There hasn’t been any other character as influential as Zhongli who is not only unique but also has introduced some game changing strategies. One of the coolest things about Zhongli is that his combat tactics are very different compared to any other character in the game. And the first thing that’s unique about him is that he can summon a pillar by pressing his elemental skill. And just like Geo Traveler’s summoned meteorite, you can climb this structure and use it for various traversal tricks in the open world but you can only have 1 of these pillars available at any time, so if you summon another one, the previous pillar will disappear. However, you can also hold your elemental skill and instead of summoning a pillar, Zhongli will perform a wide area geo energy release that will damage the surrounding enemies and create a shield which scales with Zhongli’s Max health and this shield remains even if you switch between your team mates.

But what truly is amazing about his elemental skill is that his pillar will resonate by itself or with any other geo structures, resulting in very consistent area damage. So for example, the pillar by itself will resonate every few seconds and anyone standing near it will get hit by geo elemental damage. And the amazing part comes next because if there are any other geo structures that are in the resonance range of the pillar, they will automatically resonate with the pillar and even better – make any other geo structures resonate with them as well. Basically, you can create a chain reaction where each structure deals damage separately, so if the enemy is standing right at the center of these structures that are surrounding him, he is constantly getting hit by each of these structures’ resonance.

And with someone like Geo Traveler, you can set up a lot of resonance damage, since you can create two meteorites and even the crystals left from the burst attack will still resonate with the pillar or any other structure as well. This also means that Zhongli favors combat when you’re fighting beside these structures, since the enemies standing near them will get constantly damaged. It’s all about setting up the initial pillar and fighting around it while also taking advantage of your shield, which can be mixed and matched easily just keep in mind that holding the skill will have a longer cooldown, so its preferable to open up the fight with pillar first and then use the shield afterwards.

Finally, Zhongli’s elemental burst is probably one of the coolest signature moves in the entire game not to mention it’s one of the hardest hitting attacks and enemies who get hit by his Planet Befall elemental burst will become petrified which leaves them stunned and unable to move. What’s even more amazing about this burst is that his 2nd passive talent will increase the damage based on Zhongli’s max health and even better – the burst has a very low energy cost so you can pretty much drop deadly boulders on your enemies without too much constraint. All in all, Zhongli’s two main mechanics will be management of his pillars so that he can maximize his damage from resonance and the frequent use of Planet Befall burst attack will allow him to keep his enemies up close and petrified. Exploring and building teams together with Zhongli is a pretty exciting process, especially since he is one of our first Geo characters after the game’s release.

And one of the best examples how he can be used in many different teams would be his consistent geo elemental reactions. Even though the only reaction you can cause with geo is crystallize, the amount of these crystals you can produce on the ground can greatly benefit anyone, especially if Zhongli is equipped with Archaic Petra artifact set. So one of the easiest ways to integrate Zhongli into any team would be by utilizing him as your support damage dealer, who can cause resonance damage from his pillars, petrify his enemies and most importantly, create crystals to pick them up to boost single element damage from his Archaic Petra artifact set bonus. Another cool team combo could revolve around Retracing Bollide artifact set, which boosts character’s damage significantly if they have a shield on them. And this can be especially effective if you use someone like Ningguang as you main damage dealer and Zhongli together with another character like Diona or Xinyan for consistent shields. This also means you would activate Geo elemental bonus and get an increased 15% Attack DMG while protected by a shield.

It’s also important to note that Geo characters like Zhongli will have higher base stats by default but that is mostly to compensate their lack of offensive elemental reactions. And this shouldn’t come off as any surprise, since Geo is considered to be a defensive element that’s more focused on keeping the team alive above anything else. But what’s great about Zhongli is that he can mitigate the damage not only with shields but also by petrifying his enemies, so he is a very good team mate to have if you especially struggle with groups of monsters.

This also means that for especially challenging floors of the Spiral Abyss, you can expect Zhongli to take care of a lot of annoying enemies and their attacks so even if you can’t break their shields with his Geo element, you can still provide a ton of survivability that makes other healers jealous of him. But if you’re interested to discover more team builds as we keep testing Zhongli, make sure to follow us on Twitter, link in the description. And one important thing to note about Zhongli is that along with his banner release we also have the availability to obtain the Vortex Vanquisher. This is basically a weapon that was made specifically for him and it only further enhances his damage output not to mention the stylish look it provides.

But even if it provides additional ATK boost, his elemental shield and burst scale together with health so he is still a very capable team mate even without the 5 star weapon. Basically, Zhongli is a plug and play character that provides a ton of value to any team not just from his skills but also from artifact sets like the Archaic Petra and thanks to his arrival, Geo compositions now have more options in team building. Zhongli is definitely the new king of Geo and the amount of value he provides is insane. It’s quite clear that he is designed to be more of a support character but that doesn’t mean he is not a game changer. While it’s normal to build teams based around one damage dealer, Zhongli works a little differently by introducing an overpowered burst attack that you can keep launching consistently, thanks to its energy cost. It’s also great to see that other characters like Ningguang or The Traveller have a good synergy with him as well as other characters like Diona or Xinyan who are focused on generating shields.

In terms of whether you should pursue him, it’s always important to first do a test run to figure out if you will enjoy his play style. But if you’re looking for his biggest selling points than there’s quite a few. First of all, because of his Planet Befall’s petrification, he is a character that can help you out with crowd control, so if you struggle on the upper floors of the Spiral Abyss, he can be a great addition to your team. And because his burst and shield scale with his maximum health, you can expect to have pretty chunky shields on yourself and boost your survivability even further. Finally, Zhongli also provides new team building options so if you’re someone who loves experimenting with compositions, he is a very interesting character to have in your roster. So all in all, Zhongli has definitely brought a lot of changes in Genshin Impact, thanks to his unique skills and interesting playstyle. And one thing is clear – once you’re done upgrading him completely, in terms of mora, you won’t have mora.

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