Zhongli Build Guide – Best Weapon, Artifacts, Team Role | Genshin Impact


So for today’s video im going to show: u guys what is my thought on zhongli, but before that im going to thank you guys for the love and support on the recent video. It really really meant so much for me. So lets jump to the video. So here it is the character that everyone is waiting, zhong li, the geo archon even tho. He look like always lacking of mora. He is the god of mora zhong li is a 5 star character that, u can get from the new event banner

Anyone that f2p and hoarding the primogems for him but didnt yet to try, pull him because, u still not yet convinced, is he good character or not? So here i am trying to explain things about zhong li to you guys, whether u shud pull him or not, or is he any good for ur current team build for zhong li normal attack? He has a very high attack speed and can deal pretty decent damage, depending on how you build him and for a free to play player. The weapon of choice for him is the crescent pike. The reason is, while: u can deal pretty decent physical damage trough his normal attack, the weapon itself has a passive effect of dealing additional 20 % atk dmg for 5second. After, u picked up an energy particles,

Other than that, u can use dragon bane to get more strenght on ur shield or using a weapon that has atk %. Also, energy recharge depends on how? U need him on ur party for the elemental skill zhong li can spawn a tower that can deal constant geo, aoe damage on enemies around the tower itself, and it also can be resonate with geo mc elemental skill. So it would deal more than just one aoe damage at a time depending on how many rock, u spawn using geo mc and it also giving u crystalizing efect, which is resulting on spawning some elemental shard on the field. That can help? U guys in case of survivability for zhong li ult? U basically using madara skill from naruto, which is spawning a planet that can deal a very high aoe damage and petrify ur enemies and disabling them. My thought on zhoong li is: he is the second best for crowd control after venti, so his role on party is mainly for crowd control. At least that is the best way for f2p player. On my recommendation

Zhong li is able to increase the survivability of ur party when, u get shield from his crystalizing effect on enemies that can neutralized the damage that? U take so my reccomendation is use zhong li for survivability zhong. Li is also able to support and burst damage dealer. While, u can deal constant aoe damage using his elemental skill for his artifac of choice, zhong li best set for me is gladiator 2 piece set and bloodstained chivalry 2 piece set. So u can get more damage from his normal attack using this set. And: u have to use a goblet that has physical damage, bonus or geo damage bonus on him, depending which one?

U prefer or use gladiator 2 piece set and berseker 2 piece set to get more damage out of him when u get critical hit on his elemental skill and elementarl burst. This set is for zhong li burst damage, dealer ( NOTE I FORGOT TO ADD 2 PIECE. Gladiator AND 2 PIECE NOBLEESSE FOR THIS ROLE, ) and i think its better to use geo damage bonus goblet for him rather than physical damage bonus because, u only spamming his skill. But if? U guys prefer him using the retracing bolide 4 piece set? Because? U guys dont have any main dps yet then it is the best artifac for him, because, u most likely will never run out of shield depending on the situation while using him as dps

For his team composition, i think zhongli is better combined with geo mc because he can resonate with his elemental skill and for the rest of the 2 member of ur party is ur, main dps and healer or main dps and another support character. I prefer anemo elemental resonance. So, u can get cooldown reduced and normally anemo character has low cooldown on their elemental skill. So u can get energy really fast to fill up zhong li ult, so that is my thought on zhongli. What do you guys think of him? Lem me know on the comment section below

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