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Everyone mtash here and i know this – is it’s obvious. I know it’s obvious, hey there’s an event going on. I should probably do it, but i wanted to like reinforce it, especially if there’s some of my subscribers that maybe haven’t played. I know that a lot of people are busy with christmas. New year’s is coming up, but it is so fast to do this event. That, i think, would be a mistake to miss out now with some of the other events. It required a bunch of resin like the star one.

My i i feel like it took me like, like four to eight hours. I i don’t know where it was like. I think it depended on the account but to max out all the rewards in the shot it took forever. It took a bunch of resin fragile resin, even for some people, but this event is different. This event is super fast and the rewards are incredible and there’s no resin cost whatsoever. No meme, no kidding. If you haven’t even touched this yet maybe you’ve been so busy. You haven’t been able to touch it. You can finish all this stuff. Maybe this one might take a little longer, i’m so progressing, because you got to kill a bunch of random enemies but progressing through the majority of act.

One act two. This took me maybe maybe 25 minutes it might have been 20 minutes. It was that fast, i’m not memeing. With you doing this 16 times each one takes like a minute and then there’s like a 30 second walk in between them. Each one of them is so fast. It might even be faster than that um and you’re. Getting a ton of free, primo gems you’re getting some extra mora, but on top of that doing, act 2 right. If you’re doing act, two there’s going to be an event shot for it. So if you do it 16 times, you’re also going to buy all these. I don’t think you have to do it any extra times, i’m pretty sure.

Maybe one extra time uh, but you’re gon na get all these resources. You’Re gon na get this bad boy which we’re gon na talk about in a minute. But this is like 25 resin. Worse worth of materials, probably it depends on your worlds here, uh for some people it might be like 30 resin, for some people might be 20, but this is like 20, 40, 60, 80 minimum right. 100. 120. There’S another, like, i think, there’s uh, probably 80 resin worth of experience right here that you get super fast mora. There’S another like i don’t know 60 resin worth that’s incredible, that’s incredible and that stuff that you’re not gon na, have to spend your resin. We know how slow it is. We know that fragile resin is not plentiful. We know you don’t want to be spending those primo gems, getting all these resources to upgrade those weapons, but if you miss out on this one, i think this is the big one.

The festering dragon marrow my boys, i’m going to talk about the weapon kind of near the end of the video, but you’ve got to get this. You have to now same thing goes to the next shop. We’Ve got another uh dragon barrel. We’Ve got a bunch of resin here, look at all these enhancements, a hundred and twenty enhancement arms. What you’d get a bunch of weapons up to 240. If you wanted, you can get one weapon up from like 70 to 80

I don’t know exactly how many takes that is a lot and we’ve got 3 000 or 300 000 mora as well right here, built in easy peas. Look at this boom! Seventy thousand more that took me a minute that took me a minute of my time. One run 70 000 mora easy peasy now on the next one. I don’t know how many of these will get. I’M gon na guess it’s similar to this, where we got like six of them or whatever the hell it was, but these books again we’re looking at hundreds and hundreds of resin here we’re getting more heroes, we’re getting more mora, but the crown of insight is very Important because this is the uh, the final level up material, so, if you’re closing in on ar 50, this is the material you’re going to need once you start maxing out your character’s talents, if you want to get to the highest level, that is a guaranteed upgrade.

You know something you can work towards something that is going to make your character stronger and it doesn’t require luck or rng on an artifact to get more damage. Skills are one of the best ways to improve your character in the game, and so getting a crown of insight is imperative, even if you can’t use it now. This is like four runs. It’Ll, take like four runs to get that it’s so simple, again tons of mora tons of uh primo gems. This is fantastic but, as i said before, in the invent shop, getting the upgrades for this weapon is a big thing. This is the the big thing that i recommend doing, because this weapon is insanity, but you’ve got one week to level this thing up. You get 1.5 times the experience 1.5 times the experience for leveling this weapon up. But on top of this they give you the majority or a large portion of the ascension materials. You might have to farm a little bit extra, but they’re going to give you the majority of the accentuates here as needed. I would recommend taking this weapon to 90

As i’m posting this video wednesday saturday, those days boom farm, this material make sure you get this thing maxed out uh, because it is so good and you’re getting these refinements, making it even better and it’s free, you don’t have to get any blueprints. You don’t use any prototypes, it is a guaranteed god-tier weapon that is cheaper to get than everything else. There’S experience crystals in this event, probably enough to get it to like level 80 minimum if you’re not getting it to like 80 minimum. Well, i mean, i guess depends on your worlds here. If you don’t get it to the highest level of the world here, you’re in i’m gon na slap, you i’m telling you this thing is good on bennett, it’s good on xing chu, it’s good on the main character, it’s good on! If you want to use it on chichi, do your thing: i don’t care, get the damn weapon and max it out and if you don’t believe me then watch how fast this is.

Oh, it’s just seven opponents i mean i’ve got a venti. I know i know, but all you do is kill a couple enemies and follow this little sealy around okay, i’m not getting cold, i’m not taking damage, i’m just crushing these enemies and uh. The challenge here is: don’t go above 20 uh, like 20 sheer cold. I don’t know how you would even get to 20 sheer gold. You pick up these crystals when they drop and it resets your like it like puts you on a timer, and you just follow behind that little sealy. If you need another crystal walk by them. For a second go like this cool down right, it’s so simple to do and uh, even if you don’t have the strongest characters. I’M telling you it’s like it’s like 30 40 seconds, and i was i was going slow because i was talking to you guys. I was playing safe if you just smash through it, i don’t think it’s even possible to get to 20 sheer cold.

It is that easy and so getting all the achievements for this getting all the uh like the event challenges done. It’S like guaranteed. It’S free just by doing the event a few times, you’re gon na get done also free, primo gems for getting the refinements, so you might as well refine it. Why? Wouldn’T you refine it? There’S there’s no reason not to refine it so um. That’S it! That’S pretty much it that’s the video. I just wanted to make sure that i’m telling my audience because i know people have been busy. I know people maybe have been ignoring this, and i know that you know a lot of these events. Uh they’ve required resin in the past, and some people might not even know that it doesn’t require resin, so maybe you’ve been avoiding it uh and the other thing too is um.

I think people don’t realize all the value. That’S there. Sometimes the fact that there’s this many primo gems, the fact that there’s this many upgrade materials, essentially materials and the fact that the weapon is this good missing out on these refinements, i think, is a very big mistake. It’S not going to ruin your account, but getting it will make your account better guaranteed. It will make your account better, and so i think it’s it’s. We still have a lot of time for how easy it is, but i wanted to make the video now so you don’t regret it because i know i would regret it and i’d feel bad if you missed it, so that’s it.

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