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Hello guys yoimiya’s banner. Finally, coming outi heard many players say she is a weak five-starcharacter. So in this video i am interestedin analyzing, also making her build guidedisclaimer. This is my personal opinionso. If you don’t agree, that’s totally okayif.

You are yoimyia simps. I hopethis. Video can be useful for youfirst. Let’S compare her base stats with other bowcharacter i’ll, take ganyu and fiscl as the sampleif. We look at the table.

Yoimiya’S base attack isonly slightly below ganyu, and it’s quite differentfrom fischl, which is currently being used. Asa machine gun physical damage by many playersin terms of gameplay yoimiya is more similar tofischl. Yes, we will often play with her normalauto attacks with the differences that big in myopinion yoimiya has a quite interesting potentialnext. We go to the comparison of the normal attackdamage of the three of them. I use talent, level 8to 10, as benchmark as we can see.

The full combo ofyoimiya normal attack has a very large multiplierpercent damage compared to ganyu and evenfischl, and this is just her physical damageyes. You haven’t used her elemental skill. Whichconvert your damage to pyro their aim, damageand charge shot, are on same damage. Next let’sdiscuss the special charge shot level 2, which onlyganyu and yoimia have it kindling arrow fromyoimiya only deals 30 damage per arrow. Becauseit is maximum of 3 means the total only about 90percent additional damage, even though it lookscool, because it’s chasing your enemies, her damageis only half of ganyu’s charge, shot level.

2 damagedoesn’t even include ganyu bloom damageand. The area of ganyu bloom are pretty bignext the elemental skills of yoimiya. This skillwill turn all of your yoimiya attacks. Intopyro damage for 10 seconds. This willmake yoimiya a selfish dps, because ifyou swap her this effect will disappearand.

You will have to wait for cool downabout 18 seconds. The effects is quite good, becauseat level 10. It can increase its pyro damage by 161.74 percent from her normal attack notincluding, the pyro damage bonus from artifactsand, her passive talent, but you guys stillremember her normal attack table rightyes yomiya stage 1 damage is divided into 2separated multiplier. It means this is a really badfor playing vaporize or a melt reaction.

Becauseyou only get half of the damage from the reactiondashing also makes you start from stage 1again next, the elemental burst of yoimiyai think this is the only thing that we canuse. If you want to play melt or vaporizeusing her, the effects is quite unique. Becausehe has a two second pause to wait for you. Toapply element status with other party membersso, her burst is the one triggering the reactionin addition. The passive talent of yoimiyasummer night dawn will also boost the attackof, your other party members by 10 percent fortalent.

I think you must focus on her normalattack. You can raise her elemental skills andburst equally or depending on your gameplayfor. The pyro machine gun type focus on increasingher skill, but if you want to play melt or vaporizeincrease, her elemental burst. Okay, nowlet’s discuss the best weapons for yoimiyanumber. One is definitely her.

Signatureweapon, the thundering pulse, bowthe crit damage substance is a very suitablefor yoimiya’s crit rate ascend bonusthe passive buffing, your attack percent prettysignificant, but yeah. It is a wish weaponso. It is difficult to get second one. You canuse the amos bow which increase your normal andcharge attack by 12 percent. Third, you canalso use the skyward harp.

If you have onefor the four star bow thereare several recommendationthe first is rust. If you playing her normalattack all the time. This bow has a good effectincreasing. Your normal attack, damageby 40 percent by sacrificing 10 of yourcharge attack damage in refinement 1

The secondalternative is to use a battle pass, weaponthe, viridiscent hunt. You can use the passive thatcan grouping your enemies.

It is really helpfulbecause. Yoimiya’S aoe! Isn’T that good, but you mustspend cash on it because it is from battle passnow. The third one is good for you, my fellow f2pplayers, yes, inazuma’s craftable bow the hamayumifor how to get the blueprint, just click on the topright corner or in the description i will give alink to the video on how to get this bow. Blueprintthe effect increases your normal attack, damage by16 and charge attack damage by 12 when your burstenergy are full.

The effect goes up by one hundredpercent. Honestly, it’s really good if you playonly normal attack and rarely use her burstlastly blackcliff warbow is also good for herbut. Blackcliff effect are not good for boss. Fightif you just starting to play genshin impact. I cangive you 3 star bow recommendation.

First, you canuse slingshot, but this must be played pretty closeto the enemy, because the passive effect are adouble edge. Sword for you. If you are too far fromthe enemy, your damage will reduce by 10 percentor. You can also use a raven bow that canincrease your damage to your enemies, imbuedwith pyro status, it’s just that elemental masterystats are not suitable for yoimiya. In my opinionnow, let’s talk about artifacts.

The bestchoice, in my opinion, are the shimenawa 4-setsacrificing 15 energy to add 50 percent of yourattack damage for 10 seconds seems like a goodprice to pay, especially yoimiya’s attack. Speed arepretty fast, but this set are not a good match. Withthe hamayumi bow because the bow wants your energyto be 100 percent to get into its maximum powerone more weakness. The particle energy you getfrom yoimiya normal attack are pretty low. You onlyget one by one in a few seconds, so you’re gonnaneed a battery character for supporting yoimiyathe.

Second option: you can use four set retracingbolide your normal attack and charge attack, damagewill increase by 40 percent. The requirementyou must have a shielder like zhong li noelleor diona in your team for mixed artifactsyou can try to crimson two gladiatorsor another option that a little bitanti-mainstream is two shimenawa and two gladiatorit gives you a high multiplier on attack percentbut the bow that is suitable for This combinationare only rust and hamayumi lava walker, four setalso, a good choice, because this set increases yourdamage to enemies affected with pyro status. Andanother good alternative is a four-star artifacta. Four-Set martial artist, both twosets and 4 sets, will increase. Normaland charge attack damage for your yoimiya forartifacts main stat focus on attack, percentpyro damage, bonus and crit for the ratio, ofcrit rate and crit damage.

Try 1 for 2 ratioand for the artifact substance. You can aimfor crit attack percent and energy. Rechargewe will discuss the best team for yoimiyafor those of you who are more focused on youryoimiya, auto attacks and elemental skill. I thinkof two team formations. The first is playing withoverload reaction and give one xinqiu there.

So thebest member are yoimiya beidou, electro, travelerand, xinqiu, the burst of beidou and electrotravelers can help yoimiya trigger overload. Whilexinqiu can help a little to generate electrocharge or vaporize. You can also change theelectro traveler to fischl, but it’s not aseffective as electro traveler. In my opinionthe last formation is playing with pyrodamage. Only so the composition are yoimiyabennett, yanfei or xiangling can enterbut.

Xiangling is better. Lastly, an anemocharacter that use four set: viridiscent artifactto reduce enemy, pyro resistance, use, the characterwhich are able to group enemies, likekazuha, venti or sucrose. If your yoimiyaare built more towards elemental, bursts, formelt or vaporize, then your team composition, mustbe filled with characters who can give cryo orhydro status fast and constantly. This is becauseyour. Yoimiya burst will trigger explosion onlyevery 2 seconds.

The characters that are suitablefor melt are chongyun and ayaka. Both should alwaysinfuse with cryo or use the elemental burst, ofganyu or kaeya, then for vaporize team you can usetartaglia or mona one pyro character for resonanceand last are xinqiu, make sure you use yoimiyapassive tricks of the troublemaker before usingher burst for reaction. So your pyro damage arebuffed. How to execute it? First, using xinqiu burstfor extra vaporized damage at the beginning, changeto your yoimiya, activate, yoimiya elemental skillsand, keep attacking as much as possible untilyou hitting about 10 times to the enemieslet out the yoimiya burst, switch to hydro, orcryo character.

You choose inflict cryo or hydrocontinuously as fast as you can so allfive explosions from yoimiya burst, cantrigger, vaporize or melt. Okay, that’s the endof, my video. I hope it can be useful for youagain. This is purely my opinion. If youhave a different perspective, that’s okayplease like and subscribe, if you like it commentif, you want to discuss about something and sharethis video.

If you think it can help your friendsjames signing out, see you on the next video ciao.

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