, i would say it’s the best.

It’S the best element in the game right now go well with baito’s ultimate right. Now you get that double aura going! It’S nuts, like you, can just pair them up so well with her. She really does blend well as a support or a dps, or you can have her like a secondary dps like all the power to you, and the nice thing is that the gladiator items drop with all the main bosses right now, like the wolf boss, storm terror. I strongly suggest that you go with a little bit of defense and hp as well, especially the defense, maybe not even as much the hp you’re gon na want to have at least one or two artifacts based off of the defense or her defense. I guess because you know what her special like look: ching can just teleport in your scot-free and the stronger her defense is the better that special is going to be, even when you switch out to other characters, you’re just going to they’re just going to be that Much safer, like you, can see here, she goes well with chi-chi and right now, it’d be a good time to get her constellation as well because of the raid up. So that’s just another positive, i’m not gon na really go for it.

If i get another, if i got a couple more constellations unlocked and so be it but yeah she she melts characters, literally no pun intended like energy recharge, two, always a good option. Five star claymore can’t say no to that um. Basically, she could really go well with gene as well, because gene is almost unkillable to begin with. We add that defense here now hold on. No, i used the wrong one. I used your special whoops. Let’S go chop this guy down here because he’s pissing me off come on. You got to kind of have a claymore user on your on your team too, for the geo for harvesting rocks for that geo boss. So you got like chi-chi here special! You got that cryo going. You got that constant herald of frost, i’m getting i’m getting worked here a little bit, but i’m also extremely under leveled here all right. But that’s another thing. She just well chichi kind of goes well with everyone, but you got that extra defense now you’re, not taking any damage.

You’Re constantly healing so you kind of like get a freebie when you’re paired with gg you get a freebie and then with gene. Here you could throw on her shield, throw jean in here for safe bed. No one’s gon na touch you and jean’s unkillable already as it is with stacked healing and if you’re getting free hits while healing, and they can’t lay a finger on you and your shield is literally getting increased level with every hit. How are they going to beat? You now, let’s try a combo here, you got barbara’s you got now. You got her shield with barbara. You got that constant vaporize effect as well. As your healing now see. She goes well with so many characters. These are a lot of cool combos. You can do with her two defensive bubbles now counting noels.

So if you have a healing factor in there as well, how are they ever gon na kill you? If you have these, you know characters leveled up properly and you have a proper defensive artifacts. It’S so broken such good combos. Such good support goes well with sucrose here too, but who doesn’t go well with sucrose like just melts. People mounts them with two attacks: you’re done just need to get these characters leveled up properly, but yeah you put on the well special you put on barbara special here, and then you got her special. You can’t lose. You got two shields and you’re healing. How are they ever going to lay a finger on you? It’S impossible. Those are some defensive options and some support options. You can go with different combos here and even go well with lisa you’re free to play, use your ultimate in that area of her electro uh. Lantern, i guess i don’t know the name of the talent i forget, but you get the point: you’re actually just wreaking havoc on multiple enemies.

At the same time, whether she’s support or not, you could throw him her ultimate and add that pyro to the field and like have mona or someone come in and clean up whoever’s. Your dps unit, you’re gon na, have constant constant pyro on the field with her and that constant shield you can switch in safely mix it up. There’S so many good options. You can do wishing yen honestly, like the sky’s, the limit here. Okay, we got ta. Take this guy out here and again, like i said, like claymore users, come in pretty handy with geo with any geo enemies with shields with those big those big giant hilly trolls like they’re nuts, like look at this damage here, there’s literally so many good combos. You can do with a lot of different characters.

Remember invest a bit in her defense or sweeping fervor gains. I hope i’m pronouncing that right, but it gains that extra defense and increases her shield based off her defense depending on if you’re going, support or not energy recharge is always a good option and she goes well with almost every character because that shield can transfer over To other characters, just remember that um hope this video was helpful. Hope you guys enjoyed, and we will see you in the next one later.

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